First terrible restaurant experience

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At around 10 am yesterday morning, there was an elderly woman that walked in our restaurant to return a cupcake that she bought for her husband the day before. Apparently, there was a piece of plastic in his cupcake. My mom was so surprised when she showed her his plate! He managed to spit it out onto his plate before he would end up swallowing it. If that had happened, we would end up with a serious lawsuit on our hands. I was standing right at the register when my mom explained to her how sorry she was. She found that the plastic container that the icing was in had a scratch in it, and it managed to break off of it. These containers are brand new too. She’s only used it for a couple of weeks. She plans to throw any plastic containers with scrathes in it before this problem becomes another problem. She is worried that another customer who bought the same flavor cupcake may have a scratch in it too. I sure hope not. We have insurance luckily, but we don’t need any bad experiences like that to happen again. She told the manager of one of the restaurants next door about that encounter, and he said that we should switch to another material. I can’t remember what that material that he said was, but he assures that it is a better choice than using plastic, which falls apart in UV light.

I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard about a celebrity that swallowed a piece of chewed bubble gum in her salad. She passed out, but she’s okay now. That’s kind of different than getting plastic in somebody’s food, but that’s something anybody should be able to spot. We all learn lessons in time, especially when there’s big problems in the kitchen.

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