Could May 21st be the End of Humanity as we Know it?

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Judgement Day, May 21st. Could this be the end of the world? Well, there are many speculators. It is unclear to me as to why the world will end when some of us haven’t even done anything wrong. I think that God is trying to make us think that the world will end so that we will realize our wrongdoings and make the world a happier, joyous place to live. He is trying to test us. I don’t know whether or not I should believe that the world will end. What I do know is that something really tragic is going to happen in 2012 if we do not take extreme measures, possibly 70% of life on earth could be wiped out as we know it. I would like to share an excerpt of a blog that I found belonging to a YouTube user called “wondermomma”, which I found on her myspace page. It reads, “however this latest lesson only strengthens my loathing of humanity as a whole as well as my belief that 90% of the human population of this earth is a waste of space.” That lesson just so happens to be about the fighting that is going on in this world. We have not only fought others but also ourselves. We do not know why this all happens, but we have all succumbed to its downfalls. Hopefully this will teach a valuable lesson for us all. The 10% of people that have done the right thing are the ones who are going to survive, as well as some others who almost did the right things on earth but have failed. The wealthiest people are going to survive next. That’s a given fact. Keep in mind though that money is still just an object, and it can’t buy your way out of loathing and greed. I do find this concept that she made makes perfect sense.

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