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I just got back from watching “Snow White and the Huntsman” and oh my gosh, the movie was so cool. Well, it all starts with Snow White, which as you know had very white skin and lips as red as rose. I would like to do a comparison to the Disney version. It’s a pretty significant difference. Well, if I were to compare anything, the beginning starts when she takes care of a baby bird, but not just any bird. This was a European Magpie. That’s a very social bird in real life, and they usually do approach people more easily than other birds. That is probably why the magpie was suited for that scene. Not only that, but they are native to England, since that’s the most common bird you’ll find there. Well, back to the story. In the Disney version of this movie, there are many types of birds that randomly come onto her hand, and she is singing to them in the beginning. In the movie, she takes care of one bird and brings it inside to show to her dad. Later on, about 5 years later when Snow White got older, that same bird is shown leading the way to safety as the guards were chasing her to bring her to the evil queen. There was another bird later on that it mated with, so there were two birds leading the way. It all stops at a forbidden forest, which the evil queen cannot enter. That is the exact place where in the disney version, she finds a cabin and meets the seven dwarfs. In both versions, the queen seeks a huntsman to kill her, which he refuses too once he sees her beauty. However, in the real version, the huntsman travels with her, rather then letting her run away in the Disney version. There is also dwarfs in both versions, although the dwarfs in the real movie hang Snow White and the Huntsman by a rope before joining forces. Lastly, they come to the middle of a forest, where she finds a deer that allows Snow White to come close and pet it. All of a sudden, an arrow strikes it and it transforms into hundreds of magpies. The guards continue to chase everyone down. These scenes never happened in the Disney version. The last, and most important scene is the fact that the queen had a few ravens as her pets. Once she is striked with a sword by the Huntsman, who survives the first blow, she transforms into a hundred ravens and attacks him. She, in her raven form, returns to the castle, where she transforms back into herself.

I seem to be talking about birds a lot, because guess what, that’s why I enjoyed this movie so much. It’s certainly worth watching. There’s a lot more I could say that doesn’t have to do with birds, but I don’t want to give too much away. If you want a movie with a good twist, this movie’s got it.

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