Back in September, 2009, I picked up a high school radio station called WCVH, and I couldn’t believe this! When I moved to Burlington, I could still pick it up with almost the same signal-strength. I was so surprised! Every once in a while, usually during the late night and early morning hours, I can get the signal with a full-stereo sound! I would also like to state that at 7:30 am on May 31st, the signal was the clearest it has EVER been, due to strong tropospheric propagation. I did not record it on that day but dang, I wish I did! A link to all my older recordings of WCVH, <– (click to view wikipedia page), playing country music can be found here:

Here’s a recent clear recording as of March 5, 2018, its split into 2 files.

Here’s 2 clips I got of that station here in Bordentown: the music’s only playing from the left speaker on their end, so I set the recording on mono (less static that way).

If you enjoy the music you are hearing you should also check out their new website, I don’t mean to be a radio advertising freak but I believe whatever you enjoy listening to should be just as important as sharing it with others as well. Granted, I never liked country music until I started hearing that radio station. It only got me to realize that anybody that is in high school (or my age) knows what good country music is really like. I still listen to hit music the most, but I dare say, country music is far more popular and certainly outbeats the ratings in overall music. You could only imagine why that is true with such great talents like Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum. I leave you with that.

Whenever I record anything on the radio I am most focused on quality more than clarity, so even though the stereo versions may still sounds static, I’m still improving reception one step at a time. Once I build my 170-foot tower I’ll be in perfect line-of-sight of the signal, just kidding about that by the way. I couldn’t possibly do that because I’ve only got 30 feet of coaxial cable and my new outdoor antenna is sure to wobble in the wind once I install it at high heights. A 170-foot tower wouldn’t be illegal, since I’m not near any airports. I don’t really see a point, because I get about 76 DB at my location, which I do admit is pretty darn good! I already can tell you that the DB strength is around 5 DB greater at Line of Sight. It would make virtually no difference, but is still worth noting.

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