Updates From Hurricane Sandy

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I know that it’s been ages since my last blog, but I just want to let everyone know that I’m alive after the hurricane that we had. It wasn’t quite as bad in my area though since I live about 5 miles from the PA border. There was lots of wind and rain, but only a few large tree branches fell. I had the power out for about 7 hours and needless to say, I was extremely lucky that I made out as well as I did, because some people won’t get their power back until Thursday. Only about half of the millions of people that lost power have their power back as of right now. Well, I took advantage of the power outage by playing UNO with my grandma, which is one thing I haven’t done in over a year. I did that while listening to B985 on my Grundig radio. The sole DJ that was in the studio at the time was stuck for 36 hours, since the radio station is on the shore where millions of people had to evacuate. Anyways, the girl that was running the station at the time already knew how bad the hurricane was since she was watching the news. There were reported winds in excess of 70 mph in some local places, and power lines were shaking back and forth until they snapped. Sparks were flying from the transformers, and the situation with flooding was so bad, that there was a shark on a boulevard at a shore area also. People were urged to stay inside, and even being 3 feet from their doors and windows might stir trouble too. There was much more danger than expected. There is more than that which was going on, but I’m lost on words at this point.

I played cards with my grandma for a few hours. All of a sudden, during the commercial break at midnight, everything got cut off and there was dead silence. The studio probably lost power, rather than their transmitter, since that is in a different town. Either that, or it was turned off on purpose because the DJ was going to sleep and didn’t want to risk any fire from electric problems that might occur from the hurricane. My UNO game was almost over so that didn’t matter to me.

The next morning, I woke up, and B985 was static. There was no signal at all. Then, at around 10 am, the radio station got turned back on after the morning show was supposed to end. All of the morning people were doing news and bulletins when they started late. There was a huge sound quality boost when I listened to it at first. I found it hard to believe I was listening to the radio it sounded so good. It was broadcasting in full CD quality. You can find more detail about this on my radio section right here.

You can even download a 15-hour recording right here as well.

Well, I’m going to end it here, and if you have anything to say about the hurricane that you experienced, I’d like to know about it.

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