New Snack at Cupcake Shop for Dogs

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About 2 days ago, my mom’s friend launched a new type of treat. Actually, believe it or not, this one is for the dogs. She was thinking of creating a dog cupcake, since there have been instances where the dogs would tear apart the cupcake boxes, without realizing that dogs would even like them. The customer who first brought it up told us that her dog ripped apart a dozen of cupcakes and ate some of them. The cupcakes were everywhere when she found that the dog ate them. There were cupcake crumbs all over the rug and it was very hard to clean. Well, as a result of this, my mom was considering selling these “dog cupcakes”, which are different than regular cupcakes, for the dogs. So far, she hasn’t gotten the cupcakes ready yet, but she made these little cracker like treats instead. They were Peanut Butter Honey Bliss. She did a lot of research to find a good dog treat, but a lot of the websites were coming up with treats that have vanilla extract and garlic, both of which are harmful to dogs. I am not exactly sure how vanilla extract is harmful, since it just comes directly from the vanilla bean, a natural substance. I think it causes thyroid problems, maybe. Everybody knows that chocolate is bad for dogs, since it causes digestive problems. There is one type of chocolate that is safe, but it is a carrot-base, and it’s fake chocolate. I’m not really fond of dogs, so I wouldn’t really care to find out for myself. In my opinion, I think it’s a waste of time to make something for the dogs, just because they aren’t allowed to have certain foods. My mom’s friend sure has a lot of dedication to be doing something as strange as this.

Are vanilla cupcakes safe for birds, that’s what I’m wondering? I should look that up sometime, because I’ve been feeding the birds cupcakes for a while now. If they were harmful in any way, it shouldn’t be right for me to feed them that.

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