My laptop taken away….again

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For some reason, I seem to just keep making stupid mistakes. Last Tuesday I overslept and I ended up missing class entirely because my bike tire was flat. That was the only way I was going to get to school since the next bus only comes once an hour. I even told my mom that it was starting to feel flat the day before, but yet I made no arrangments with her of getting to school. I told my mom that I had no idea the tire was going to get completely flat but she said that I make the same excuses every time. She then took my laptop away. I don’t care that she did that. I don’t really use my laptop much anymore since all I do is just download videos on it anyways. I came across a YouTube invite from James Fesitni and I went to his website and eventually I decided that I would start downloading all of his LifeCast videos. Furthermore, I don’t play games on my laptop, nor do I email as much as I used to. I simply let the stuff download, and I watch YouTube videos while I’m doing that. So truthfully, I am GLAD that my laptop is taken away. Just browsing through all 1000 and something of those videos all engulfed on that one webpage makes my browser crash. It blows my mind how much data is on that webpage. Well, that is why I might as well just throw my laptop in the trash. I reinstalled Windows 7 twice just so that it can run faster. I’ve had it for so long anyways, it’s pretty much useless.

I really don’t care about going online anymore. I’m going to start a different life now. I’ll still keep posting blogs, but it’s only because I treat it more as a journal than anything else.

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