Staying Home on Spring Break

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Instead of visiting my dad, which is what I planned to do on Spring Break, I had to stay home because my dad had a big inspection for his school. He’s a college instructor, but he works for the Air Force so the only vacation time he has is whenever he takes his own time off of work. I’ll be visiting him this summer for sure, but in the meantime, I’m just going to stay at home. I’m still with my grandparents’, and I’ve been there for about 2 weeks now. It feels like I can never get any homework done, because I am too busy with some viewer programs on my laptop. I’ll have to explain myself for that later. While I feel that I have time to goof off, I always feel that I don’t have time for anything else. That is the biggest problem for me, and I need to start setting aside at least 3 hours a day for studying. Otherwise I am going to fail my classes. I have a take-home exam that is due on Wednesday and I only did a few problems on it so far.

Well, that’s all I’ve done so far. Nothing has changed. I do sometimes feed the birds on occasion on the front porch. I have been setting chocolate cupcakes and some meat and seeing what birds were eating them. I won’t be posting any more videos to YouTube since the poisoned cupcakes incident. Not only that, but my youngest brother went into my account when I left the lobby of the restaurant, and he said a degrading comment on my second-to-last video,

“I am trying to kill birds I hate them”.

He did not see my poisoned cupcakes video because I set that video to “unlisted” so that they can only be viewed with a link. There’s no way in hell that I would make that video public. If anybody in my family, besides my grandparents that is, found that video, I would be in so much trouble. I’m sure I would get my laptop taken away for good. Well, that’s all I got, and if anybody has any Spring Break plans, I would like to know.

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