Should Falconry be Considered Controversial?

Here’s a question that’s been bothering me. Is falconry a sport that could be considered “controversial” as far as what happens after these birds are released back into the wild? Just so that you know falconry is a legal sport, which is regulated by the government. People obtain what’s called a falconry license, as well as a hunting license in the state. Then, they trap a hawk, falcon or eagle, and they establish a relationship with this bird as their hunting partner. The people take their birds to locations where prey is abundant, then they catch their prey then afterwards they do what’s called a “trade-off”. A trade-off is where the falconer trades the bird’s prey for a smaller chunk of meat, that way the birds don’t get too full and are still willing to hunt. By encouraging these birds of prey to hunt, they can live better and more prosperous lives in the wild. These birds are always wild no matter what, even though they are considered “falconry birds” while these falconers are hunting with them. The problem is, the nameless user who called me an “asshole” told me that its not okay to feed wild hawks. So, then that should make falconry illegal then, right? In order for a falconer to train a bird of prey to hunt, that bird must fly onto the glove so that it can trust the falconer as a provider of food. The falconer will provide small prey such as mice for a couple weeks before the hunt so that the bird will catch prey and return to the owner afterwards. This is what’s called “clicker training”, where the owner makes “clicking” sounds for the hawk and it comes to the glove on command. Sometimes, the owner will provide food on the glove. Sometimes, there won’t be food on the glove because the hawk has to work harder to earn it. Then after a few months of hunting with the hawk, the falconer may decide to release that hawk back into the wild. So HERE’S my problem, now that these hawks have been with the falconers for so long, they have conditioned themselves to show no fear of humans. I have read articles online about hawks attacking small pets such as dogs and parrots if these pets are being carried on their hands. The problem is that hawks are predators, just like lions and tigers, so now that the hawks no longer fear people, they can do more damage. One woman had to be rushed to the hospital after a hawk swooped down and grabbed her parrot on her hand. The woman suffered injuries from the hawk’s sharp talons. This kind of stuff happens all the time with falconry birds after they are released back into the wild. So I’m now having a problem accepting the fact that hawks become a nuisance after they are trained in falconry. The whole point in me pursuing falconry is to get them to not fear humans and increase their population in the wild, but because of these articles I’m reading, I’m convinced that I shouldn’t be a falconer after all. I guess the 80% of these hawks that don’t survive the winter deserve to die. If a person uses a hawk in falconry, they can increase their chances of survival because they’ll be able to hunt more effectively. If they have lots of offspring, like 5 in a nest, all 5 of them will survive because the parent hawk was once a falconry bird and can hunt with almost 100% accuracy because it hunted so much that its a pro at doing it. If 5 hawk chicks were to survive instead of just 1, and then the next year the 5 hawks made 5 offspring, then that’s 25 hawks that are living in the wild instead of just 2 hawks! But on the downside, there’s a chance that people could be injured by these hawks. Also, even their offspring and their offspring’s offspring would end up attacking people as well. So, I suppose nature just shouldn’t be fixed, hawks just need to survive on their own without any human interaction. I wholeheartedly agree! So, due to this, I have made the decision that I’m not going to be a falconer after all. I know you are all disappointed. Also, I want to make it clear to falconers that they are putting people’s lives at jeopardy by owning and raising such a dangerous bird. Did you know that Red Tailed hawks are the top 10 most dangerous animals on earth? Yes, that is a true statement, and NOW I know why. It is because the hawks that are handled in falconry show no fear in humans and become more dangerous. That’s the exact reason. I guess this nameless user has shined some light that its not okay to feed any hawk, not even a hawk that’s raised in falconry. I think falconry needs to be banned! Anyone that starts out in falconry must start with a juvenile Red Tailed hawk because they are “supposedly” the safest birds of prey to work with, which is a FLAT OUT LIE since they are proven to be one of the most dangerous animals! These hawks must be released after the falconry season is over, then capture a new hawk next year. After a few years, they will be allowed to capture falcons as well. Some falconers do what’s called “bird abating” where they work for the state and use their hawks to chase birds away from farmers crops. I don’t have a problem with that since I know these falcons will never be released back into the wild. As long as these falcons remain in the falconer’s care, they can’t be dangerous. As far as the other birds of prey that end up being released in the wild, here’s a video of such a hawk stealing a conure that’s only 12 feet away from the conure’s owner. That proves how dangerous those falconry birds can be! Have a great day!

A YouTube User Who Is Stalking Me

The truth has to come out. I have an extreme obsession over watching hawks and falcons eat their prey. I just can’t help myself. Anytime I see a nice close-up of one feasting on a delicious prey item, I can’t help but post the video on my favorites list. One day, I will own Red Tailed hawk once I become a falconer, and I’ll be eating my lunch and watching it eat its meal! Then, it’ll be splattering some pieces of its prey onto my meal. Then slowly but surely, a raw-diet shall emerge for me. Now you know something you never knew before! Now you all know, now GO AWAY! I wish to not be bothered with anyone. Starting now, I don’t want to make friends with people anymore, only hawks!

Okay, there’s this guy that’s been stalking my channel ever since I started getting interested in hawks last year. He’s commented on dozens of videos that I’ve also made comments on. In addition, he’s made 7 replies to my comments from all different videos according to my comment history. He’s simply just going through all my liked videos and he’s commenting on them. I’m not going to be mentioning his name though because a great friend of mine has encouraged to not do that sort of thing. This stalker replied to a comment I made, but then he decided to called me an asshole for it! It was back in Sept 16, 2018, which is exactly 2 months and 1 day ago from this date! The video was basically about a dead field mouse that someone threw outside his backyard for a wild hawk, but this stalker called the owner of the video an idiot because he shouldn’t be throwing food to raptors. I then politely explained to him about how falconers feed their hawks from the glove before hunting with them, then later releasing them back in the wild. So, therefore, people CAN in fact feed wild hawks, and you don’t need a falconry license in order to do that. Hunting for live prey is an instinct, not a skill, therefore, they will never forget that ability. The hawk was fed a rat, what’s wrong with that? 80% of a hawk’s diet is rodents, so by giving a hawk a rat, they will be encouraged to hunt for them more often. This stalker wasn’t having it, so he decided to call me an asshole and that he’s done with me! Well, it is not me that’s the asshole! It is HIM that is the asshole! This stalker doesn’t realize that I’ve watched over 5,000 videos of birds of prey on YouTube, so I KNOW what I’m talking about what I say that falconers do this sort of thing all the time! Sometimes, falconers use what’s called a lure, which is a small piece of a dead rat or raw meat attached to a rope, and then the falconer throws it on the ground. Then, the hawk flies from the falconer’s glove to chase the meat! This video is basically the same EXACT thing. The only difference is there’s no rope, and the hawk flies off from a tree branch instead of a glove. Just so that you know I did NOT post this video on my favorites list and I NEVER will! Its bad enough that he commented on the latest video I favorited. Yeah, he’s done it YET again, he won’t fucking stop! He’s still keeping saying that people shouldn’t be feeding food to hawks, and I’m SICK of it! People only care about sparrows and other songbirds that visit their bird feeders but not hawks. They put seeds and suet out for their sparrows but then they get pissed off when a hawk eats them! The hawk can kill all their sparrows for all I care! You all deserve it. You all attracted the hawks, so it serves you right for putting bird feeders in your yard. I could care less about songbirds, they are a plague and they need to ALL be obliterated! I’ll grab a shotgun and kill them all! Nobody ever wants to try to encourage a hawk to feed from someone’s hand unless they are a falconer, but yet they’ll allow chickadees and house sparrows to feed right from their hand! WHY? WHY DOES THE WORLD HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! The comment this stalker made is wayyyy worse than the comment I got on my jviewer02020203 channel from a parrot owner saying that I was trying to harm the crows in my frontyard by feeding them reeses pieces. Well, I am hoping this stalker stays the FUCK away from my channel! I was up until 5 am last night because I was going through all the 5,000 “liked videos” list and I spent hours going through the list and picking several videos of people feeding wild hawks. I added them right to my favorites list, and he better not start making comments on those videos saying that these people shouldn’t be feeding the hawks. If he does that, I’m going to go on a complete rampage! Please have mercy, I’m a depressed guy who just wants to have a hawk companion who I can share meals with. That’s all I truly want! Here’s some pictures from videos I watched on my favorites playlist. Yep, they are being fed alright, and they’re enjoying their meal too, just like I would!

Another Hawk Channel Gone

The one thing that’s disappoints me when I search for hawk videos every night is when I try to rewatch them months later to find out the videos were deleted or the user closed their account. I don’t really know why people do this to me, but its gotten out of hand. I need to get this blog across because I don’t know how I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing this. There is a YouTube channel that had a video called “Hawk in a Rainstorm”. It was the only video of that title on YouTube. It had a Red Shouldered hawk standing on the porch waiting for some raw steak to be put out. I left this comment on the video:

“Hmmmm…if that Red Shouldered hawk is there waiting for treats, then I consider that an opportunistic bird, just like crows, House Sparrows, and European Starlings. Of course, its waiting for your raw steak meat, which it’ll gladly take once it gets it.”

The owner of the video replied:

“I would say this hawk has more of a rare personality, and it had a pretty good summer here. I believe it has moved on now, sadly. There is another RS hawk around right now who is a little bigger and is always trying to catch squirrels. This new hawk does not seem to ever pay any attention to scrap meat on the ground, either. Thank you for watching this. Have a good weekend.”

Here’s the thumbnail of the video, sadly I did not download the actual video, but even if I did, I can’t post it due to copyright reasons. Here you go:

hawk in a rainstorm

This is the only person on YouTube who really cares about hawks like she does with her songbirds (seed-eating birds). No-one would think of feeding a hawk, maybe because meat is so expensive, and hawks eat like so much compared to their body weight (more than we do actually). Or perhaps it is because meat spoils and attracts unwanted pests like raccoons. I don’t know for sure, but all I know is this is one person that pretty much dashed my hopes and dreams of feeding a wild hawk, all because she closed her YouTube account. The last video she posted was “Hawk Steals Vulture’s Prey”, which was posted 2 weeks ago. A great friend named “Osprey Momma” shared that video with me when she replied to one of my bulletin posts on my channel. There was also 4 playlist of different animals on that channel as well. It was a very creative channel, and sadly its all gone fovever! The world is a cruel place, and yet I have to live in it!

I actually might not become a falconer next year, JUST because of this. I would rather just go back to the good old days of feeding the crows and house sparrows table scraps in my frontyard. That would make me SO MUCH MORE happy than hunting with a hawk! Sorry, but the urgency towards sharing my food with my birds is just what I truly desire and gives me a true purpose to live in this world. Sadly I can’t feed my birds my leftovers anymore because there’s wild cats in the yard and animal control got called over and my grandma got in trouble with that. So OBVIOUSLY I can’t feed raw steak to hawks either. Well that sucks! Maybe when I move to Georgia I can do that. Yeah, I admit it, I only care about feeding hawks. That’s the only thing that would truly make me happy. I still could, even though I’m THE ONLY person in the world that would, unless I were a falconer. I don’t care though, I’m going to do whatever the hell I want, even if others disagree. I’ll be feeding them things that’ll really surprise everyone! That’s for sure! Yep, I’ll be deviant in my own ways! Tell that to the crow that ate the gummy worm that I have on the top picture on my blog. You’ll find out soon enough!

Here’s the video where I got that picture from. It happens in the first 30 seconds of the video. Don’t you worry, my videos are perfectly safe here and I will not be closing this account:

Well, next time I move to Georgia, guess what type of bird I’ll be feeding and guess WHAT I’ll be feeding it! That’s right, a Red Tailed hawk and the item is everything I feel like!

I Quit My Life Insurance Job

About a month ago, I made the decision to become a Life Insurance Agent, however, the job wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. I thought I’d be making a $100K salary from this, but I proved that its really harder than I realized. The company that I worked for does an old-school method of calling people to schedule appointments to those that requested benefits, then visiting them door-to-door to make those appointments. The problem is that some people aren’t home and others just don’t care and pretend to not notice you. Then these mean people walk away from their door before opening it. Its a bad world out there, and I was a part of it. So, this job was obviously a big mistake and I encourage you NOT to submit your resume to this company. This anonymous company posts stuff all over Indeed and claims that they are looking for “3 representatives and team leaders”. I saw at least 20 people at the orientation, yet, I didn’t see a single one of them at the training room. Some of these people looked more intelligent than I was and they certainly knew they were simply getting “played”. They left because everyone except me knew this company was no-good. I was the only unfortunate fool that joined this company. In this company, you are a self-employed contractor and not an employee of the company itself. You also don’t get paid unless you get a commission, so you are working like a slave until you get one. Out of the 6 days of a typical week that work at this company, 2 of them are call-days where I call people with no additional compensation, and the other 4 are days I waste 6 hours of my life traveling to these appointments to find out that 80% of them aren’t home and don’t give a shit about me. By the way, I only made $600 in the 120 hours I worked for this company, which is less than minimum wage if you do the math!

Well, that’s it, I’m done at this company and there’s nothing my managers can say to me to convince me to stay. I’d rather work at Sears until they close, then I’ll work at Kmart until they close as well. At least I have a state-issued Life Insurance license that I can build into my resume now.

Radio Station Blocked My Facebook Account

Well, I seemed to be getting into problems yet again! This time around, I might have deserved it! I won’t mention the name of this radio station, because it is run by a great company and there is only one person to blame for it. That person who blocked me must have seen my offensive comments and blocked me. I would always tune-in to this radio station every Sunday night at 7 pm and I would give my output on the Sunday Night Music Meeting on Facebook. I’ve done this for at least a couple of years. If you know what show I’m talking about, then you know exactly what radio station this is! It is run by a mid-size company that owns about 63 radio stations. Okay, no more hints! After I saw that I got blocked, I made a Facebook post about it and shared it with a few friends. Then, I switched to my alternate account and gave them a piece of my own medicine. I turned around and blocked them back! Hahahhaha! Serves you right asshole! I made a comment stating that this one band’s music isn’t the same as it used to be. The morning show person replied, and I knew exactly who it was due to the date in which the reply was posted. He said something along the lines of “This band can’t always put out the same material, gotta mix it up a little”. I am not sure if that’s the comment that got me blocked. However, I made some slight criticism toward other new bands they played. I made a “shove” vote on all of them because I simply didn’t like them. Now, I did mention the radio station WSOU in a private message and changed my vote to “LOVE” simply because I heard it on that station. Perhaps that was it! I don’t know for sure. All I know is this radio host can’t take criticism so I’ll have to find a new radio station that does. The only problem is that not many radio stations do shows like this that are totally interactive like this one is. The way I see it, the whole radio industry is turning to shit. Most people listen to music on i-phones, or they watch music videos on YouTube. Hell, even the radio station posts the YouTube links under the posts for the Music Meeting if anyone missed hearing them on-air. You can find all these videos just by typing in a few keywords and you don’t even have to wait until Sunday nights to hear them. So, that’s why I call this station a complete rip! Its just a wannabe radio station and it’s ALWAYS been a wannabe all along!

Here’s the thing, if a radio station blocks me, this proves that they can’t handle a real critic. I am even willing to explain myself for crying out loud. Who else does that? I don’t just shove these new songs just because! I give my reasons, such as dry content or poor vocals. My opinions should always be welcome. Otherwise, I will go somewhere else and vote for songs on some other radio station, if I can find one. I wish myself the best of luck for that. It doesn’t really matter because this whole voting system is a complete joke! When songs get added into regular rotation, they wait until it reaches the top 20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts. If it does, it’ll be played maybe even 30 hours. Then when the song gets into the top 10, it’ll be played every 7 hours or so. A song may gets dozens of “shove” votes or maybe no “love” votes at all and it’ll still be played on repeat anyway. Keep in mind, this radio station is run by a company that recently merged with Greater Media last year, so they play by their policies, this way no listener can influence their playlist! And I mean NO-ONE!

A Video of a Red Tailed Hawk Where a Man Throws an Object At It

The other day, I was watching some hawk videos just as I do every night. Then I came across of a video of a Red Tailed hawk that came very close to a man that was filming it. I put a “like” on the video and made this comment:

“You scared that Red Tailed hawk away, and it seems like you tried very hard doing it too. Apparently, there’s something in that pond you don’t want that hawk to capture. You won’t be able to prevent all hawk attacks, because they can strike at any time of the day.”

The man, which will forever remain anonymous, then replied:

“JeremyThePlayer88 He comes around everyday and I love seeing him but he keeps killing the birds at the feeders and some fish. He is a beautiful bird and not scared of me, that’s for sure.”

Once he said that, I rewatched the video, and I noticed something right at the end where after he shouts at the hawk multiple times before he throws an object at it. I decided to reply with this statement:

“Gee, at 0:XX you threw an object of what I think is a rock at the hawk. Its a good thing I’m not the sensitive type because other people might consider this animal cruelty”.

That comment actually caused the owner to delete the video. Apparently, this guy feels very guilty over what he did. The only reason why he deleted it because he’s afraid someone will flag the video over animal cruelty. Also, to tell you the truth, he doesn’t want to admit that he wants to harm that hawk. In fact, I did see the stone actually hitting the hawk, and if it had poked a hole in its wings, then it would no longer be able to fly. It would then die a slow painful death from starvation since if it can’t fly then it can’t hunt either. You might as well shoot at it with a gun, it’ll be quicker and less painful that way. This hawk didn’t mind the man getting close. In fact, it was so determined to stay near him that I’m sure he could have pet the hawk if he wanted to. But NOOOOOOOOOO! He decided to throw a rock at it. Also, in his comment, he used a poor choice of words, he said “he keeps killing the birds and fish”. How could one hawk possibly kill that many animals. Also, a Red Tailed hawk doesn’t hunt for fish, because it’s not part of its diet. Only Red Shouldered hawks hunt for fish. I’ve only seen less than 10 videos of Red Shouldered hawks hunting for fish out of the more than 1,000 hawk videos I’ve seen on YouTube. I have watched over a dozen videos per day on hawks and seeing a Red Shouldered hawk hunting for fish is so rare that you might as well say that it never happens! If a Red Tailed hawk is in fact hunting for the man’s fish, then it is most like Spunky the hawk, which is a very famous Red Tailed hawk was raised by Bald Eagles. Other than that, the only raptors this man will find hunting for fish is an eagle or an osprey. Now, there is the possibility that this hawk is starving and is simply finding other ways to survive. If that’s the case, this hawk won’t survive through another Winter. My recommendation is this, in order for him to protect his fish he needs to buy an enclosure for the pond. If he truly cares about his pets, then he shouldn’t mind spending some extra money to take good care of them. Also, he should buy a seed feeder that’s enclosed, that way only small birds like sparrows get fit inside but large birds like hawks can’t. Instead, he’s throwing rocks at the hawk and making a fissy fit when things don’t go his way. The biggest problem is that if he’s going to continue to throw rocks at the hawk, one day a rock might just poke through the hawk’s wings. Then, you might as well say goodbye because it won’t be able to fly anymore and then it’ll starve to death because it can no longer hunt. Also, if he continues to throw rocks, this hawk will no longer trust humans and will stay as far away from them as possible. That means I won’t get the chance to get close to this hawk either because it is too afraid of everybody, including a hawk watcher like myself. There’s a place called hell for people like him. He’s ruining things so that hawks are more fearful of humans. Falconers are trying to help hawks by training how to hunt properly, but this guy is doing the exact opposite. So thanks for nothing jerk! Why is it that so many sparrows, chickadees and blue jays feed from peoples’ hands but crows, hawks, and eagles never do? Here’s why. Chickadees are seed-eating birds so they rely on us for their survival during the Winter when seeds are scarce in the wild. Nobody wants to put out a piece of raw meat for a Red Tailed hawk, because most people don’t want to touch that kind of stuff. Okay, I’ll admit it, I don’t either. Maybe there’s a possibility a hawk might settle for a chicken roast. Other than that, I’d rather just see a wild hawk hunt and once I become a falconer only then will I decide on the raw meat selection in order for me to train it better.

Here’s a lovely note, it is impossible to save all wildlife. American crows are shot and killed every day because they are simply a nuisance bird and destroy crops. Also, European starlings are killed because they gather in flocks and make too much noise and they shit on everything. However, at least other birds can be saved, especially Red Tailed hawks because they actually get rid of rodents such as rats. Nature has a balance, and you have to make sure you let nature take its course. If this man can’t afford to buy an enclosure for his fish or buy a bird feeder that is hawk-proof, then THAT’S HIS FUCKING PROBLEM! OKAY! He needs to stop being a shithead and start realizing that some animals have a meaning and true purpose in our world. When his time on Earth is over, he’s going straight to hell! He will continue to throw rocks at that hawk. I just know it. That’s okay, I’ve done my share of harming birds too, here’s a video of me putting mixing bleach and wood cleaner with cupcakes when it was very late at night. Then I put it outside on a tree branch, that way lots of warblers would die, which would make me very happy! After I woke up the next morning though, I then realized what I did was wrong and cleaned up the uneaten cupcakes. I used to have it up on YouTube but then a hacker got into my JeremyTheViewHacker channel and deleted all my videos on there.

Here’s a description of the video:

“I hate these Yellow-Rumped Warblers now. They’ve just seen too much. Poisoning and killing them with this stuff is the only way I can relieve my depression. Once these birds are gone, they’ll be no birds left to enjoy the icing. Ha, take that! Every bird that hasn’t eaten the icing can enjoy their lives.

My mom says that the icing is not good for them and it causes problems in the wild. They have too much sugar in them. My mom also thinks if they eat more and more icing, there will be more droppings. I am tired of arguing with her. People are allowed to feed them bread, bagels, and donuts, but they can’t feed them cupcakes? It makes no sense.

In part 2, I swear, I’m going to go back the forest, grab those dead birds, then, I’m going to throw them at the house, and stuff icing in their beaks. Wait a second, let me take it one step further. I’m going to just hide the icing in their beaks, then see if any of the birds that are still alive eat that. Once my mom sees that, she’ll go, “Yeeeeh, the birds are gone.” My grandma thinks that she’ll say that too. That’ll give me a good reason to stop feeding them cupcakes.

Oh and as for the date of this video, I recorded it at 12:28 am on February 21, 2012.”


Is Falconry About More Than Just Hunting?

Every night on YouTube is just like any other…well up until now! I found out there is a type of falconry activity called “Bird Abating”. There was one video out of the 1,000 videos that I watched that had this activity mentioned, but I never knew the exact word for it. Bird abating is when a falconer trains a raptor to scare away pest birds. This can be useful in farming communities where flocks of crows or blackbirds can eat all the crops. Obviously, this ends up to problems for these farmers because less crops are harvested at the end of the season. Sometimes, new crops can’t grow because the soil is destroyed from the fallen or dried up crops. So, instead of using pesticides on the crops, which is harmful to all wildlife, a natural method is used where falconers train their raptors to chase these birds away. Now, the only downside to using a falcon or hawk to scare away other birds is that they are no longer hunting for prey! Obviously in the wild, these birds of prey survive only on the prey they catch, so it is assumed that these birds will never be released and are used in captivity for their whole lives! To me, this is a problem because NO bird of prey should be kept forever. They are meant to be free and open in the wild, NOT chained up when they are done for the day. Many falconers who train their raptors to hunt only keep them for several months before releasing them in the wild. They also assist their raptors making their catches easier to kill by using a knife to finish the job. This way the raptor doesn’t injure its wings while it tries to stabilize its prey and prevent it from escaping. I’ve actually seen videos of hawks losing battles to prey right at the end. The prey is already bleeding and ends up escaping out of the raptor’s talons, and sometimes, they die a slow painful death hours later then some vulture feasts on it the next day. Nature is cruel sometimes, but that’s part of life! You know what’s even worse, if the prey escapes, then the raptor has no meal. What if it continues to fail hunting time and time again until it finally starves to death? Well, apparently, hunting with hawks is considered illegal for falconers because it is consider cruel and inhumane. Here’s something even crazier, these inexperienced raptors are all alone and so many of these raptors die all because no-one wants to learn how to help them! Here in New Jersey, there is a hawk-watching area and according to a website, only 10% of these raptors return home after the Winter is over! Talk about a population annihilation! Now, YOU tell me how cruel nature is! I DARE YOU TO!!! I’m sick of seeing such statistics showing up. I’m OBSESSED with watching hawks, and one day I’m going to be hunting with them and I’m NOT going to let history repeat itself! There needs to be a time where at least half of these raptors can return to their nest, rather than 10%. I’m surprised hawks, eagles, and falcons aren’t extinct yet, seriously! Things would be WAYYYY worse if nobody trained their birds of prey to hunt! Also, if some falconers are using their raptors to chase birds away, why are SO MANY raptors in the wild being chased by smaller birds such as crows and mockingbirds? Also, these raptors are just STANDING there ignoring them and they are not even attacking them back. Eventually the raptors just fly away and get attacked elsewhere! I’m NEVER EVER seen a wild hawk chase birds deliberately, unless their nest is being intruded upon! So, I’m a little baffled that any falconer would use bird abating instead of hunting. I guess falconers have been doing everything wrong for thousands of years. They are all undeserving fools who only want to kill living things. It says in the bible, “Thou shalt not kill”, but that’s apparently what’s going on in the wild too.

So here’s a few questions for you to stretch your knowledge upon, can you change natural selection? No! Can you change a hawk’s diet? NO! Lastly, can you hunt with hawks so that they can be stronger in the wild and prevent them from starving and then dying?” NO, because it is inhumane to hunt and watch prey be eaten.

You might not be able to change a hawk’s diet, but let me tell you, a hawk’s gotta survive somehow. After I looked through all the 1,000 videos that I liked on my YouTube page, I found the very first video I saw of a hawk. It is ULTRA RARE footage of a Red Tailed hawk eating bread in Philly, which is about 28 miles away from where I live.

After watching that, THAT’S when I starting getting obsessed into hawks. So, I searched for more hawks eating bread! This video was taken after a Red-Shouldered hawk almost snatched a crow in mid-air but the crow dropped the bread.

Want more? Well, I have a playlist of 3 other videos of hawks eating bread. If you can find a 6th video if a hawk eating bread, please let me know! Haha, good luck, because I guarantee you won’t find another. Less than 1% of the time will they be not be eating live prey or carrion. Now, enough of the silly talk! The reason why I decided to continue to find any hawk related videos is because a lot of them are accustomed to living in urban areas, and that’s where I can see more exciting footage. A lot of times, they’ll eat their prey 5 feet away from people that are walking by. Here’s something fun and exciting that I liked recently, a hawk mating while eating at the SAME time! Check this one out.

So, as you can see, I have no preference over what a hawk is doing in a video, as long as its hawk related, I’m watching it. The keywords I am always searching for on YouTube are “hawks”, “Red Tailed hawk”, “Cooper’s Hawks”, “Red Shouldered hawks”, and more recently “Falconry” and “birds of prey”. I never deviate from those search terms and I place “likes” on every video that’s hawk related.

As for me becoming a falconer, it can’t seem to happen soon enough. I still live with my grandma, plus I live in difficult times because I’ve spent at least at least $8,000 promoting my online business. I also spent another $10,000 on Neobux (boy was that a big mistake), and lost about $1,500 in a pump and dump stock. I’m still trying to promote my two traffic exchange websites every night, plus I’m entering contests on On top of all that, I still work at a day job at Sears. So, I’m completely booked and will continue to be for a long time! I have nothing to look forward to. Ever since my cat died, I’ve been longing for another friend. The other cat my grandma has is afraid of me and runs away when I try to pet her unless she’s on the sofa. I feel like I really need a hawk friend (a Red Tailed hawk to be exact). Who am I kidding though. It’ll never happen! Maybe in a new life I’ll get one! I do want to teach my future hawk how to hunt, but since that is inhumane, I’m not allowed to. So my hopes and dreams of becoming a falconer are all officially dashed, and it’s my obsession of watching hawks eat that has caused this to fall apart.

In the meantime, I’ll try to watch more videos of hawks eating their prey. I enjoy watching hawks tearing about the prey’s skin limb from limb. It puts a smile on my face and gets rid of the stress that I get during a hard day’s word!

Here’s one you’ll absolutely LOVE! I’d love to do something like this if I invested in real estate and bought some condominiums that I can rent out to people. Then someone suddenly had a rat problem and they realized that their landlord (me) would be a falconer!

So remember, you can’t change a hawk’s eating habits, but its a real shame I’m not allowed to hunt with a hawk because someone falconer on YOUTUBE told me it’s wrong!

Here’s a video of a Red Tailed hawk eating a baby groundhog. I show no remorse for the groundhog, and I could care less about its prey being a baby. The hawk doesn’t pick on its prey. It just happened that was the easiest prey to hunt for at the moment. Who knows, it may fail at hunting dozens of animals because it can successfully catch another.

Keep this in mind! Next time you see a hawk in your backyard or park or anywhere else and you see a hawk eating its prized catch, keep this in mind…

THIS MAY BE THE HAWK’S LAST MEAL!!! Yep, that’s right, its life ends with that meal. It may continue to fail to catch its prey dozens of times before it uses up all its energy and totally starves to death. Then you’ll see a dead hawk in your backyard. How lovely!

Got Caught With a $100 Ticket

Well, unfortunately, I got a $100 fine for staying at a park too late. I won’t disclose the name of this park, but it is a state park, and once it closes at a certain time they do close the gates. I accidentally misjudged the time I was staying on the hiking trail, and because of this mistake, I paid the price. The state park official actually warned me last time when the park closed at 7 pm a few weeks back when I stayed until 9 pm. Now, they recently changed the hours to 6 pm and it was 7:15 when I left. I do believe this ticket was unfair, but say what you will! I was warned, of course, but it really makes no sense that they would not allow people to hike. Heck, people camp in the woods, why can’t I hike? That’s all I was doing, just hiking! Also, I have seen bike riders a half-hour past closing. I left at around 6:15 and there were still hikers around near the parking lot. I kid you not! All I got to say is, they only picked on me because I was later than everyone else, even though most of the people well before I did.

In response to this ticket, I will just suffer the consequences and pay the fine. In addition, I will rip up the map to the park in a million pieces and delete the address from my car’s navigation system. I do NOT want to see or hear the name of that park ever again. I didn’t even have to go to this park. I did it only to explore things a little bit and get some exercise. It took me 2 and a half hours to drive to this stupid piece of shit park, so the amount of time wasted driving there isn’t even worth staying if I have to constantly worry about leaving at a certain time. I feel like everyone’s out to get me. One of these days, I’ll get a ticket for driving too slow on the highway, but I’ll make sure I get a good lawyer on my side if that happens. Next time I go hiking, I’ll just go to the local park here in Bordentown. The trail is very small, so I’ll just run around a few times to get my weekly exercise, then I’m done. It’ll save me the time and aggravation of driving countless hours to go to a bigger park that has the same features.

Driving to Work was a Complete Nightmare

Well, it was another day driving to Sears today, however, it was unlike any other day. Over the past 2 years, I’ve never had a problem getting to and from work at the speed I drive, but today, I had a complete idiot to deal with. As you may not know, I drive a 2015 Ford Focus Electric, therefore I don’t get that much battery power. However, it gets a good 100 miles to a single charge under the right conditions. I do like to help my grandparents save on their electric bill, so that’s why I drive at an economical speed. I normally drive 50 mi/hr when the weather is mild, but today, I drove 55 mi/hr since it was 80 degrees outside. So, here I am driving, in the slow lane just as I normally do, and someone in a white van passes me. So far, so good! However, after he’s like…1000 feet away, the driver started slowing down after he/she went back into the slow lane after passing me from the middle lane. He started slowing down shortly after the Columbus/Florence exit. It doesn’t appear that anyone was coming onto the highway from the ramp, but even after the exit, the driver still kept slowing down. Now the van is moving even slower than I am. I retain my speed at 55 mi/hr (which is always set using the cruise control), and I immediately pass the van after I am only a couple of feet behind it. Then, there were a few cars and a semi approaching me in the middle lane. Obviously, the semi can’t pass me in the fast lane, because that would be illegal, so the semi would have to slow down. I tried to get out of that lane as quick as I could to prevent the truck driver from slamming on his brakes and causing an accident, (this is why driving at 55 mi/hr on an interstate highway can be dangerous and is NOT RECOMMENDED). Once I got back into the right lane, I was only a couple of feet in front of the van. Yes, I was tailgating in case some of you wanted to know what I just did. That was a red flag on my part. So, far I’m driving faster than the van, but THEN the van slowed down again. What a complete asshole that person is! Seriously! I could just pass the van again, but now there were other cars in the middle lane. So, I used the shoulder to pass the van…totally ILLEGAL! After I successfully passed the van the second time, I looked behind me and noticed the van proceeded to a complete stop in into the shoulder and put the blinkers on. I have a feeling the driver is going to report me to the police! So, this is how I’m going to be treated? For being economical and saving money going just 10 miles under the speed limit in the GODDAMN slow lane, and now I have to deal with someone slowing down after passing me? Drivers like that don’t belong on the road. I have had an instance like that happen a couple years back when I was driving in the fast lane in a 55 mi/hr road. However, that was a mistake on my part because I had like…20 people behind me in the 2nd lane. The person who passed me and slowed down even flashed his stupid blinkers at me to let me know I didn’t belong in that lane. Then, after he passed me in the other lane, he went in front of me and slowed down to remind me AGAIN. So, obviously this is a different situation. Now, one thing I noticed is that when the van slowed down, the brake lights didn’t show up, which means he just coasting, not deliberately braking. This could mean that the driver is an elderly person, and is just slowing down enough to see that there was nobody coming down the exit ramp. Then, he/she simply forgot what speed he was going to simply didn’t accelerate and continued at that speed. Of course, my fault is when I drove too close to the van after passing it. Both times when the van passed me, it was 5 car lengths away, which is the correct threshold for safely staying driving behind someone. The van was also 5 car lengths in front of me when it passed from the middle lane back into the slow lane. So perhaps I set him off, but obviously I got set off as well, which is why I passed him from the shoulder. I have seen other people pass me from the shoulder, however, two wrongs down make a right. I certainly went too far on handling this situation. I could have just slowed down after he slowed down in front of me the second time. However, I was too hasty, and I needed to get to work. I didn’t want to be late. I arrived 5 minutes late, which is only 1 minute before the 6 minute grace period. I’m sure the van would keep slowing down more and more until it was 35 mi/hr on the interstate and I could report that driver to the police to be driving recklessly slow!

Well, because this driver may have reported my license plate, now I may have to hide from the police. That’s just great! The fact of the matter is, I can’t drive 55 forever, and someone’s going to report me so that everyone else gets to share the slow lane too. That’s totally unfair! I guess I’m going to have to increase my speed to 65 one of these days. I drove a different route home, because I was afraid the driver of the van may have sent the cops to monitor the area. It took an extra 7 minutes to get home tonight. I’m at least hoping that on Saturday, there won’t be any cops on the road. As far as I am concerned, only the state police patrol the interstate, and I only see them with the speedometers a few times a month. If I see them, I’ll just drive 65, then I’ll slow back down to 55 again once I’m out of their sight. No big deal! Haha, you can’t get me.

Am I the Biggest Sears Promoter Worldwide on Twitter Right Now?

A few days ago, my manager decided on launching a Social Media contest. The objective is to promote our summer blowout event with as many people as possible, and boy I sure did! I haven’t exactly counted how many retweets I had of my post because I had so darn many! Of course, I did spend many hours trying to entice people into retweeting it. The incentive for me doing this was that the person with the most shares would win a $25 gift card. I won of course, and I pretty much blew everyone else at Sears Burlington out of the water! As of right now, I am on the top of the page when anyone searches for “Sears”, not just “Sears Burlington”. This means that I am the top Sears promoter in the entire nation! Imagine that!

Tweet Sears

I did have a previous tweet that had over 400 likes on it, however, I had to delete it because Sears extended the date of the promotion. It was initially set to end on the 4th. I will be posting new tweets every day. Some of these tweets will include a picture of our clearance merchandise, which is selling like hotcakes by the way! We are now down from 4 shelves to 2 shelves.


I am shooting for a goal of 10,000 retweets altogether. I hope you can help me reach that goal. Please follow me @JTheNavigator88 on Twitter, and retweet my Sears posts with as many people as you possibly can. This not only can improve my hours, but can also help Sears Burlington thrive and continue to provide a WOW member experience for everyone that shops there. This means, you won’t have to wait in long lines and you’ll get the best service guaranteed! Also, most importantly, we will always keep our doors open, without even a single threat of our store going out of business.

The next post will most likely entail what I planned to talk about on the last post in regards to my online expenses.