Is American Idol really OVERRATED?

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On Saturday, I took a bike ride to West Windsor, NJ, and I flipped on their high school radio station, WWPH, and I heard one of the two guys that were on the radio saying that American Idol is a bad tv show to watch. How offensive is that? Not for me, but if this was a more powerful radio station, tons of people would start complaining about that kind of remark. Luckily it’s only a 10 watt station so that guy was lucky. It was a prerecorded show, which actually aired on the day before. Still, to hear all those radio shows looped throughout the day and that particular topic is brought up, it must be annoying to hear every time, especially if you truly enjoy watching American Idol as much as I do. Well, here’s what the guy said, “I just think American Idol is just overrated. All the good singers are voted off and the bad singers that look good are the ones that make it through to the finals.” Well, let me get this straight, American Idol is NOT overrated. I don’t need rude remarks like that. They are making improvements during each season. In fact, during the first round (the top 16 I think), the bottom 6 got to sing one more time and were then hand picked by the judges. There were 4 out of the 6 that made it through. Also, as with previous seasons, the singers are allowed one save, in which the person has to sing one last time to decide whetver or not he/she should really stay in the competition. Even if that save is used up, that does not mean that the viewers are dependent on the best looking person. They do listen to what the judges say and there has never been a crappy American Idol singer in the finals. Carrie Underwood made it big, and Adam Lambert did really well during the past season, even though he lost to Kris Allen. Kris Allen took a direction that attracted younger viewers in their tweens, and a YouTube friend that is also a big American Idol fan messaged me about that by the way. He had a voice that matched his looks, and it certainly was NOT a pitchy voice. He could sing, and he wouldn’t have made it that far if he didn’t. Also, there is no discrimination in the show at all. It doesn’t matter if a singer is gay, nor does it matter if a singer went the wrong direction with his/her songs because of race. The judges went through hours of decision making to pick the top singers that would stay in Hollywood, and there was a hundred of singers that made it in the beginning. I bet that they didn’t even get any sleep when they were making the final decision either.

Another thing I would like to say, is or is American Idol not the highest rated reality show right now? I don’t know, I might be wrong. Maybe the fact that Simon Cowell left is getting too much through everyone’s heads. Maybe people are hating American Idol just because he’s gone! I mean, he actually used analogies to characterise people’s singing. He’s British so that made perfect sense. He was also very funny, he actually had more bad things to say than good things. Will American Idol ever be the same without him? I don’t think any judge could replace Simon. Maybe that’s going to change the voting turnout and maybe that will change the competition a little bit. I still believe that the best singer is going to win in the end regardless of the turnaround.

When that radio DJ goes in the professional world, he will ABSOLUTELY not bring that topic up again. If he does, he’ll probably get banned from his radio show and he’ll upset thousands of American Idol fans. Keep that in mind. I won’t be a critic, but I just wanted to throw this thing out there.

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