Dad’s vacation trip

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My dad came to visit us this weekend. Sunday seemed to go by so fast for me, since that’s the day I actually got to see him. I figured I’d just blog about this since I get to see him a couple times a year. On Saturday, one of my brothers had his friend come with him so that’s why I stayed home that day. On Sunday, my dad came by around 11 and he drove us to the golf course and I learned to play golf. I was sweating a little bit after I swung that club around like crazy trying to hit the ball. I just couldn’t seem to hit it. My projectory angle was off, and for the most part, I was often too high than too low. My dad told me that I should do half-swings until I got it done correctly. It took on average about 10 swings just to hit it. I managed to hit the 50 yard marker a few times with the regular club. There was another club I used that hits the golf balls even farther than that, which gave me about another 50 yards. I was there for about an hour and I certainly had a fun time. My dad summed it up by saying, “It’s fun to play, but really boring to watch, right!” Afterwards, my dad drove us to my grandparents’ house and he talked to them for a little while. My grandma made some chocolate cupcakes and I tried one. I liked it. I think that will make a decent cupcake for my mom’s new shop. Who knows? Only time will tell. We also went to the movies and saw “Fast 5”. Nice action in that movie. There was some insane stuff in that movie. It’s worth watching because that ending is at the extreme, that’s for sure. Dwane Johnson’s a cool actor and so is Ludicris. Anyways, after the movie was over, we went back to where we were before and we stopped into a local pizza place and got some pizza. My youngest brother had a pasta dish and he said it was good. I had about 2 large slices of each of the 2 large pizzas. Well, that’s about everything. That’s the day in a nutshell. My dad had to go back home early the next day to beat traffic. I don’t think I’ll get to visit him over the summer, even though I was originally thinking about it, because I’m going to be busy with summer classes plus I need to help my mom with her new cupcake shop. I’ll certainly pitch in and help her out as much as I can. It’s not like I have anything better to do, right?

Later at 2 am, I was listening to my radio, and I picked up a hip-hop station out of Baltimore, Maryland. Not only is it a Radio-One station but it runs straight out of their headquarters (which is somewhere in the suberbs of Baltimore). It was a good night for DX listening. I also picked up WTOP, which is a newstalk station in Washington DC, as well as other stations. Well, that’s it. I’ll stop there.

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