A Really Cool Dream I Had

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I would just like to share a dream that I had last night. It felt so real, that it didn’t feel like a dream when I was dreaming it. I know that you probably think that all the time from your dreams, but this is more unique than that. I foresaw this dream coming, and that’s why I thought this had to be real.

Let me begin. It all started when I was at the college. I was leaving class, and heading for the bus. I then walked onto the bus, and sat down on the third to last seat on the left. I remembered that scene perfectly. I was sitting by myself, and there was a nerd with glasses and pimples on his face sitting behind me alone with a black guy. There were also one other guy on the right side. Well, there we were, all on the bus, and we were at a complete stand still. I looked out the window far into the distance to see the main building of the campus straight ahead with the Tech Building at a 45 degree angle. It had a bunch of grass and sidewalk in front of it. At a 160 degree angle, I saw the Enterprise Building of the campus. I decided to stare into the distance one last time before we left. I then saw a raven land on the grass in front of the Tech Building about 50 feet away from me. Once it proceeded closer, another raven then came about, and it landed just a foot away from where I was sitting. The bus didn’t have windows, and it was very low to the ground. I couldn’t believe how close it was. I was wondering why it was looking at me, without being afraid? Guess what I did? I reached over and I grabbed it. Yes, I actually grabbed it with my hands. There I was, on the bus sitting there, holding onto this raven. I was holding it from its back onto my chest so that it couldn’t escape. It flapped its wings just once, then gave up. It continued to struggle, and then it spoke to me. The raven said, ”Lemme go! Lemme go! Cawwww, get your hands off of me!”. I still held on tight, but a person who was sitting behind me said, “Um, maybe you should let him go, LOOK!” Then I turned it around and its face was all red. It looked very nervous. I then let it go and it flew away. A moment later, a few other ravens showed up, they all flew right behind me and right beside me. They were wearing clothes. They talked like they were black. I mean negro black. Ravens can mimic, just in case you didn’t know. It said something like “Oh, I got to see what all those humans are doing.” There was another raven just sitting next to someone on the other side of the bus without a care in the world. I wanted to pet it, but I decided not to.

I woke up when the bus started leaving, so I don’t know how this story would end. This dream just proves how much I’m really into ravens, and that I actually want a own a raven as a pet. I’ve been making a lot of videos of myself feeding the ravens. I’ve researched about them too. They are really intelligent, and their brain to body mass is the same as in apes and chimpanzees. I feel confident that I know more about them than any other bird-watcher would know.

I set my camera on the grass so that I could record these two ravens eat some buffalo wings. Usually it’s difficult to get these birds on camera because they get scared so easily. Just having a lot of food laying in one place can scare them, let alone seeing that camera sticking up on the grass. Here is the video, right here. Enjoy!

And here’s a raven eating red velvet cupcakes, which is milk chocolate. I’ve usually put out chocolate or vanilla, but the ravens seem to only like the red-velvet ones. I am guessing that its because the recipe calls for more eggs than the other ones. I don’t think the raven shows up until the middle of the clip. There were starlings eating meat at the beginning.

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