Driving to Work was a Complete Nightmare

Well, it was another day driving to Sears today, however, it was unlike any other day. Over the past 2 years, I’ve never had a problem getting to and from work at the speed I drive, but today, I had a complete idiot to deal with. As you may not know, I drive a 2015 Ford Focus Electric, therefore I don’t get that much battery power. However, it gets a good 100 miles to a single charge under the right conditions. I do like to help my grandparents save on their electric bill, so that’s why I drive at an economical speed. I normally drive 50 mi/hr when the weather is mild, but today, I drove 55 mi/hr since it was 80 degrees outside. So, here I am driving, in the slow lane just as I normally do, and someone in a white van passes me. So far, so good! However, after he’s like…1000 feet away, the driver started slowing down after he/she went back into the slow lane after passing me from the middle lane. He started slowing down shortly after the Columbus/Florence exit. It doesn’t appear that anyone was coming onto the highway from the ramp, but even after the exit, the driver still kept slowing down. Now the van is moving even slower than I am. I retain my speed at 55 mi/hr (which is always set using the cruise control), and I immediately pass the van after I am only a couple of feet behind it. Then, there were a few cars and a semi approaching me in the middle lane. Obviously, the semi can’t pass me in the fast lane, because that would be illegal, so the semi would have to slow down. I tried to get out of that lane as quick as I could to prevent the truck driver from slamming on his brakes and causing an accident, (this is why driving at 55 mi/hr on an interstate highway can be dangerous and is NOT RECOMMENDED). Once I got back into the right lane, I was only a couple of feet in front of the van. Yes, I was tailgating in case some of you wanted to know what I just did. That was a red flag on my part. So, far I’m driving faster than the van, but THEN the van slowed down again. What a complete asshole that person is! Seriously! I could just pass the van again, but now there were other cars in the middle lane. So, I used the shoulder to pass the van…totally ILLEGAL! After I successfully passed the van the second time, I looked behind me and noticed the van proceeded to a complete stop in into the shoulder and put the blinkers on. I have a feeling the driver is going to report me to the police! So, this is how I’m going to be treated? For being economical and saving money going just 10 miles under the speed limit in the GODDAMN slow lane, and now I have to deal with someone slowing down after passing me? Drivers like that don’t belong on the road. I have had an instance like that happen a couple years back when I was driving in the fast lane in a 55 mi/hr road. However, that was a mistake on my part because I had like…20 people behind me in the 2nd lane. The person who passed me and slowed down even flashed his stupid blinkers at me to let me know I didn’t belong in that lane. Then, after he passed me in the other lane, he went in front of me and slowed down to remind me AGAIN. So, obviously this is a different situation. Now, one thing I noticed is that when the van slowed down, the brake lights didn’t show up, which means he just coasting, not deliberately braking. This could mean that the driver is an elderly person, and is just slowing down enough to see that there was nobody coming down the exit ramp. Then, he/she simply forgot what speed he was going to simply didn’t accelerate and continued at that speed. Of course, my fault is when I drove too close to the van after passing it. Both times when the van passed me, it was 5 car lengths away, which is the correct threshold for safely staying driving behind someone. The van was also 5 car lengths in front of me when it passed from the middle lane back into the slow lane. So perhaps I set him off, but obviously I got set off as well, which is why I passed him from the shoulder. I have seen other people pass me from the shoulder, however, two wrongs down make a right. I certainly went too far on handling this situation. I could have just slowed down after he slowed down in front of me the second time. However, I was too hasty, and I needed to get to work. I didn’t want to be late. I arrived 5 minutes late, which is only 1 minute before the 6 minute grace period. I’m sure the van would keep slowing down more and more until it was 35 mi/hr on the interstate and I could report that driver to the police to be driving recklessly slow!

Well, because this driver may have reported my license plate, now I may have to hide from the police. That’s just great! The fact of the matter is, I can’t drive 55 forever, and someone’s going to report me so that everyone else gets to share the slow lane too. That’s totally unfair! I guess I’m going to have to increase my speed to 65 one of these days. I drove a different route home, because I was afraid the driver of the van may have sent the cops to monitor the area. It took an extra 7 minutes to get home tonight. I’m at least hoping that on Saturday, there won’t be any cops on the road. As far as I am concerned, only the state police patrol the interstate, and I only see them with the speedometers a few times a month. If I see them, I’ll just drive 65, then I’ll slow back down to 55 again once I’m out of their sight. No big deal! Haha, you can’t get me.

Someone is 1-starring my blogs!

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I’ve been checking all my blogs for the first time in a LONG time, and I noticed there’s a lot of 1 stars on my blogs. Actually, I can also see other ratings that state “2 ratings” 3-stars, which had a 5-star rating before, so it’s pretty obvious if I put 2 and 2 together, only a 5-star and a 1-star would average to be a 3-star, likewise if there are blogs with 2 5-star ratings and 1 1-star would equate to be an overall 4-star rating. A couple of my blogs, actually have a 5-star rating where I was depressed. Does someone want me to kill myself? That seems to what I am thinking. Well, just so that you all know, I would never do that. I have a job making a steady income, plus school, plus spending time with my younger brother playing video games, so I am rarely alone, and I’m always communicating with other people who are far more intelligent than I am. Plus, I am learning things every time, which is good for my sense of well-being, so haha to all that person for thinking I’d commit suicide! I can be 90% sure the person who is 1-starring my blogs is someone who just plain hates me if he’s taking the time to hate all my blog entries! I mean, it’s pretty obvious that’s the case. Whoever it is, he’s not making himself known, so I don’t really care what he is, whetever he’s my YouTube hacker or possibly someone on VStreamers that hates me for saying what I said about VStreamers. I state my blogs personally with my own opinions, so if someone hates me for that, then fine! If someone else has different opinions than I do, then that’s more fine for me!

A solution which pretty much everyone would recommend is to disable the ratings, then nobody will be able to rate my entries. So why don’t I want to do that? Well, I do have my fans, so I feel that I’m also taking away something that’s good by taking away something that’s bad. I’d say the best solution is to ignore that person and move on. So that’s what I’ll do. Anybody’s got a problem with that can go ahead and 1-star this entry. OH, and if you 1-star it, that only proves how weak you really are.

Note: My jhirzel88.wordpress.com account, which recently got hacked, is the blog that is receiving these repetitive 1-star comments. So far, this new account is in the clear. I will disable ratings if I feel that its necessary to do so.

VStreamers.com is a terrible website!

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About 6 months ago I joined a website called VStreamers.com, and boy did I make a mistake. Everything was all fine and dandy, until I got banned yesterday. For those that don’t know, I have a third job, along with the other two being working at Sears and the second with working at my mom’s cupcake shop. I click on ads for profit. I saw view4view and sub4sub YouTube related websites as useless, since YouTube pretty much caught on with the view botting out there. I decided to take it to the next level, but how far is too far? I already knew that the admin of this site told me not to use another particular website that I don’t want to mention. I got one warning from this guy to stop using the auto surf website stating it was his LAST warning! Well, he warned me, but like I said, this was from a different website. I was using a manual surf website after I had received the warning. Therefore, since the admin was not clear about using manual surf websites as well as auto-surf ones, it proves he is a stupid admin. Now, that 50 of my videos got deleted, that’s 50 hours of work down the drain, all for just $20 fucking dollars! For those that know, I had over 100 videos deleted from a hacker on my old YouTube accounts. This makes this admin no different than this hacker. He gives me only one single warning, then pulls the plug without giving me another chance. He established that those 50 measly views may get him removed from his advertising company, so I decided to say to him that I’ll be willing to use that website to give views to ZippCast or my own blog instead of VStreamers, but the admin won’t give in and thinks that I’ll continue doing the things I’m doing. He also thinks I may find loopholes. As IF! I could still add views to that website whether I’m banned or not. I don’t care, I will still support that site anyways because I’m sure there’s other people out there who will learn to love it as much as I still do. Even though I’m banned, though, I still want to treat the admin with respect and just don’t do what he told me NOT to do. Maybe it’s about time some of the lower viewed channels deserve a chance. I mean, as the old saying goes, “cheaters never win”, because they DON”T, and don’t deserve to. That’s why as of now, I vowed to only add views to ZippCast’s sign-up page and to my blog. Nah, only kidding, I’m going to be joining a website that will make me thousands of dollars, and I’m not donating to any websites, because I’m sick of helping people when I can help myself instead!:)

I could end up going back to ZippCast, but ZippCast has its flaws, and it’ll shut down in a year. VStreamers will suffer the same fate. There’s no difference between the two! They are all Media Share script sites, so there you go! If you wish to still use YouTube regardless, I don’t blame you. At least on there, there’s no admins that are complete assholes. Also, on YouTube, I’ve never been harrassed or spammed by any trolls, which is amazing of someone that’s got over 30,000 subscribers on one of my channels! Just be aware that unless you are in the top 20 most viewed channels, nobody gives a damn who you are. You are just a common video uploader who shares videos with just your friends. Also, numbers are numbers, and they don’t mean crap as far as making money unless you got millions of views or subscribers.

All my videos will always either be deleted by a hacker, or by some jerk who has complete dictatorship over another website and steps all over me because I’m just a stupid-minded autistic dickhead. That’s why as of now, I shall make a sailor’s oath. “I hereby shall NEVER upload any videos on any Social Networking site! That includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ZippCast, UploadSociety, and any other useless website.”

There you go, now I’ll never change my mind. I’m moving on with my life now. Good-bye!

Updates From Hurricane Sandy

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I know that it’s been ages since my last blog, but I just want to let everyone know that I’m alive after the hurricane that we had. It wasn’t quite as bad in my area though since I live about 5 miles from the PA border. There was lots of wind and rain, but only a few large tree branches fell. I had the power out for about 7 hours and needless to say, I was extremely lucky that I made out as well as I did, because some people won’t get their power back until Thursday. Only about half of the millions of people that lost power have their power back as of right now. Well, I took advantage of the power outage by playing UNO with my grandma, which is one thing I haven’t done in over a year. I did that while listening to B985 on my Grundig radio. The sole DJ that was in the studio at the time was stuck for 36 hours, since the radio station is on the shore where millions of people had to evacuate. Anyways, the girl that was running the station at the time already knew how bad the hurricane was since she was watching the news. There were reported winds in excess of 70 mph in some local places, and power lines were shaking back and forth until they snapped. Sparks were flying from the transformers, and the situation with flooding was so bad, that there was a shark on a boulevard at a shore area also. People were urged to stay inside, and even being 3 feet from their doors and windows might stir trouble too. There was much more danger than expected. There is more than that which was going on, but I’m lost on words at this point.

I played cards with my grandma for a few hours. All of a sudden, during the commercial break at midnight, everything got cut off and there was dead silence. The studio probably lost power, rather than their transmitter, since that is in a different town. Either that, or it was turned off on purpose because the DJ was going to sleep and didn’t want to risk any fire from electric problems that might occur from the hurricane. My UNO game was almost over so that didn’t matter to me.

The next morning, I woke up, and B985 was static. There was no signal at all. Then, at around 10 am, the radio station got turned back on after the morning show was supposed to end. All of the morning people were doing news and bulletins when they started late. There was a huge sound quality boost when I listened to it at first. I found it hard to believe I was listening to the radio it sounded so good. It was broadcasting in full CD quality. You can find more detail about this on my radio section right here.

You can even download a 15-hour recording right here as well.

Well, I’m going to end it here, and if you have anything to say about the hurricane that you experienced, I’d like to know about it.

Closing up the Bird-Feeding Activities

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I would just like to say, I am no longer allowed to feed my birds in my backyard. My mom has been very upset that I was still sneaking cupcakes outside and it has to end. In order to prevent me from doing that, from now on, I will be waking up early with her every day to go to work. The only time I will be home is at night when my siblings are home. The fact is, she doesn’t want me attracting insects, not be mention rats and other unwanted pests. It’s not about the fact that the cupcakes aren’t good for them. My grandma explained that she doesn’t care enough about the birds to think that. The difference between feeding the birds cupcakes and feeding them bird seed is that the bird seed doesn’t attract insects. It is only for the birds. If you put out any kind of food item outside, you have to be aware of what kinds of animals are out there, and what they are looking for. Even if you put a tiny amount of food out and the birds do eat them, there’s going to be other animals around that were attracted by the scent, even if they are far away. That is exceptionally important when the food is in a rural forest, which is abundant in wildlife. The fact is, animals can be conditioned to eat these foods, then they will not know how to find their own food and they will be reliant on us to feed them all the time. In the long run, that will cause starvation at a large scale in areas where there are no people around. Birds take several years to become conditioned, but birds are not the only animals in that forest. There are also squirrels, raccoons, skunk, deer, and other animals I can’t name. Well, I think the Yellow-Rumped Warblers are already conditioned, because they were even eating french fries the second time I put them out about a week ago but they weren’t eating them a few weeks ago. As a result, those warblers have to die and I must kill them. A few days ago, I have already poisoned their icing with laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, and wood cleaners . Once I see them dead on the ground, I swear to God, I am going to take them out of the forest, and throw them at the wall of the house, and stuff icing in their beaks. My mom will think that the sugar in the cupcakes killed them. I will take it one step further though. Why should I stop there? I am going to hide all the icing in their beaks, that way my mom won’t find them. Then, I’ll take some out later. Well, I probably won’t go that far. I haven’t gone back yet to check on them because I have been going to my grandparents’ house instead of going back to mom’s. I have been feeding the birds cupcakes there instead, not poisoned cupcakes of course.

Here is part 1 to my 2-part video of me killing those warblers.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RQe6CiJQsU&w480&h=360]

I am depressed…throws away 40 cupcakes!

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I would just like to say, I experienced such a terrible sensation when my mom started to throw away 40 cupcakes in the trash after we closed for the day. I never thought she would throw away so many. She made them today, but she never keeps them because they get a little dry the next day. They have a shelf-life of 48 hours. I believe she could have done something with those cupcakes. I think it’s terrible that she threw them all away. She kept 12 of them for us.  I mean, maybe it’s not all that bad. The ingredients in a cupcake, not including the icing and the filling, is sugar, flour, and vanilla or chocolate extract, depending on the flavor. Those food items are common to find, so maybe it’s not all that bad. I have a confession to make though. A few days ago, I started to place cupcakes in the forest in my back yard. I had a vanilla cupcake and a green velvet cupcake in my hand and I threw 2 of them, and I threw them hard, like a catapult. My mom didn’t have red dye at the time she made the cupcake so she used blue dye instead. The cupcake turned green only because she didn’t use enough dye. I forgot where I threw them at, but when I came back from school, I went back to check, and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I was there for 10 minutes looking for them. About 2 days later, I decided to place a vanilla cupcake in the grass at the edge of the forest. It was still there 4 hours later. I didn’t want my mom or anybody else to know I was doing this, so I grabbed it, which had ants all over it, and I placed it behind a small vine bush. The next day, I came back, and it was GONE! It was really gone! The icing was even gone too. I couldn’t believe it. I am guessing that a bird might have eaten it. What kind of wild bird eats cupcakes? Perhaps it was a crow, or maybe a European Starling, since those birds are common in urban areas. I do live in a rural area, but for some strange reason, their eating habits seem similar to what they have in their city life. I don’t get it! Their diet seems to be so ranged with insects and stuff that I wouldn’t even think they would eat something like that. However, the cupcake was infested with ants when I last checked. Maybe that bird had no choice but to eat that cupcake. Maybe it only liked the taste of the ants. Regardless, it still managed to eat the cupcake and I am obsessed to keep putting cupcakes out. Maybe one day I’ll make a video through my webcam at my back window to prove it. It’s got to be a bird, it’s just got to. If it is, then I’m probably just going to kill myself. I just can’t stand knowing that a bird wouldn’t be satisfied enough. They just can’t be satisfied with just one cupcake. I would need to put more out, but then what if my mom finds out? Oh my gosh! What am I going to do? I’m sure a bird won’t be knocking at the door for more. Birds have foraging abilities, that’s what they do. That’s their job. I can’t stress all this enough. I really need to know everything, every single detail. Do you think I should keep putting cupcakes out? What happens if I put too much out? Nothing can possibly happen, right?

I need help, desperately! I really will kill myself if I can’t know all the right answers. Maybe I’ll get over this. What I am doing must be wrong, otherwise other people would be doing this. I am so depressed being exposed to this. I can’t stand any of this. I can’t even stand to work at my mom’s restaurant anymore. I just CAN’T!

European Starling Lifeless on Side of Road

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I decided to blog about another bird that I found. I found this European Starling dead on the side of the road on my way home from my mom’s restaurant. It doesn’t appear that it was hurt or anything, however, since this bird was on the side of the road, it must have been hit by a car. It looked so similar to another European Starling that crashed into a classroom window. I made a blog about that a couple months back. I never took any pictures of it, and my mom deleted all my cell phone videos so I had to be descriptive in words last time. Well, I managed to take a picture of this one. Here’s the starling that was hit.

European Starling

After I took those pictures, guess what I did? I touched its wing. I actually did! It felt so strange! It put my finger on it, then I jumped up and went “Oh my gosh, I touched it, eww!”, then I started pedaling away. I then turned around, and then I did something else. I decided to see if I could flap its wing. I couldn’t. It was like….stuck. It felt like a robot. It didn’t seem real. It was a feeling that I never experienced. It was lifeless, like a machine. It’s like a toy………not really of course!

I then messaged my friend Darian03 about that. I spent about 15 minutes typing the message, then once I clicked “send”, I thought to myself, “I just got to go back there again!” I did. I bike rode back there and I decided to try to flap its right wing again. I guess I didn’t pull it hard enough last time. I took that wing and pulled it, and the wing started to rotate until it was all the way out. I could barely believe that it was actually coming out! I did the same this for the other wing. I flapped them both out. It felt like paper, although I was just feeling feathers. This is something I never experienced before. I mean, this is like a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity!!! I wanted to do that so badly last time, but I never did. I felt powerful once I was doing that. That starling seemed to be alive again, in a way. It seemed to be full of life, flying again once I saw that those wings were all spread out. I’ve never touched a bird before, well, at least not a wild bird. My friend’s mom has a lovebird and I had a chance to pet it once. That was the only other time though. This time was different. I felt in control now. I felt that control once I flapped the wings of that starling! Then I let go, then the wings immediately closed back automatically. I don’t know why it closed like that, I guess that bird just had its wings like that when it died. It probably had to keep it in because there was no contraction at the time.

I’m letting go of something, although the saying always goes “Don’t let go!” Annegrace has a song called “Don’t Let Go”, and I really like that song a lot, and this is going to always make me remember it. I washed my hands once I arrived home of course. Some of us may not know this, but European Starlings carry the most diseases of any other bird. It’s true, and they are the leading cause of a lot of the major flu type diseases such as the bird flu. I am always careful when it comes to touching things like that, especially if its something that is dead.

I’m learning about poetry in my English Comp class. There was a website that talked about these starlings. William Shakespeare sent these beautiful birds here to conquer the New World. It’s a shame some people can’t appreciate these birds more, like he did.

Bagel on ground, uneaten by any birds

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I was bike riding to my mom’s shop on the ground 3 days ago when I saw a bagel on the side of the road. I was on the main road before I got to the shopping center parking lot. I saw a bitten bagel on the ground. It appeared that it had only been biten into once. There was also a brown bag next to it. Well, anyways, I thought that a bird would have eaten it when I came back yesterday but it didn’t. I bike rode past it again and the bagel was all green and moldy. I came back to take a closer look after I left the shop and it was completely intact, just the way it was with the one bite mark. I couldn’t believe it! There were no house sparrows because this is a rural area, but there were other birds in the area. I’m sure that there are other birds besides house sparrows that eat stuff like that. I mean, bagels are bread right? Don’t most birds eat bread? Even a crow could have eaten it, because I think there were crows in the area. Actually, that bagel may have been donutbecause it appeared soft when I kicked it. Maybe the rain that we got the day just made it soggy.  I even heard a songbird chirping in the tree next to where the bagel was, so obviously, if it had been hungry, it would have eaten it, but it didn’t. Are grains part of a songbird’s diet? Perhaps it’s not even part of its diet, so that could be one reason. Now, another reason why the donut hadn’t been eating may be because a bird may have missed it. A third reason could be that the bagel was too close to traffic and any bird would be too nervous to get that close to moving cars. Now, I felt sick to my stomach for about 10 minutes after I first saw the moldy “donut”. After I came in contact with some customers for 20 minutes, I stopped thinking about it. I also saw the ice cream shop owner next to us get out of his car with his cool sun glasses. He had his hot looking daughter next to him too. I smiled at that. Laughing at things customers said made me feel good.

I remember my grandpa dropping a bagel that he didn’t finish near a lake. I wonder if that bagel even got eaten? That’s one other thing that made me think about this event. I took a 6 minute video of the rotten bagel on my cell phone. Here it is here.

First terrible restaurant experience

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At around 10 am yesterday morning, there was an elderly woman that walked in our restaurant to return a cupcake that she bought for her husband the day before. Apparently, there was a piece of plastic in his cupcake. My mom was so surprised when she showed her his plate! He managed to spit it out onto his plate before he would end up swallowing it. If that had happened, we would end up with a serious lawsuit on our hands. I was standing right at the register when my mom explained to her how sorry she was. She found that the plastic container that the icing was in had a scratch in it, and it managed to break off of it. These containers are brand new too. She’s only used it for a couple of weeks. She plans to throw any plastic containers with scrathes in it before this problem becomes another problem. She is worried that another customer who bought the same flavor cupcake may have a scratch in it too. I sure hope not. We have insurance luckily, but we don’t need any bad experiences like that to happen again. She told the manager of one of the restaurants next door about that encounter, and he said that we should switch to another material. I can’t remember what that material that he said was, but he assures that it is a better choice than using plastic, which falls apart in UV light.

I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard about a celebrity that swallowed a piece of chewed bubble gum in her salad. She passed out, but she’s okay now. That’s kind of different than getting plastic in somebody’s food, but that’s something anybody should be able to spot. We all learn lessons in time, especially when there’s big problems in the kitchen.

Bird crashes into classroom window!

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5:45 pm, Friday, 24 June:

The instructor was giving us C++ code demonstrations when all of a sudden, I heard a loud, rumbling noice. A classmate behind me was saying to the instructor that it was a bird. About 20 minutes later on our break, I walked outside and sure enough, I saw the bird laying dead on the ground. It appeared that its neck was bent up. What makes me wonder though, is….how in the heck could that bird not see that window right there? The sun was reflecting off of that window, which must have made that window appear of a reflection of the tree behind it. The bird must have mistook that window for a tree, which is common, I suppose. I consider it lucky that it happened while I was at class. Actually, what is even more lucky is that another classmate was grabbing a skittles from the vending machine and there happened to be another one already in the slot! I couldn’t suppose the intense shaking that the bird made had anything to do with that but you’ll never know. It’s tragic, and I feel sorry for the bird, but it is by far, the most impressive thing I have to blog about.

As far as I can tell you, I got no idea what kind of bird it was. I know for a fact that it wasn’t a robin but it was a small, whitish kind of bird, probably about 3 inches. Maybe it was a sparrow. Are sparrows white? I’m not sure. I want to try to be as descriptive as possible. If anyone knows the answer, please let me know.