A user who just decided to delete 70% of all his videos

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I have a youtube user I was subscribed to in the past, his name is Xazuross, I’m not saying any more than just the username, but I was faced by reality when I saw almost all his videos just deleted. He even deleted the one I favorited too. Now if you click on it it won’t work. The new videos he has now isn’t as good as the old ones and I enjoyed a lot of the background music he had in his old ones too. Now it’s all guitar hero and rock band stuff, which I’m not as interested in as his computer tutorials and his music video I favorited. The music video is still on my webpage if you’d like to see it. I feel that maybe I could learn a few things about making a good music video like his and maybe this could be a good start. I’m mad at this user but I’m glad I still have the one video at least. Xazu –All That Remains is AWESOME  and I’ll be posting the video on my Skydrive which I still have on my computer because I downloaded it.  I only have 6 favorites on youtube so by favoriting his video, you can tell it’s good. I tried and tried to get the user to post the video up but he’s not even paying attention to the comments I’ve been leaving on his channel. You know, I only favorite the best of the best, so Xazuross should be thanking me for favoriting it. So he deletes the video. Well that’s it. I could have favorited his Hannah Montana parody but that video had the B-word all over it so that wasn’t appropriate to have up on my channel. If it was EDITED DOWN I WOULD favorite it because I thought that video was a long determined effort.  Who cares anyways cause I’m finished with this youtube shit. What Xazuross? I can take the hint, just go away. And quit making my life miserable by taking down all your good videos. I won’t unblock him because I know he’s going to try to comment on my channel something like, “I want everyone to subscribe to my rock band videos so I’m deleting my other stuff”, get real, it’s a video game, JUST a video game, noone’s going to subscribe to your dumb rock band videos. My brother Keenan is 13, you think he cares, I asked him, nope.

I unsubscribed to everyone on youtube but I still accept friend invites. If you want to be friends with me I have a youtube account, it’s http://www.youtube.com/jhirzel88mainmainmai

His videos aren’t good anymore and that’s the end of that. That solves that problem.

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