Hiking Mercer Meadows Jan 14, 2019

I decided to finally post of my hawk sightings on Jan 14th. I saw 2 hawks that day, a Northern Harrier, and 2 Red Tailed hawks. One of the 2 Red Tailed hawks was a juvenile. I’ll go ahead and share this video with you of my experiences. It is a long one, almost a half-hour long. I choose not to edit any footage, it is all shown from the moment I hit the record button to the moment I hit to stop button. The most interesting part I filmed was the Northern Harrier flying way above the marshes. The wind was much more mild than it was on Jan 10th and I kept the camera more steady than I did on that day. Once I lost sight of the harrier, I stopped the recording, then simply turned to the left and saw an adult Red Tailed hawk about a quarter-mile from that location. I started filming and zoomed in all the way to the 83x setting! The Red Tailed hawk stayed there for a few minutes before flying to a nearby tree. I stopped the recording to get closer to the tree. Once I started recording, I got a very nice close-up of the hawk. After the hawk relieved itself, it flew down on the ground. The way it swooped down made me believe that it was hunting for something. I then stopped the recording and proceeding toward the marsh. Little did I know is that there were many thorn bushes in the marsh. So, I gave up and continued walking on. About a half-hour later I saw a juvenile Red Tailed hawk on a power pole. I recorded myself walking towards the hawk and I got the most impressive close-up yet. Unfortunately, the hawk did not allow me to get any closer than 2 power poles away from it. I went ahead and tried to find this hawk again, but then it flew away again. This time, it may have swooped down on something because I wasn’t as close to this hawk as I was when it was on the power pole. I then ate my lunch at the location where the hawk was at and continued on. I then saw a Red Tailed hawk fly over the tops of the trees across the trail where Rosedale Lake is located. I’m not sure if this was the same juvenile Red Tailed hawk. This hawk flew over the trees a second time as well. To my surprise, I saw a squirrel standing right underneath the tree that the hawk was flying over. I started the recording and I said “And here is a squirrel”. I should have said “And here is the Red Tailed hawk’s lunch”! Well, there’s my hike. I went home feeling glad for getting as much footage as I did! Enjoy!

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