Computer Activity Interfering with Homework

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So far, I have put over 2,000 subscribers on my YouTube account and about 1,500 on my friend Darian03’s YouTube. I do admit, that’s a lot of subscribers. I used viewer websites to do it, and I simply wanted to get more popularity in our channels. I have done these websites through a lot of people, too many people actually. I made a statement saying if you subscribe to any of the three people on my featured channels, that I’ll give them 1,000 free subscribers. Well, that was impossible for me to do, and I can’t believe I said 1,000. I felt that I could do it, so that’s why I wanted to give a lot to them. As I realized, the subscribers weren’t popping up as often as they used too, since a lot of them are at their 2,000 subscriptions limit. There are always new members on the websites, but it might only be a few per day. I was lucky to get them 400 subscribers. As a result, I have lied to these people. I feel that I could have given them more, but I am more concerned about my friend’s channel than anybody else. Sadly, if I gave them a lot of subscribers, my friend would miss out. I decided to change the amount of subscribers from 1,000 to 500, which is still a lot, and it’s going to be a challenge to do that. All of this has interfered with my homework because I have to constantly check and boost the amount of points to give them the desired amount of subscribers. It doesn’t require me to message random people. I simply use programs that automatically watches videos for a trade-off. Then I have to add the points, and that’s the only time-consuming task.

In the future, I am going to focus on just me and Darian03, and that will help me out enough and I can get more done with my homework and studies.

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