Hiking Mercer Meadows Jan 17, 2019

Well, today was a great day for hawk watching at Mercer Meadows! I saw 3 Northern Harriers and a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk. I have a video of a Northern Harrier eating a vole as well as some hunting action. I filmed another Northern Harrier on a tree branch. I also filmed a cat a half-mile from that location. Then I saw a juvenile Red Tailed hawk before I ate my lunch in that exact spot. That hawk seemed to not appreciate my presence, and it flew away seconds after I stood there to film it. This was actually the same Red Tailed hawk that I saw the last time I went hiking as well. About an hour later, I saw a 3rd Northern Harrier on top of a tree in an open field at the north side of the park. I left the park about an hour after sunset, and a patrol officer reminded me that the park was closed. I would have left the park sooner if I wasn’t walking through the forest behind the trail at Rosedale Lake instead of walking on the trail! That figures!

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