Celebrating a YEAR on youtube

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Also the new featured video on my cover page, this is the “Quaker Parrot Saves Baby’s Life” video that I used Pinnacle to record. I recorded this a year from tonight. It looked interesting, which is why I did this.

Well, I did it, I changed my channel the way I had it a year ago, profile info and all. There was two things I couldn’t do though, well actually three now that I realize it. First off, youtube is beta now and I everybody in youtube was all in the better channels back then. Secondly, I can’t change the colors because the dark green is too dark and the light green is too greyish and when I make the font light green it blends in too much with the other green. So I had to make the text orange. I made the colors the way they were because back then I really into parrots more than anything else. I still am now, but I’ve been mostly into video games and computer tutorials. I still visit my other youtube friends, thanks everyone! I also wish, and this was the third thing I really wanted to do, was to put the playlist embeds onto youtube but youtube no longer has the embed feature the way the new channels are set up.

So I’ll do it on here, I shall send my favorite ones, though I did pick lots of embeds, I named my youtube video embed “New Dancing Parrot videos – Check them out”. In order for the videos to be new, they had to be less than 2 weeks old, 3 weeks if they are decent videos. Sometimes I would have 0 videos on the playlist, which is only because after the 2 or 3 weeks have passed I would delete them, then I add it to the “Amazon Parrot song vids”, or whatever playlist the video is suited for. I would post the playlist up now but I should wait until April to post them up because I didn’t start doing playlists until April, so you’re going to have to wait.


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