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Today, I had my first Physics class. I got a chance to introduce myself. I was asked for my name, what I am majoring in, my career goals, and my hobbies and interests. I talked about the fact that my dad is in the Air Force, and I’ve lived overseas in Germany for six years. That’s longer than the 4 years we were expected to live there, in comparison to the other places I lived. My mom decided to start up her own business after she got divorced. I helped along side her as she got it all started. Although I am no longer working at the shop, as I have decided to stay with my grandparents’, I feel that whenever I am needed, I will always be there for her.

I then mentioned that I like to go on bike rides, and most recently, during my spare time, I like to feed the birds and record them eating. For my goals, I said that I was thinking about getting an Amazon Parrot but I want a raven as a pet instead. The teacher then asked me what my academic goals were, which is where I slipped up. I said that I wanted to work for Microsoft one of these days, since I am majoring in Computer Science. That pretty much ended my intro. I’d say that it could have turned out better, but that was the best I could do without any kind of script.

After the class introduced themselves, we went into the first Chapter. It was a very easy chapter, since I have already covered this in Physics II. As I was not able to have the dean except me from the credits, I was stuck taking it. I decided to ask the teacher at the end of class if there is any tests I can take to pass me out of the class. Unfortunately, there is nothing she can do, unless the dean states so otherwise. She has to do what the curriculum expects. I was told that if I attend every single class, I will surely get an A, rather than a B or C, as there may be material that may come unexpected during a test that I had to have examples covered in class. The fact that I am at school from 9 am to 10 pm is really terrible for me, plus I get a 2 hour break before my afternoon class. The teacher told me that she is also there teaching all the way through the evening too. I didn’t feel too bad after hearing that.

I’ll deal with not having to study extra hard. Why in the heck did I study so hard for that A in Physics II then? I was incredibly lucky to get that grade. I made stupid mistakes which racked my mind so much that it is impossible to not think that I contributed all that effort for nothing.

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