Bagel on ground, uneaten by any birds

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I was bike riding to my mom’s shop on the ground 3 days ago when I saw a bagel on the side of the road. I was on the main road before I got to the shopping center parking lot. I saw a bitten bagel on the ground. It appeared that it had only been biten into once. There was also a brown bag next to it. Well, anyways, I thought that a bird would have eaten it when I came back yesterday but it didn’t. I bike rode past it again and the bagel was all green and moldy. I came back to take a closer look after I left the shop and it was completely intact, just the way it was with the one bite mark. I couldn’t believe it! There were no house sparrows because this is a rural area, but there were other birds in the area. I’m sure that there are other birds besides house sparrows that eat stuff like that. I mean, bagels are bread right? Don’t most birds eat bread? Even a crow could have eaten it, because I think there were crows in the area. Actually, that bagel may have been donutbecause it appeared soft when I kicked it. Maybe the rain that we got the day just made it soggy.  I even heard a songbird chirping in the tree next to where the bagel was, so obviously, if it had been hungry, it would have eaten it, but it didn’t. Are grains part of a songbird’s diet? Perhaps it’s not even part of its diet, so that could be one reason. Now, another reason why the donut hadn’t been eating may be because a bird may have missed it. A third reason could be that the bagel was too close to traffic and any bird would be too nervous to get that close to moving cars. Now, I felt sick to my stomach for about 10 minutes after I first saw the moldy “donut”. After I came in contact with some customers for 20 minutes, I stopped thinking about it. I also saw the ice cream shop owner next to us get out of his car with his cool sun glasses. He had his hot looking daughter next to him too. I smiled at that. Laughing at things customers said made me feel good.

I remember my grandpa dropping a bagel that he didn’t finish near a lake. I wonder if that bagel even got eaten? That’s one other thing that made me think about this event. I took a 6 minute video of the rotten bagel on my cell phone. Here it is here.

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