A mistake I made with the vacuum cleaner…

My day is just about starting and ending for me again today.  I had the choice of staying at dad’s house or going with mom to work at the nursing home with her. Yeah…I actually told dad a few days before having mom making the recommendation herself of going with her instead of the plans of bike riding to his house at 1:30. I agree with going to the nursing home because I knew the client would like to talk to me and have a little fun.  Everything was great, then 1 hour and 22 minutes later at 9:12, shit just happened.  My mom asked me to vacuum the floor because there was a mess in the bedroom from the cat. She wanted me to do the front room and the hallway so I did. I went from sweep to sweep, back and forth across the hallway floor. Before I finished my last sweep, she wanted me to stop and to do the bedroom where the cat litter was. She told me exactly as put to do the rugs and nothing else. Yeah, she said “RUG’ S”!  Not rug, so I started to sweep the two rugs. Once I got back to sweep the other rug, the vacuum got caught on the that rug.  I tried to pull on it but the rug was getting caught even more until it flipped over. I turned it off, not realizing with my own eyes that the cat litter was on that rug.  I tried to pull on it and that’s how when the rug flipped over, the cat litter went spilling everywhere, and I wasn’t wearing my glasses either. I was capable of seeing the litter, since I’m just near-sighted, but the room was bright and dark so I JUST couldn’t see it. Plus I didn’t think of merely turning the vacuum off (until that happened). What would you do if your vacuum got stuck on something and didn’t realize what and if something bad was going to happen?  I mean, what if there was a sturdy shelf on your rug and you didn’t think any thing would possibly fall over but it falls over anyway. What if there was nothing on the rug at all, what would you be careful in NOT what to do if and when your vacuum gets stuck? Well, my mom told me to my computer off after that so I lost my computer privileges. Great! What in the HELL was I supposed to do? I’ve only used a vacuum cleaning 4 times in my life and this vacuum was faulty. I told mom it wasn’t my fault but she wasn’t listening. She told me it was all my fault but she wasn’t listening. She told me it was all my fault and now I couldn’t use the computer. Nothing I said to her helped and now she had to spend her time cleaning up the mess I did. “A mothers work is never done,” she said as I was hearing her from the other room. She ran back and forth, grabbing paper towels and I just had to sit there on the couch with no computer. This whole day sucks, in fact my whole life sucks.  I also have things going on and I have to always LOSE everything.  Some of the bad things I do makes sense. I do believe I get the proper punishments I deserve. It just seems like my mom is taking things away from me too much. Also, I was up until midnight Tuesday night doing my homework and my mom said if this happens again, all my stuff is coming out of my room. Homework comes before using Messenger, or anything else. My mom says that I’ve been chatting with this KC guy and she also told me that she doesn’t know who this KC guy even is and it needs to stop (I explained to her that he gives me advice and I learn from him). I explained to her who he is and I do get some educational information from him but she said it’s going nowhere. “IS this going to help you with anything?” I said “No.” My mom is right but I want to make choices to learn things like how businesses work because I even think THAT could in turn help me a lot.  I say that it could improve my aspect of internet marketing as well as programming code (since that’s what I’m doing at school, basically java code). Maybe I won’t use the computer that much and maybe I’ll decide I won’t use Messenger on it that much but I still want to have a little fun time every once in a while.  Come on, I only have two days when I’m not in school. On top of that sometimes I have to work on Saturdays. Of the 3 or 4 dyas that I work, and the 5 days that I go to school, I only have 4 or 3 days of doing homework with less than 2 hours of study time on the days that I have school as well as work. Yes, I do check my email every day in case you’re wondering, and I feel that I have to. I also get into the habit of responding to any emails I receive with every last breath of words that I compose. I obsess and obsess.  That’s the problem with me, I enjoy socializing with everyone that comes in contact with me on Theirtube and Gmail. Even if that person only responds with 1 sentence and I respond to them with 50 sentences, that’s okay. The problem is that I get so wrapped up into something that I just don’t know when to stop. That is why from this day forward, starting today, which is Thanksgiving, onward, if at any time I don’t respond, it’s no big deal because I’ll be too busy doing homework. It’s really no big deal if I don’t respond because I am a busy person. I may at least put in a few words like “Oh okay, thanks!” That way I can get back to my schoolwork with no problems. I only have one user, which is KC, that emails me occasionally so I’m not mad. I need to learn to control my computer time, just spend 10 minutes on the days that I have school.

FTW, and I MEAN it.  I’m sick of this shit happening to me, getting my stuff taken away and everything. I can do what the fuck I want. No one is fucking going to do this to me or else I’m just going to bitch about it. That’s that. Now what do you think I should have done. What should I continue to do or not do? Reply to the comments below.

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