Could May 21st be the End of Humanity as we Know it?

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Judgement Day, May 21st. Could this be the end of the world? Well, there are many speculators. It is unclear to me as to why the world will end when some of us haven’t even done anything wrong. I think that God is trying to make us think that the world will end so that we will realize our wrongdoings and make the world a happier, joyous place to live. He is trying to test us. I don’t know whether or not I should believe that the world will end. What I do know is that something really tragic is going to happen in 2012 if we do not take extreme measures, possibly 70% of life on earth could be wiped out as we know it. I would like to share an excerpt of a blog that I found belonging to a YouTube user called “wondermomma”, which I found on her myspace page. It reads, “however this latest lesson only strengthens my loathing of humanity as a whole as well as my belief that 90% of the human population of this earth is a waste of space.” That lesson just so happens to be about the fighting that is going on in this world. We have not only fought others but also ourselves. We do not know why this all happens, but we have all succumbed to its downfalls. Hopefully this will teach a valuable lesson for us all. The 10% of people that have done the right thing are the ones who are going to survive, as well as some others who almost did the right things on earth but have failed. The wealthiest people are going to survive next. That’s a given fact. Keep in mind though that money is still just an object, and it can’t buy your way out of loathing and greed. I do find this concept that she made makes perfect sense.

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What happened on my bike ride?

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This is really surprising! As I was coming back from my bike ride I actually witnessed a traffic accident, for the first time ever! It was so unbelievable that the accident happened just five feet on the side of me. It was around 7:40 pm when it happened and it was almost dark outside. There were two cars; the car in behind was a young black woman and the one in front was an older white woman. The cars weren’t going fast as they crashed, which is good. In fact, the car that was in front was almost to a complete stop because there were two cars in front of her that was stopping for some reason. Maybe they were using a cellphone and weren’t speeding up when they passed me. I do know this, I had nothing to do with those two cars crashing because they didn’t really notice me and I had a good shoulder to ride on anyways. The car that was behind was going at 10 mph at the most. I heard a loud glass sound, which only implied that the headlights were broken. No-one appeared to be hurt in the crash. I stuck around for about 30 seconds. Right before I left, the woman in the front got out of her car and approached the driver in the other car. Dang, I couldn’t believe all that even happened. Another thing that happened was when I was almost home, a car was turning and another car was turning the opposite direction and it was just inches from hitting the other car. The driver honked at him and let me pass and he went on his way.

This proves how careful people have to be on the road. It’s a great thing that I don’t drive yet because insurance is expensive, plus with the economy the way it is, too much is going through everybody’s heads that it’s just messing them up. Guys! If you are driving, start paying attention to the road instead of fiddling with your radio and if you are eating, scuff it down afterward, and LADIES….quit using that cell phone and especially texting while you’re driving. I can’t believe how many people do that. Take your time, and when you see someone in front of you suddenly stop their car, you better hit that brake hard and stop before you end up causing an accident. Pay attention everybody. Having poor quality insurance is bad enough and nobody should waste time to clean up such avoidable problems. If you are unable to drive because you are having issues, then you shouldn’t be on the road.

A wedding may be able to go as planned, but can an unfortunate event cause disaster?

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My mom kept talking to her friends and family about the wedding for one of her relatives. I’m almost sick of hearing about it. Well, here’s what happened. It all happened during the wedding afterparty. I wasn’t there, but my mom and sister was and during that timeframe, a man whom my mom knew of pretty well, was suddenly called up for a….oh crud I forget what it’s called. Well, let’s just say he was called to be up on stage and he got nervous and he started to put his head down on the table. He then suffered a massive heart attack, and once he raised his head back up, the man’s eyes rolled behind his head, and he leaned back falling off his chair. The medics arrived just minutes after the incident occurred. Once my mom came back home, she told us all about it, and hopefully he’ll be okay. Guess what, once we went to the dinner at my mom’s sister’s house, she told my mom that he is now dead, and that he died right on the spot. He was ONLY 51 years old when he died too. There was nothing wrong with him at all. He was such a nice guy and even though mom didn’t speak to him much, she really liked him a lot. It is so tragic that he died. Basically, this is a sign that nobody in that family is going to live a long live. The fact that he died at a wedding is so tragic. My mom’s sister called it a “bad omen”. It means that anything that’s anything can trigger a death and that’s a terrible thing when something triggers a death.

I am worried about my YouTube friend KC, because he’s several years older than the guy that died. Hopefully this blog doesn’t surprise him. As a lesson, I have encouraging words of support for everyone who’s old and ready to kick the bucket, DON’T GET YOUR HEAD DOWN! Stay positive, and stop worrying so much. Live your life, and enjoy every minute of it. As a famous quote, “Life goes on”. Even a death in the family or a possession that is no longer there should not change the rest of your life. There is a life after the afterlife, trust me. Please! Do not let your feelings go too far in the dark. Remember, your friends will always support you. I can be your friend too, and I’ll virtually be with you every step of the way. Just tell me if you got issues. I’m no psychologist, but I’ll give you advice at the very least.

On a lighter note, I enjoyed the dinner. There was a few chefs serving it and several volunteers serving the cake. I helped myself for the cupcakes and cookies. There was also a DJ spinning some music. There was a lot of 70s music and some pop music from today, just to state what kind of music was on. I would like to tell you now; I liked the music from today better than the music from the 70s. I still like some classic rock, but I’m more into the rock than the boring stuff.

A death for a mistakenly cause

My youngest brother has a chinchilla, well….he had a chinchilla anyways. A chinchilla is like a large rodent by the way. They are small animals. While I was playing Zelda – The Windwaker on the Gamecube, I could hear terrible cries from the living room. Then I heard my mom say “It’s dead”. That’s what I heard. I turned the volume way down and my stereo way down and my brother went into the sheets after he got in the shower and he was still crying. I went into the living room and there it was, laying there with its eyes open, dead! I looked at it briefly, just for a few seconds as it laid there next to his cage. Apparently, he was playing with it at the time and even though it is still unknown what the cause of his death was, my mom believes it was because he may have jumped on him and it cut off his circulation. That’s the most reasonable cause. Another cause, and it sounds unreasonable that this was the case, that he may have been electricuted as he was running through the house. There might have been an instance where the chinchilla got shocked somehow when he ran through some wires. My brother never mentioned that he killed the chinchilla, which is why it is still in speculation. My mom said to him though that regardless of what killed him, chinchillas are just like any other small animals that must be cared for very carefully, which is why its hard to care for small animals. I am pretty upset about this too but my brother is even more upset since this was his chinchilla. (which he got from a previous owner)
This right here, THAT is the exact reason I don’t own a parrot yet. Needless to say, it will be YEARS before I even think about getting one. Also, I’m sick of thinking about the future anymore. It’s pointless. I will wait until I finish not just college, but until I am actually ready to live on my own. That won’t be until after I finish a four year college, which will be another 6 or 7 years since I have autism. Even before this event happened, I never wanted to have a parrot right now anyways because my youngest brother has always been out of his mind stupid. He tells me to do stupid stuff and what not since after all, he likes to make everyone get upset. He’s good at doing that. Well, parrots are meant to be for one or two people anyway since they only bond to one person (African greys are the only species of parrots that bond to two people). I learned that from watching “Bird Paradise” on Get It on TV.

A battery thinking to be a bomb?

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Alright this blog is dedicated to my trip to my work at the BX (now in MA, not the NJ store), and I charged my battery outside in the back. It was plugged in next to the door, my battery to my electric bike that is. I left it there knowing it was going to be charged when I came back for my 7-hour shift. My mom wanted me to start charging the battery at work since it costs her electric to charge it in the house. So why not charge it at work?…….welll….at about 3:30 pm Gary – the stockroom foreman- came up to me saying that he unplugged my battery and took it into my manager’s office. Apparently some people didn’t realize what that black box was. He told me that a girl from customer service came outside when she saw the black thing that was my battery. She had no idea what that thing was. She said, “what is that thing”. She went inside to get the store manager. She went outside where my battery was and thought it to be a bomb. I mean she thought about calling the bomb squad over. Yeah, thanks to Gary who was nearby at the time all this was happening. He told her that it was my battery for my bike they were looking at so all was settled, which is good. He took it into my manager’s office to prevent any more problems from happening. He plugged it in for me at least so that was nice. After work I let the other manager unlock her office (since she left for the day at 5:30), and I got my battery, all fully charged. Well I told my mom and dad about this and I agreed to tell someone or at least post a note on my battery if I’m charging it away from home. I think it’s stupid of mom to think nothing was going to happen. Well none of us knew so it’ll pass, I hope. Good thing I’ll be leaving that job in a few months, I need to find a job closer to my house, since I now live 10 miles from my work. Overall really I’m disappointed that some people thought my battery was something else. That’s crap, you know. That’s crap that I had to go through Gary telling my manager about this and stuff. Well, it’s better than having to evacuate the building, which thank god we didn’t do because of him telling them.

Neither me or mom expected this to happen, it was a mistake, I’ll get over it. Story done. Next time I’ll plug it inside instead of outside and I’ll write on paper and stick it to my battery saying “JEREMY’S BATTERY PLEASE THIS IS NOT A BOMB!” Of course I’ll let some people know I’m going to charge my battery, or better yet just leave it on my bike and plug the battery in the wall for my bike. That way they know!