Getting Registered for Summer Classes

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This week I had to make sure I was registered for my summer classes, because I was supposed to do that back in December, when registration was first taking place. Now that I waited three months, I was stuck with the classes with bad schedules.  I decided to take 3 classes, one of which is an accelerated 1-month course. Even though I will be going to school 3 days a week, there are 2 classes that fall on a Monday. Even though I’ll be stuck at school for 7 hours on Mondays, including breaks, I’ll only be taking one class when the accelerated course ends. Then I will wind up with more time to help my mom at her cupcake shop. It was not smart of me to take that many classes, only because my mom is worried that with such an excessive course-load, my grades may suffer in the end. My autism is to blame for that, but I do feel that I can overcome that, by trying to focus my energies in school instead of on this laptop. I just need to get in the habit of spending a couple hours of nothing but studying, even if it involves not using my laptop for a day. Oh my gosh! An entire day off my laptop? How could I possibly do that? I really have no choice. It has been hard enough for me with 2 classes, and these are 10 week courses. I need to find the time to study, and time is always a factor in a lot of the things I do. I will be taking a Microeconomics course, which is distance-learning class. I will be studying on my own, and I won’t be instructed like I would for my other 2 classes. It’s a lot more flexible for me since I can dedicate those 2 hours a week that I would spend in class easily without having to bike ride an extra hour to the college. The only drawback is that it’s been a few years since I took a distance learning course. I am worried, but not at a sense that I will fail. I only fear that I won’t have the comfort of learning the subject with other people, but rather alone, to myself.

I may have to take two additional classes before I graduate. However, I am trying to schedule an appointment with the dean to be exempt from those courses, because I skipped Physics I and the lab course and took Physics II instead. I mistook the Fundamentals to Physics I as the actual course, which was one course level below the college level. Even with the fact that I was struggling, after hours of constant note-taking with my cheat sheets, I managed to get an A in Physics II. That should prove that I passed Physics I regardless, since Physics II is an extension of Physics I. Well, as long as everything goes right, I will graduate with an Associate Degree in Computer Science. Oh yeah! That’s right! I’ll be one step closer to working for Microsoft. I do plan to get my bachelor’s as well, but I want to try to get a head start if there’s any internships available. I’m sure I’ll figure it out on my own so don’t worry finding out about it.

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