This is for educational purposes only. I picked up WBYZ on 94.5 FM in Saint Marys, GA and I figured I’d post some recordings here. If you like what you’re hearing, you can head on down to and enjoy South Georgia’s Hit Kickin’ Country station online! You can also search Google Play or Apple iTunes for the Z94 app. Check it out. I have the most recent recordings first, which I’ll update every couple weeks or so! The only thing that I edited out were any static or interference! I dx’ed this station at ~80 miles!

Recording of WBYZ Nov 27, 2019:

I also have a recording from the night before when CMT After Midnight was on. You’ll notice digital artifacts present. That was coming from their end. This problem happens with every radio station that simulcasts that show, and this would be due to the fact that CMT is using an ISP to broadcast the show. Its not a big deal, but if you’re broadcasting a digital signal through an analog transmitter, the sound quality needs to match that! So, I recommend increasing the bit rate or just go with a .wav format! But then again, how costly would that much data be? Hmmmm, good question. Well, I got the full 5 hours, which should have been 6 but some glitch occurred that caused the show to end an hour early. Once WBYZ switched back to playing music locally, the sound quality improved.

Here’s a recording from Nov 26, 2019 at 5 pm.

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