A wedding may be able to go as planned, but can an unfortunate event cause disaster?

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My mom kept talking to her friends and family about the wedding for one of her relatives. I’m almost sick of hearing about it. Well, here’s what happened. It all happened during the wedding afterparty. I wasn’t there, but my mom and sister was and during that timeframe, a man whom my mom knew of pretty well, was suddenly called up for a….oh crud I forget what it’s called. Well, let’s just say he was called to be up on stage and he got nervous and he started to put his head down on the table. He then suffered a massive heart attack, and once he raised his head back up, the man’s eyes rolled behind his head, and he leaned back falling off his chair. The medics arrived just minutes after the incident occurred. Once my mom came back home, she told us all about it, and hopefully he’ll be okay. Guess what, once we went to the dinner at my mom’s sister’s house, she told my mom that he is now dead, and that he died right on the spot. He was ONLY 51 years old when he died too. There was nothing wrong with him at all. He was such a nice guy and even though mom didn’t speak to him much, she really liked him a lot. It is so tragic that he died. Basically, this is a sign that nobody in that family is going to live a long live. The fact that he died at a wedding is so tragic. My mom’s sister called it a “bad omen”. It means that anything that’s anything can trigger a death and that’s a terrible thing when something triggers a death.

I am worried about my YouTube friend KC, because he’s several years older than the guy that died. Hopefully this blog doesn’t surprise him. As a lesson, I have encouraging words of support for everyone who’s old and ready to kick the bucket, DON’T GET YOUR HEAD DOWN! Stay positive, and stop worrying so much. Live your life, and enjoy every minute of it. As a famous quote, “Life goes on”. Even a death in the family or a possession that is no longer there should not change the rest of your life. There is a life after the afterlife, trust me. Please! Do not let your feelings go too far in the dark. Remember, your friends will always support you. I can be your friend too, and I’ll virtually be with you every step of the way. Just tell me if you got issues. I’m no psychologist, but I’ll give you advice at the very least.

On a lighter note, I enjoyed the dinner. There was a few chefs serving it and several volunteers serving the cake. I helped myself for the cupcakes and cookies. There was also a DJ spinning some music. There was a lot of 70s music and some pop music from today, just to state what kind of music was on. I would like to tell you now; I liked the music from today better than the music from the 70s. I still like some classic rock, but I’m more into the rock than the boring stuff.

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