A death for a mistakenly cause

My youngest brother has a chinchilla, well….he had a chinchilla anyways. A chinchilla is like a large rodent by the way. They are small animals. While I was playing Zelda – The Windwaker on the Gamecube, I could hear terrible cries from the living room. Then I heard my mom say “It’s dead”. That’s what I heard. I turned the volume way down and my stereo way down and my brother went into the sheets after he got in the shower and he was still crying. I went into the living room and there it was, laying there with its eyes open, dead! I looked at it briefly, just for a few seconds as it laid there next to his cage. Apparently, he was playing with it at the time and even though it is still unknown what the cause of his death was, my mom believes it was because he may have jumped on him and it cut off his circulation. That’s the most reasonable cause. Another cause, and it sounds unreasonable that this was the case, that he may have been electricuted as he was running through the house. There might have been an instance where the chinchilla got shocked somehow when he ran through some wires. My brother never mentioned that he killed the chinchilla, which is why it is still in speculation. My mom said to him though that regardless of what killed him, chinchillas are just like any other small animals that must be cared for very carefully, which is why its hard to care for small animals. I am pretty upset about this too but my brother is even more upset since this was his chinchilla. (which he got from a previous owner)
This right here, THAT is the exact reason I don’t own a parrot yet. Needless to say, it will be YEARS before I even think about getting one. Also, I’m sick of thinking about the future anymore. It’s pointless. I will wait until I finish not just college, but until I am actually ready to live on my own. That won’t be until after I finish a four year college, which will be another 6 or 7 years since I have autism. Even before this event happened, I never wanted to have a parrot right now anyways because my youngest brother has always been out of his mind stupid. He tells me to do stupid stuff and what not since after all, he likes to make everyone get upset. He’s good at doing that. Well, parrots are meant to be for one or two people anyway since they only bond to one person (African greys are the only species of parrots that bond to two people). I learned that from watching “Bird Paradise” on Get It on TV.

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