A New Year with Great Possibilities

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It’s been ages and ages since I’ve posted my last blog, so here it is finally. I’ve been spending a lot of time boosting my subscribers and helping a YouTube friend as well. As you know, I have suffered a lot of headache last year with the fact that I got hacked 3 times by the same hacker. It seems that some people do not realize how much effort I put into all of my channels. I made a dozen accounts every month, just so that I can catch up with all the 51,000 subscribers I lost on my jhirzel88 channel. So far, I have around 50 channels, but 10 of them have gotten suspended. I use the i-macros, a firefox addon, which can continuously click on channels via YouLikeHits and AddMeFast.com. I also use enhanceviews.com, which I can re-authenticate my accounts so that I can continue using it while I am asleep.

I am a person who wants to reach the absolute limits. I ask myself these questions. How many subscribers can I possibly get until there is no-one left to subscribe to me? Also, how much money can I make from ads if I get enough views to reach popularity status? Since I love math and science, I take everything into consideration when it comes to numbers. You may think to yourself, “Oh, it’s only numbers”, but numbers mean data, and data is the thing that keeps every website in tact. Who knows, YouTube might not be around in another 10 years if people don’t see any results in their numbers. YouTube only seems to care about the big corporations and never about the small users. Back in 2007, which is 2 years after Google bought YouTube, there were tons of people applying for partnership, because they had a small fanbase of only 1,000 subscribers. That’s all it took for people to get millions of views on their videos. Now all of that is in the past now. I have over 30,000 subscribers on my jviewer029 channel, and I don’t get shit! All I get is comments and messages from other users persuading me to watch their videos. Like I’d ever do that! I don’t care, these peoples’ videos will just go down the toilet anyways. I use wenoo more often than YouTube anyways since there is a real fanbase of potential users to watch your videos. YouTube has crappy channel designs anyways, and it’s no wonder why YouTube got rid of “friend adding” 2 years ago. Nobody will use such a website that looks just plain ugly. Plus, with Google Plus, don’t even get me started. Google is forcing every user to merge their YouTube account with Google Plus, otherwise they will no longer be able to comment on any videos. Google doesn’t need to force me to do anything. I’ll just stick with messaging people from now on. At least I’m still allowed to do that. I rarely ever use YouTube except for checking messages anyways, so I don’t really care if I can’t comment anymore.

On the bright side, I have never been hacked in 2014 yet, since I made sure I used fake phone numbers with my usernames. I also made every password on every new account different, plus I made the Google email different than the username. No hacker will ever be crack my every single one of my passwords, ever! I only have 1,000 subscribers on each channel so I don’t my hackers will be interested in that few of subscribers. I use phone verification on my high subscriber channels so unless my hackers got a hold of my phone, they’re not logging in.

I’ll spend more time helping my friend achieve more views and subscribers, since I am afraid I may still get hacked even with all the extra precautions. I am not interested in views, only subscribers, but I am more interested in giving more of my subscribers to her.

I’ve also been listening to the radio with my new outdoor antenna, which is hooked up in the bathroom for now. I plan to move it to the roof soon, but since I got the space, I’ll just keep it in there for now. I’m listening to WSOU at a precise antenna position. It was not easy to setup my antenna, especially when the antenna has to be positioned and directionally rotated. Plus, I use a bunch of headphones wires for extra reception and that alone took quite a long time to get to the right spot. I do this constantly whenever I change radio stations.

I have also been working and going to school on top of all this, so I do get quite busy.

My YouTube accounts keep getting HACKED!

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Sorry for such a late post. I have been consistently trying to catch up with all my YouTube subscribers, only to find out that all that effort is all put to waste when my accounts got hacked. On February 28, 2013, my jhirzel88 channel was the first channel to get hacked, and unfortunately that got closed down when I tried to recover it. The hacker had access to my computer screen and could even open and close tabs. He keylogged my password as I typed it in. I downloaded malicious software, which was supposed to be a program that would give me subscribers, but I got nothing except a Trojan attack.

The next month, I got hacked by someone else, who is the same person who just hacked a 4th YouTube channel of mine several days ago. He is targeting me as a victim and there’s nothing I can do. I tried making my password 100 characters and Google retrieved my account for him when he selected “My account may have been compromised” option. Google thought that I was the hacker all because I changed my password. All he needed was an email and a phone number, then BANG, Google gave him my account. That proves how much Google’s security SUCKS! Never join YouTube. They have the worst security in the world. I already read on about this. They will give anyone’s accounts to ANYONE, because they have a crappy automated system and there’s no human beings running it. Now I have to create a fake phone number and email so that I don’t get hacked again. Plus, I can’t even use my real name anywhere anymore, which REALLY SUCKS!

My hacker has all my personal information now because the account that he recently hacked has all my monetization details on it, including my Social Security number and my address. I am ruined because of him.

I know the hacker’s name, but I wish to not disclose that information to better protect myself and anyone else who wishes to not get hacked by him.

This is fucking shit, it really is!


AdSense banned again

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I kind of forgot to mention this, but I feel that it is necessary now that I have been banned from my Google AdSense account yet again. I was banned back in January when someone hacked into my YouTube account and made all my videos “private”. I thought that the hacker deleted them, but I guess I got lucky. I was stuck realizing that he deleted them because I couldn’t access my account for 2 weeks. In the meantime, I sent in a form to Google to close my AdSense account but it had been logged into recently, so they weren’t able to. I tried 2 more times the following week. I got an email saying that my account was disabled. I later found out that all I had to do to get my account back was to go to the verification screen and use my old phone number, which I was allowed to use for 30 days. I got into my Google account, sure enough, my AdSense was gone. My hacker was clever to generate invalid clicks on my ads to mess me up. That put extra money into my account, and now, all my advertisers see me as a risk.

As of May 15th, a boatload of people got their AdSense accounts banned for no reason. I was one of the unfortunate fools that those AdSense nerds targeted, just because I may have so happened to have multiple views on my videos from the same people. These ads were counted in the views, but I had no clicks from anyone. Big whopping 15 cents for 1,000 views, and most of my videos had 3,000 views, plus the true-view ads, which are worth 6 cents for just 1 view. I had about 200 views from that. In total, I lost out on $17, which isn’t a lot, but I lost a lot more than just money. I lost out on a SocialBlade partnership, which, if I were accepted, they would generate a much, much higher payout for my videos. I just needed 1,400 views per day to get that partnership. The partnership is designed for people that have valuable videos that mean more to the advertisers. That is why when you consider the 15 cents that Google gives you, that’s just dirt compared to what I could get from a network. Well, I made a new AdSense account, and I had to change my name and information, for the THIRD time! I hate doing this, and I’m sick of changing my identity just to prevent being caught by Google. If I get banned again, I have learned a good lesson. Google simply doesn’t want to pay anyone except for the 10 most viewed users on YouTube. I’m just a nobody to them, and so is anybody else that monetizes their videos.

Do you think I deserve this partnership opportunity? I will have to start all over on a whole new YouTube account to do so, so is it truly worth it? Even if my videos do get featured lots of websites, I can’t possibly say this will help my future in any way. Unless I made videos that talked about building computers or making reliable software, I am just doing this for my own leisure.

Problems with Everything

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It seems like every day, I constantly have problems. Well, not every day, but most of the time, one problem seems to lead to another. There was one such problem I faced while I was using my laptop at my mom’s cupcake shop. My mom’s friend’s son was joining her at work, and he came to sit down with me at a table in the lobby. We became friends too. Everything was going great, he was conversing with me, and I helped him do a few things, when all of a sudden, he gives up. It’s like some people know when to quit, especially if something ends up not being corrected in such a perfect way. He stopped talking to me, as if I caused his computer to get all messed up. I have nothing to do with it, I was just trying to help. I needed to install Google Chrome on his computer, because whenever he tried uploading YouTube videos on Internet Explorer, it would crash and a box would pop up to stop the program. That worked, but he found that Google Chrome was harder to use, and it didn’t have any of his browsing history on it either. He also saw that a message would pop up stating that Chrome is unresponsive. I blame his computer speed for that, and he would suffer the same fate on Internet Explorer too. Although it is annoying to have to click out of those error messages, at least the webpages will pop up faster with Chrome. Once that message disappears, the webpage will open right up. It takes more brawn than brains to figure that fact out. Well, it’s his loss, so there’s nothing more to say about that. He blames the internet connection for his computer problems. My mom has high-speed cable internet, and it’s got a capable router to process data from any mobile computer, so I do not even want to hear stuff like that from him. He has no idea that our internet runs at 16 mbps, and that’s pretty fast. Even if I were taking up lots of bandwidth, it still wouldn’t make a difference.

About a half-hour later, my computer zapped off. I looked down under the table, and my cord was unplugged. My friend told me that he accidentally kicked the wall and that’s how the cord came out. Hmm, unlikely story! That instance has never happened with anyone, not even my youngest brother, who sits right next to me sometimes. Not even he could suddenly knock the cord out. Another half an hour later, it happens again. Then I said, “You know what, I’m done with you. I don’t like the fact that you keep on doing this. I just lost out on so much stuff, and now I got to restart everything”. I moved to the next table, and I didn’t talk to him for a few hours. He kept on bugging me too, which I hated, because I just wanted to be alone, to myself. That way I didn’t have to think about what he did to me and I could forget about all that. We settled everything, and I think he was telling the truth. I am still puzzled as to how he could have kicked that cord out of the wall. I mean, the plug is designed pretty good, and it’s one of those fat plugs that are hard to pull in and out. Whatever the case may be, I don’t think he’ll be doing it again, because I’m going to move my cord at a different place next time.

The next day, I sent a message to Darian03, one of my YouTube friends. I was a bit frustrated at the fact that he didn’t apply for a Social Blade partnership, when I gave him 100,000 YouTube views over the past 3 months. He was well-over the qualifications. The minimum requirement was 1,400 views a day or 25,000 views a month. It made no sense as to why he hasn’t done that. I sent him 2 messages about it last week, and he never responded. Well, as it turns out, he never applied, even though I could see the “congradulations” message right on the stats page. Social Blade is a website that records peoples’ YouTube stats, such as how many subscribers, video views, and channel views that they have. Since they  have a recording of peoples’ videos into account, there is no application needed. Once they are approved, a button will appear next to their grand totals, entitled “Apply for Partner”. Once that button is clicked on, it will take the user to a page to connect their YouTube account with Social Blade. Once that is done, they will get ads to appear on their videos, and they will make money, based on how many views they get. They also get paid by how many people “click” on the ads. Social Blade sets a higher rate for those clicks than YouTube does, so it is far better to get a partnership through them versus on YouTube. They are still giving you YouTube partnership, but they are recruiting you to partnership. That is the difference. It used to be way harder to get YouTube partnership, but it is getting way easier to get partnership. Well, Darian replied to my message saying, “No thanks, I’m not interested. Just try to get it on your own.” What? I sacrificed my views for his, and I had to put those points on his videos myself, then he ditches me like that? OHHHHH, I am so mad. I just started putting views on my own videos last week because I thought that he would apply. Now, he’s no longer qualified because he doesn’t have enough daily views. He’s only getting 1,200 views. I had about 20 views per day, so that’s why I was mad. It’s going to take me a month to get myself views again. I trusted him, and now that I lost trust in him, I have no choice but to cause him lots of emotional harm. I have decided that I am going to go through all 908 of his YouTube videos, put dislikes on them on 13 of my YouTube accounts. Not only that, but I am also going to flag all his comments and reply to all his friends comments saying to unsubscribe to him. Then I would give them 50 free subscribers in return. So far I have done that on about 40 videos, and I replied to at least 20 people. He lost about 15 subscribers over the past 2 days. He will lose a lot more as time goes on. I will keep doing that until I get a Social Blade YouTube partnership.


Computer Activity Interfering with Homework

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So far, I have put over 2,000 subscribers on my YouTube account and about 1,500 on my friend Darian03’s YouTube. I do admit, that’s a lot of subscribers. I used viewer websites to do it, and I simply wanted to get more popularity in our channels. I have done these websites through a lot of people, too many people actually. I made a statement saying if you subscribe to any of the three people on my featured channels, that I’ll give them 1,000 free subscribers. Well, that was impossible for me to do, and I can’t believe I said 1,000. I felt that I could do it, so that’s why I wanted to give a lot to them. As I realized, the subscribers weren’t popping up as often as they used too, since a lot of them are at their 2,000 subscriptions limit. There are always new members on the websites, but it might only be a few per day. I was lucky to get them 400 subscribers. As a result, I have lied to these people. I feel that I could have given them more, but I am more concerned about my friend’s channel than anybody else. Sadly, if I gave them a lot of subscribers, my friend would miss out. I decided to change the amount of subscribers from 1,000 to 500, which is still a lot, and it’s going to be a challenge to do that. All of this has interfered with my homework because I have to constantly check and boost the amount of points to give them the desired amount of subscribers. It doesn’t require me to message random people. I simply use programs that automatically watches videos for a trade-off. Then I have to add the points, and that’s the only time-consuming task.

In the future, I am going to focus on just me and Darian03, and that will help me out enough and I can get more done with my homework and studies.

Laptop Taken Away….Again!

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I wasn’t doing my part on cleaning the dishes for the past few days that my mom has had enough. She decided to take my laptop away last night. I don’t know if part of the reason was because I was using my YouTube viewer programs on her computer, but I do know that I have gotten pretty wrapped up with YouTube. That always makes me forget things, especially if its something as simple as doing the dishes. I told my mom that I am pretty much doing the dishes all the time since I do the dishes at her restaurant already. There’s no use in complaining, I just need to suck it up and face the consequences. I have no idea when I’m going to get my laptop back, but when I do, I’ll be more focused with school that I probably won’t care.

I left my backpack in my mom’s van on Sunday and I never remembered to take it out. It is now Tuesday, and my mom was at work, so I was stuck with no books or papers. I brought a notebook and a pencil with me to take notes with. I was really hoping that the teacher wasn’t going to collect homework, or even worse, a test. I was 5 minutes early for class, so I even had some time to spare to check my emails. Once I got back upstairs a classmate told me that class was canceled. Thank goodness! That gave me plenty of time to go into my mom’s van and get my backpack. I took the bus to Mt Holly and I bike rode the rest of the way. On my bike ride, I saw a container with food in it on the side of the road. I thought it was a sandwich at first, but it was really salad. I then bike rode past the ever so rotten bagel that is still on the side of the road next to the shopping center where the restaurant is. Once I got to the van in the back, I was relieved that it was actually unlocked. I parked my bike, crawled right in, and I snatched that thing right out like a lowly robber. I bike rode away. I preceeded to the rotten bagel to conclude my YouTube video that I had unfinished. I needed to have a conclusion of my video since I ran out of memory on my cell phone when I recorded it a few days ago. I then bike rode to the salad container, emptied the container, and kicked the pieces of lettuce into the grass, that way some birds could eat it. I took the container and put it into my bike pouch to throw away. I did manage to make a cell phone video out of that as well. I sure am a lucky guy today! I think the pennies I have been finding on the ground lately have been helping me out. My gosh, if my mom were to find out that I left my backpack in her car, I would probably be grounded from everything.

Okay, now I really got to study now. I got a Fiction Exam today, plus I still haven’t even started on the homework assignment of the latest Fiction story we read. I am supposed to email my teacher my responce in 450 words.

Let me know how your forgetfulness ended up turning into a lucky moment, whetver it happened instantly or possibly in a longer time frame.

Celebrating a YEAR on youtube

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Also the new featured video on my cover page, this is the “Quaker Parrot Saves Baby’s Life” video that I used Pinnacle to record. I recorded this a year from tonight. It looked interesting, which is why I did this.

Well, I did it, I changed my channel the way I had it a year ago, profile info and all. There was two things I couldn’t do though, well actually three now that I realize it. First off, youtube is beta now and I everybody in youtube was all in the better channels back then. Secondly, I can’t change the colors because the dark green is too dark and the light green is too greyish and when I make the font light green it blends in too much with the other green. So I had to make the text orange. I made the colors the way they were because back then I really into parrots more than anything else. I still am now, but I’ve been mostly into video games and computer tutorials. I still visit my other youtube friends, thanks everyone! I also wish, and this was the third thing I really wanted to do, was to put the playlist embeds onto youtube but youtube no longer has the embed feature the way the new channels are set up.

So I’ll do it on here, I shall send my favorite ones, though I did pick lots of embeds, I named my youtube video embed “New Dancing Parrot videos – Check them out”. In order for the videos to be new, they had to be less than 2 weeks old, 3 weeks if they are decent videos. Sometimes I would have 0 videos on the playlist, which is only because after the 2 or 3 weeks have passed I would delete them, then I add it to the “Amazon Parrot song vids”, or whatever playlist the video is suited for. I would post the playlist up now but I should wait until April to post them up because I didn’t start doing playlists until April, so you’re going to have to wait.


A user who just decided to delete 70% of all his videos

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I have a youtube user I was subscribed to in the past, his name is Xazuross, I’m not saying any more than just the username, but I was faced by reality when I saw almost all his videos just deleted. He even deleted the one I favorited too. Now if you click on it it won’t work. The new videos he has now isn’t as good as the old ones and I enjoyed a lot of the background music he had in his old ones too. Now it’s all guitar hero and rock band stuff, which I’m not as interested in as his computer tutorials and his music video I favorited. The music video is still on my webpage if you’d like to see it. I feel that maybe I could learn a few things about making a good music video like his and maybe this could be a good start. I’m mad at this user but I’m glad I still have the one video at least. Xazu –All That Remains is AWESOME  and I’ll be posting the video on my Skydrive which I still have on my computer because I downloaded it.  I only have 6 favorites on youtube so by favoriting his video, you can tell it’s good. I tried and tried to get the user to post the video up but he’s not even paying attention to the comments I’ve been leaving on his channel. You know, I only favorite the best of the best, so Xazuross should be thanking me for favoriting it. So he deletes the video. Well that’s it. I could have favorited his Hannah Montana parody but that video had the B-word all over it so that wasn’t appropriate to have up on my channel. If it was EDITED DOWN I WOULD favorite it because I thought that video was a long determined effort.  Who cares anyways cause I’m finished with this youtube shit. What Xazuross? I can take the hint, just go away. And quit making my life miserable by taking down all your good videos. I won’t unblock him because I know he’s going to try to comment on my channel something like, “I want everyone to subscribe to my rock band videos so I’m deleting my other stuff”, get real, it’s a video game, JUST a video game, noone’s going to subscribe to your dumb rock band videos. My brother Keenan is 13, you think he cares, I asked him, nope.

I unsubscribed to everyone on youtube but I still accept friend invites. If you want to be friends with me I have a youtube account, it’s http://www.youtube.com/jhirzel88mainmainmai

His videos aren’t good anymore and that’s the end of that. That solves that problem.