Feeding a Red Shouldered Hawk a Cooked Meal for the First Time

As of Oct 16, 2021, I managed to feed a Red Shouldered Hawk a cooked barbecue rib that was leftovers from Sonny’s BBQ. My grandma said the ribs weren’t tender, and my best guess is it wasn’t cooked long enough. It ended up becoming a meal for a hawk! Imagine that? When I saw the hawk, she was perched on a power line near the intersection of St Mary’s Rd and Kings Bay Rd in St Marys, GA. It was located 2 power poles away from where the train tracks are. I decided to name her Lisa. So I parked my car at the 4th pole and I proceeded to walk towards the hawk. I stayed close to the street and I did a power walk but not a fast run. The hawk stared down at me straight in the eye before I threw the rib, so I can tell she was hungry! When I threw the rib, it landed right in between where the cut grass and the long grass met up with each other. The hawk could almost look straight down at the rib, and I’m sure that she actually did. I continue to walk up to where the train tracks were, then I crossed 4 lanes of the highway until I reached the other side of the road. I walked until I could see my car across from where I was walking. I crossed the street, then I opened the door to walk into the car. As soon as I got inside, the hawk immediately swooped down on the rib. I couldn’t believe what I just saw! I know one thing, she was quite hesitant and waited until she was sure that I wasn’t around before she swooped! I was almost afraid she wasn’t going to swoop down on it, and I was going to drive home to grab some raw steak instead! I was very lucky to find such a hawk that isn’t a picky eater! She should be proud that she can enjoy a human’s meal for a change! I am so happy for her doing that! Now I just have to figure out how to eat a hawk’s meal one of these days! I could just slip a live snake down my throat one of these days. We’ll see!

I know its been so long since my last post, but since I’ve been working at Amazon for 60 hours a week over the past 2 years, it has been impossible to post anything! I’ve been busy looking for hawks every day and I’ve been keeping a thermos filled with ice and raw steak so that I can feed one if I see one! I am completely obsessed in feeding them and I can’t stand it when they fly away from me when trying to feed them. Sometimes, these hawks have flown away as I’ve thrown steak in mid-air or I simply stayed too close to the hawk for more than a minute at a time. I’ve learned to always walk past the hawk in the hopes that the hawk won’t mind waiting for me to give them some food! That’s just what makes my day, and I always feel thankful for being about to have these hawks appreciate me being in their presence!

Make sure you check out my Facebook page. It is https://facebook.com/jeremy.hirzel. If you’re more into YouTube than Facebook, I have a channel there as well. It is https://youtube.com/jthejh. If you enjoy the content, you can check out more of them as I may post every other week or so! I’m not very active because of the fact that I spend an hour or 2 looking for hawks after working a 10 hour shift. Plus, I have a 30 minute unpaid break and 50 minutes of driving time to and from work as well. So I do get quite busy, too busy to even be on this computer anymore. But if you watch my videos, you can learn more so that perhaps you could do the same thing and make a new friend with a hawk!

Red Tailed Hawk eating raw chicken liver

This is a female adult Red Tailed Hawk named Sara. Sadly she migrated in July, but she’ll be back in February next year. She is my favorite hawk to date and she even allowed me to get within 15 feet from me at times. She even let me lay down directly underneath her while she was perched on a power pole. Sadly, she never looked down at me, and never took any more food from me once I started getting close to this hawk!

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