Last day of cell phone service

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Today is the last day for my old cell phone to be in service, since my mom recently switched carriers. I was actually in the van at the time while my mom and siblings were at the furniture store. We went to a few places by the way so it was a busy shopping day for us. We celebrated Christmas yesterday though since we’ll be at my dad’s on the 25th. So while I was in the van I also managed to forward my old messages (mostly the messages that KC (kcjenner1 on YouTube) sent me on my cell phone). I also had about 6 or 7 pictures of my brother’s bedroom, my other brother, and my cashier screen at the gas station where I was for a week to cover someone’s shift. Believe it or not, I ONLY had 6 or 7 pictures on my cell phone but most people take a lot more than that, hundreds even. I rarely used my cell phone to talk to anyone, and because of that, I rarely took pictures either. Unfortunately I had already sent the pictures by the time my mom told me that it costs $10 every time a picture is sent, since the cell phone that we used didn’t have pics in the cell plan. I doubt it costs $10 per picture but rather a memory rate of $5 per MB, or something like that. I was foolish to do that because I realized that I couldn’t do that for videos because the video file size is too big. So I had to go to radio shack after I went to Chipolte, and I hurried in there while everyone else was in the dressing room at this one sports place to buy myself an adapter to plug my cell phone into the computer. I knew this would be the only way I could save my 2 only videos that I had of that national anthem message thing I heard on the radio last year. So I installed the drivers, and I also had to install “BitPim” and if you don’t have that program you should download it yourself. I was able to sort through it, I might do a video showing everyone how to use it on YouTube one of these days. Well, I gotta go, but I’ll share these videos with you right now. Check it out. I got the Lincoln-Sudbury High School station playing this. Notice the loudness of this radio station in comparison to the other station, there were two stations on the same frequency. The Lincoln-Sudbury one, at 7 miles away, is a 4 watt radio station with a HAAT of 225 ft. The other one is a 1,700 watt (now it’s 2,200 watts) with a HAAT of 450 ft. Gotta go. I have these vids as unlisted but here’s the embeds.

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