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I would like to finally state that I am sick and tired of living in some sort of a fantasy world. I have had it up to here with this. I have continued to set goals for myself, even though they were never written. One of those was to get an Amazon Parrot in a few years. I made that statement back in 2009. Here it is, in 2012, and guess what? I don’t have one yet. Isn’t that astonishing? The one drawback which may have forced me to delay that is the fact that I am still in college. I still haven’t gotten my Associates’ yet, which I plan to complete this summer. On top of that, I haven’t gotten a job in over a year. I worked at my mom’s cupcake shop for the past year, but that is not a paying job. I was only paid in cupcakes, if that’s what you’d consider being paid. After I get a job, that is only the first step. I still need to learn how to drive. That’s one other goal I wish to accomplish. Once I get into a 4-year college, I want to consider an internship at Microsoft. That will complete my long-term goal of working at Microsoft. I feel that I can achieve enough just by taking that big step. I need to be able to complete all my goals, but each goal relies on several factors. One factor is me being proactive. I need to be able to do things for myself, instead of relying on others to do them for me. Doing more chores would help, as would buying school supplies for myself, and spending less time on this laptop and more time getting out and doing stuff. That is the key to me turning into a more responsible adult.

Let’s be serious though. I’m not a fully mature adult mentally. I have a mild case of autism, which does affect my judgement to that of a 15-year old. I have a good idea on how to survive in life. After all, I am satisfied with the goals I made.

There is one problem though. One of my goals has changed. As of tonight, I have decided to make this official. Here it goes. I don’t want an Amazon Parrot when I get older. I made that decision based upon the fact that I have been closely watching the crows that I have been feeding at my grandma’s front yard. I thought they were ravens at first. Nonetheless, I did a lot of research on ravens, and I really want a pet raven instead. They are the among the most intelligent animals in the world, behind dolphins and us. Their brain-to-body mass is the same as that in apes and chimpanzees. They have succeeded in finding ways to hide their food sources that is impossible to believe. Also, they have solved complex problems that not even parrots could solve. That is just a couple of things that are great about them, plus they can learn human speech.

The next thing I have to say, might be disgusting when I mention it. A few nights ago, I have been wondering about this. I came across this video that I edited and I could barely sleep. I woke up three times the night after I saw it. This crow appeared to be eating some chicken, but it seemed to be taking its time eating it. I did some research the next morning, and even though they appeared to be swallowing it, but in actuality, they are really storing these chicken pieces inside a gland in their throat. This was so cool when I found out, that I made a slowed-down version of this video to see it for myself. Once I watched that version, I then continued to keep thinking, and I still couldn’t understand. How much is it really eating? Is it grabbing just a couple of pieces or is it grabbing more than that?

Don’t you see? I’ll never know what’s going on in the crow’s beak, no matter how many times I leave that camera on the grass. I decided to create yet another goal for myself. Are you ready for the truth? Even though I really don’t feel comfortable saying this, I’m sick of hiding this. Ravens have this capability too and I just want to realize that my pet raven truly loves me, and it could take care of me the same way. I’ve got to see it…..first hand! I’ve just got to! I need to taste it, and feel the same way, as if I were just another bird. That is why I am going to ask my raven to do this. Think about it, I won’t ever have to get off my chair when my raven gets my food for me. I mean, I am afraid that I will never get this out of my head unless I have it done, just once. Maybe it’ll do it to me forever, or perhaps, it’ll refuse to regurgitate its food to me at all. I don’t know. Typically, the only time it takes the effort to do this task is when its taking care of a member of its flock. Perhaps this fact will change.

This is one thing that triggered this idea. In my imagination, I witnessed a wizard who had to be abandoned when the king and queen were killed. Their forefathers were killed as well. They knew there was no hope in there being another heir in the kingdom, so right before the king died, he dropped his baby out in the forest. It was a dark forest with thorns and a dirt path. It was a sanctuary of hundreds of ravens, and nobody that has set into this forest has survived, as these ravens are very territorial. Well, he was found by two ravens. He was raised and ravens, but he learned to talk normally because the ravens managed to pick up human speech from overhearing the people in the castle. They also collected food for the wizard all his life. He had no choice but to accept whatever the ravens fed to him. He mostly ate the meat that the ravens snuck out of the castle of the two neighboring kingdoms, and rarely anything else. He never left the raven place, because he felt most at home where he was. He built a castle where he stayed to do his spells, and made his ravens his bodyguards. He created a task where whoever survives a test will gain access to his spells and can have any magic spell that person desires. These abilities are tested, strength, agility, and intelligence. The ravens created this task, and the wizard approved it. Within the duration of this test, anyone who walks into this forest shall begin by carrying a raven on its back. For the first mile, the person cannot stop for any reason. The wizard can see everything through his crystal ball and he will teleport the person back to the beginning if that happens. He gets three strikes, the third strike is death, in which the raven will begin to peck his head off. If that person succeeds the first mile, there is a cliff that appears. There are two options. He could turn around, climb the nearest tree and jump off the highest branch which is right at the top of the cliff. Either that, or he could use his raven to tie a rope at the top and he could climb up. That’s the easiest option. At the end, there is a raven that asks a question about his/her kingdom, and if its answered correctly, access will be granted. Once the castle is reached, the two ravens will do a search on the person, then will be allowed to be seen by the wizard. Whichever spell the wizard will award is based on the person’s status. If the challenger of the test was a knight, far less effort has been achieved, so he/she won’t get any complex spells. A peasant could transform into an animal, but a knight could only get a new sword. If the knight was sent in by the king to capture the wizard, he might as well have nothing to look forward to. The wizard isn’t going anywhere, as he’s being guarded by his ravens. They will not allow him to leave the vicinity of his castle. Now, the wizard does have evil intentions. A few times, he has called hundreds of ravens over to escape him from the castle. They have achieved to take him anywhere he wishes to go, but because he is guarded, he can’t be seen by any people at all, otherwise, they must leave. He has caused himself to be treated as a bad guy, because of the fact that he was from a bad kingdom. He used his magic spells to destroy entire cites, including generating fires and giant tsunamis. He has done everything that a warlock would do, although he uses his hands to do all his spells. As of right now, he is no longer at his castle, but is still protected by his parent ravens.

Does that explain my situation better? Well, that’s just an imagination, but anything that’s anything helps I suppose. That’s just part of the story. The rest of it is kind of complicated. I have an imaginations story on my YouTube channel, JeremyTheViewHacker, but I’ll just leave it to you if you want to watch it.

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