The truth about my “weeworld” habits

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A few months ago, I joined a site called “weeworld” in which you customize a character that you chat and play games with friends. A YouTube user named “LPSgirlSHK” asked me to do this, and ever since, I have been getting on every day trying to accumulate points. If you get enough coins you can buy new furniture in your room, as well as other various things. I do believe this game is childest, but I play it anyways just to set records for myself. I am also advertising my YouTube channel by doing this because once I hit 2000 gold points, I was able to purchase a YouTube video player in my “character’s” room. Normally you have to pay money to get the gold, but I got it for free by watching videos, as well as doing offers and surveys and other stuff. My mom claims that her computer has been acting weird with the pops ups and other crap that is happening.  I told her to install ad-block plus. It gets rid of pop-up ads. It works, 100% guaranteed. I have it on my laptop so I know it works. As for why the ad-pop ups may be occuring may be coming from my surveys on weeworld. I complete the surveys effortlessly pretty much, and I never give out personal information if any surveys ask for it. Weeworld administers the surveys and they treat all subjects as confidential. They have posted on their websites that they DO NOT SELL any data in the surveys. I no longer use my gmail address anymore on the surveys if they ask for it. I only use my Windows Live, which is my @live one. I’ll let my collection of spam rest hold on that, since I rarely use it anyways.

I missed Sunday, May 29th day to accumulate my points. I never even pumped my hearts in my room. It takes 1000 pumps to get a gold heart and I’m the only damn guy on earth that ever visits my own room. I can only pump one heart per day so that’ll be one less day out of 1000 days to pump those hearts. I probably won’t ever get that far. I just want to set records for myself, and statistics count for me on that weeworld site more than anything else. There is a point limit per day, and I just randomly click on stuff until I get to that limit. At 12 am, the point counter resets and I get recieve points once again. That’s why I always make sure I continue to get points. It’s a habit that I currently have and I WILL NOT sleep until it gets done. It only takes like 5 minutes to do. It’s not hard, but with my laptop still taken away it is. My mom grounded me because I overslept on my first day of class. I also had a flat tire so I couldn’t even go to school late. So I missed class entirely and that’s why I’m in this dreadful position of sneaking into my mom’s computer while she’s not looking just to spend 5 minutes on weeworld. I am at the library at school typing this blog, which is why I was able to post this.  At least I am allowed to do that. Besides, I wouldn’t even want to use her computer to do blogs anyway. It’s bad enough that my mom would read my blogs, let alone get into my wordpress account if she accessed it under her browsing history. Anyone else who wants to read the rest of my blogs, feel free. My mom just gets carried away on certain things, that’s all.

Well, I got to go. I got a job-interview with Sears at 3 pm. I wish myself the best of luck on that.

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