My YouTube accounts keep getting HACKED!

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Sorry for such a late post. I have been consistently trying to catch up with all my YouTube subscribers, only to find out that all that effort is all put to waste when my accounts got hacked. On February 28, 2013, my jhirzel88 channel was the first channel to get hacked, and unfortunately that got closed down when I tried to recover it. The hacker had access to my computer screen and could even open and close tabs. He keylogged my password as I typed it in. I downloaded malicious software, which was supposed to be a program that would give me subscribers, but I got nothing except a Trojan attack.

The next month, I got hacked by someone else, who is the same person who just hacked a 4th YouTube channel of mine several days ago. He is targeting me as a victim and there’s nothing I can do. I tried making my password 100 characters and Google retrieved my account for him when he selected “My account may have been compromised” option. Google thought that I was the hacker all because I changed my password. All he needed was an email and a phone number, then BANG, Google gave him my account. That proves how much Google’s security SUCKS! Never join YouTube. They have the worst security in the world. I already read on about this. They will give anyone’s accounts to ANYONE, because they have a crappy automated system and there’s no human beings running it. Now I have to create a fake phone number and email so that I don’t get hacked again. Plus, I can’t even use my real name anywhere anymore, which REALLY SUCKS!

My hacker has all my personal information now because the account that he recently hacked has all my monetization details on it, including my Social Security number and my address. I am ruined because of him.

I know the hacker’s name, but I wish to not disclose that information to better protect myself and anyone else who wishes to not get hacked by him.

This is fucking shit, it really is!


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