Spending Time Away From Siblings

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It almost seems like I want to be away from my siblings, even though I do not see them much since I moved in with my grandparents’, but I still have problems nonetheless. There was one day where I had to stay at home, because the bus dropped my off halfway, instead of at the Burlington Center Mall. It didn’t make a full trip, so I bike rode the rest of the way to my mom’s house. I planned on calling my grandma from there, but my mom insisted and told me that I should spend the night, since it was already 9:30 pm when I arrived. I agreed, so I slept with my youngest brother, which is technically my bedroom also since I’ve shared a bedroom with him all this time. He went into my bedroom while he was watching tv, and he said “Jeremy, I’m going to bed now”. I then said “Okay!”, then I shut down my laptop, which I was using at the time. After I put my laptop in my backpack, I peeked out my door, and he was sitting in the living room watching tv. It doesn’t stop there though. I even asked him if he was going to bed, and he said “no”. Then, I decided to get out my laptop, then he came in, and totally scared me. My lid slid down the laptop, and it crashed on the ground. I grabbed my laptop, which was still on by the way, then a few minutes later, he asked me to turn my laptop off. He was so demanding. It’s as if he can’t make up his mind, and he has to boss around everyone. Well, I got so mad, that I decided to throw a punch on my keyboard. You could only imagine how difficult it is to have to deal with him most of the time, and then he blows a stunt like that, and I was only there for one day. He can’t just leave me alone, which is a good reason why I never want to go back there.

Well, this week, they happen to be staying with dad, so I won’t have to worry if I end up staying with mom. She does get lonely without my three siblings around. I want to try to make the best of things for a while, and I don’t mind staying over my mom’s, since I know that I’ll have nobody to boss me around.

They just came back today, since I am kind of late making this post. If you had such a moment with your siblings, or perhaps a child, that you were glad to be relieved, let me know.

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