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I kind of forgot to mention this, but I feel that it is necessary now that I have been banned from my Google AdSense account yet again. I was banned back in January when someone hacked into my YouTube account and made all my videos “private”. I thought that the hacker deleted them, but I guess I got lucky. I was stuck realizing that he deleted them because I couldn’t access my account for 2 weeks. In the meantime, I sent in a form to Google to close my AdSense account but it had been logged into recently, so they weren’t able to. I tried 2 more times the following week. I got an email saying that my account was disabled. I later found out that all I had to do to get my account back was to go to the verification screen and use my old phone number, which I was allowed to use for 30 days. I got into my Google account, sure enough, my AdSense was gone. My hacker was clever to generate invalid clicks on my ads to mess me up. That put extra money into my account, and now, all my advertisers see me as a risk.

As of May 15th, a boatload of people got their AdSense accounts banned for no reason. I was one of the unfortunate fools that those AdSense nerds targeted, just because I may have so happened to have multiple views on my videos from the same people. These ads were counted in the views, but I had no clicks from anyone. Big whopping 15 cents for 1,000 views, and most of my videos had 3,000 views, plus the true-view ads, which are worth 6 cents for just 1 view. I had about 200 views from that. In total, I lost out on $17, which isn’t a lot, but I lost a lot more than just money. I lost out on a SocialBlade partnership, which, if I were accepted, they would generate a much, much higher payout for my videos. I just needed 1,400 views per day to get that partnership. The partnership is designed for people that have valuable videos that mean more to the advertisers. That is why when you consider the 15 cents that Google gives you, that’s just dirt compared to what I could get from a network. Well, I made a new AdSense account, and I had to change my name and information, for the THIRD time! I hate doing this, and I’m sick of changing my identity just to prevent being caught by Google. If I get banned again, I have learned a good lesson. Google simply doesn’t want to pay anyone except for the 10 most viewed users on YouTube. I’m just a nobody to them, and so is anybody else that monetizes their videos.

Do you think I deserve this partnership opportunity? I will have to start all over on a whole new YouTube account to do so, so is it truly worth it? Even if my videos do get featured lots of websites, I can’t possibly say this will help my future in any way. Unless I made videos that talked about building computers or making reliable software, I am just doing this for my own leisure.

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