My youngest brother at home WITH ME!

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When my mom was waking up my youngest brother for school this morning, he told her that he didn’t feel well. I was hoping that he would stay at my grandparents’ but he ended up staying home because my mom was running late for work and so he was stuck with me. I almost feel like I’m being tortured when he’s around. In fact, I feel like I’m trapped in a cage. He makes me say stupid things, and to top it all off, he follows me, he spies on me when I am on the computer, and he turns electronic devices off, such as the stereo when I’m listening to the music. Oh my god, I HATE that! I really do. I just want to get away from him, so I did. At around 9:45 am, I had breakfast, I did the dishes, and then I packed lunch and I left. At 10:00, I was out the door and away from him. Now it’s all smooth-sailing now since I am at the school library. It took about 45 minutes to bike ride here but I made it, regardless of the weather conditions. It was very cold, I thought we were going to get snow, but I only felt like…a little bit of sleet, barely falling. By the time it hit my hand, I didn’t feel anything, that’s how light it was coming down. Well, I’m here now, and while I’m here, I’ll be typing out my cheat card for Physics since I got another test coming up. I’ll be allowed to use a 6*8 inch index card for the test, so I’ll need to be sure to type in a small font, that way I can get lots of information on it, haha!

I can study in piece now, YEAH! My mom took my laptop away, so being here at the library kind of makes sense anyways.

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