Updated Hawks Eating Bread Playlist

After 2 years, I have updated the “Hawks Eating Bread” playlist. So far, I haven’t been able to find any more videos on YouTube of hawks eating bread. However, I am still over-obsessed of this playlist, because I can finally say I can relate to these hawks, since I’ve obviously eaten bread. Live prey on the other hand is something I haven’t tried………….yet! Well, the reason why I have updated this playlist is because a user named @Acadian Birder has finally convinced me that no Accipiter has ever eating bread! The video that is titled “Cooper’s hawk eating bread in Hewitt, NJ” is incorrect. The hawk in that video, which belongs to @Michael Byro is actually a Red Shouldered Hawk. That means every video on that playlist except the one Red Tailed hawk video is a Red Shouldered Hawk. The truth is saddening, but that is okay because I realize that Cooper’s hawks breed more successfully than any other hawk because of their agile speed and small size. They are good at catching birds and won’t even bother stealing food from any birds. If the bird escapes without the food, it’ll simply come back to eat it once the Cooper’s hawk gives up chasing it. So in a way, the winner gets to eat no matter what! That makes me a little happier! Red Shouldered hawks on the other hand chase more than just birds, so that’s why they are more opportunistic. They will eat small mammals, lizards, and small insects as well. They aren’t quite as opportunistic as crows are but they will grab a piece of bread once in a blue moon. I moved the “Cooper’s hawk eating bread in Hewitt, NJ” video in the back of the queue until the title gets changed (if it gets changed that is). If you click on this playlist, you’ll be able to see the sidenote next to the video to clarify that title is incorrect. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwzIZNZxCcVpLzAG0Sg44vV1t6EpLpH0_

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