Hiking Mercer Meadows Jan 22, 2019

I recorded no hawks today unfortunately. About 15 minutes after I arrived at Mercer Meadows, I saw a Red Tailed hawk soaring overhead of the left-side trail near the Hunt House. I got out my camera, and my new monopod that I purchased and attached the camera onto it. I also made my Red Tailed hawk plush doll make its Red Tailed hawk call. Unfortunately, that may have scared the hawk. I lost sight of the hawk before I could even start recording. As far as I could see, there were no other hawks, and I tried looking far and wide, from Rosedale Lake to the soccer field near Reed Farm.

Well, I did try to record something today during my hike. I didn’t leave empty handed. I decided to record myself walking on the ice. I know it doesn’t seem interesting, but I tried to make it humorous in a way when I narrated the video. Check it out!

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