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I am now at the school library and I just want to state that I was unable to get my Physics I class exempt from the credits. The problem was, Physics I is part of the degree. It says right on the sheet that it is required. If this were an elective, that would be a different story. Regardless of whether the content of the course is the same, it still doesn’t make a difference when I transfer to a 4-year college. I am expected to have that course on the degree, and if I don’t, that will effect a lot of factors in those schools accepting me, based on the requirements. Everything serves a purpose in taking a particular course.  When I first started taking classes at this college, I took Principles of Physics I, which was a prerequisite for General Physics I. I had no choice but to take that course. Later on, I realized that I needed to take General Physics I, but I skipped that class, and took Physics II instead. I choose to not drop the class, because it took me only three weeks to realize that I was in the wrong class. I really could have dropped it and registered for Physics I, but I told by my counselor that I might be exempt if I got a good grade and that’s why I stayed in the class. I still don’t see why I was told that, I mean, she was even stupid enough to notice that I was taking those credits for my Associates’ in Computer Science. I guess that proves how stupid some people are, that she didn’t know that I had to take both classes just because it is part of the degree. I have to follow the curriculum. There’s no “and”s “if”s or “but”s about it. I have to go by what the dean said, and I will just have to suffer taking 5 classes this summer instead of 3. I told my dad that I’d graduate by this summer and that’s the bottom line. It’s a real shame, because I really studied hard, and I even made cheat sheets for myself. That is how I passed my tests, by typing them out on Microsoft Word in a very small font, which took me hours and hours to accomplish.

I am about ready to delete this video. You’ll understand after seeing it why I am so upset.

I will be taking time off of YouTube this summer, that’s for sure. I probably will only be on there once a month. Hopefully, it won’t be that rare, but I will have to sacrifice a lot for it, if you paid attention to the blog that I made about the “Darian03” thing and giving him over 100,000 views on his videos.

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