Busy Day at Restaurant

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Today was the day of the Columbus fair. My siblings took 300 cupcakes to the fair. We only sold half of them because of the rain but we still did okay nonetheless. The fair went from 1 until 4 pm. We actually sold out the rest of our cupcakes beforehand at the restaurant since my mom only made about 500. She only had 1 baker helping her and my grandma was busy getting everything busy at the fair. The day could have turned out better. She messed up on some of the baking aspects, and my mom was getting very streesed. My mom finished the cupcakes late for the fair, so that’s why the cupcakes didn’t sell as much since most of the people came to the fair early. My mom didn’t realize this would be so difficult. We normally close at 12 pm on Sundays but my mom stayed open longer for the people that came after the fair. We closed the shop around 2 pm since we sold out of our cupcakes but we opened back up at 4:30 pm once we returned the cupcakes that weren’t sold. Since our Grand Opening last Saturday, my mom has gladly stayed to bake until around 7 pm. Tonight, we didn’t leave until around 8 pm, and that was only because my mom wanted to finish the cupcakes that she didn’t put icing and filling into. She’ll store the 100 cupcakes that she didn’t sell on a shelf between 2 metal sheets to keep them fresh. Tommarrow, my mom plans on spending the whole day cleaning since Mondays and Tuesdays are her slow days. I don’t have classes tommarrow so I’ll probably be helping her out too, at least until my siblings leave school at 3 pm. After that, I can go home and go on my computer once again to relax.

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