Hiking Mercer Meadows Jan 10, 2019

I’m posting this entry late because I didn’t think of mirroring my videos here on my website. I choose Mercer Meadows as my hiking spot because I whenever I visit ebird.org, I’m seeing that location with the most amount of hawks! Today I saw a Northern Harrier flying above the marshes near Reed Farm. I believe I was located here: 40.318001, -74.752717. There are two observatories, and you can see the observatory in this video. I would have filmed the harrier longer, but I ran out of batteries in my Nikon Coolpix P900 camera. I started recording the video of the harrier at 3:41 pm, then I took pictures at 3:54 pm. Luckily I had enough power in my camera to do that.

If you wanted pictures, I got them right here, with the exception of the ones that were out of focus. If you want to see a full-screen view of these pictures, just right-click, then select “open image in new tab”. Its that easy! You can do that anytime while the slideshow is playing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last picture is something I took pride of taking, this happened when the Northern Harrier took off from the ground.

Northern Harrier taking-off in flight

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