This is a station I dxed from Wilkes-Barres, WBSX, 97.9 X. I wouldn’t normally pick a radio station like this, only because there is one station in the same area that I can already receive on an everyday basis. In addition, I do have a grudge towards one particular company. In fact, the company that owns this station filed for bankruptcy in Fall 2017. I took advantage of this by making the stupid decision to buy some shares of their stock! I didn’t purchase a whole lot of shares, but it was enough that it drove my anger off the wall once they restructured. I wound up disliking a Facebook page of another station that I won’t bother mentioning on here, just because of that. In addition, I ceased any listening of that station as well. Then of course, I had an excellent tropo opening in Wilkes-Barre, and as a result, I had to record this station. Their active-rock format is a format that I like and they have a good sized playlist of mostly modern-rocks tracks. Other active-rock stations have more of a classic-rock leaning playlist. So without any further ado, here you go, enjoy the radio station (from the company I refuse to mention).

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