Is Falconry About More Than Just Hunting?

Every night on YouTube is just like any other…well up until now! I found out there is a type of falconry activity called “Bird Abating”. There was one video out of the 1,000 videos that I watched that had this activity mentioned, but I never knew the exact word for it. Bird abating is when a falconer trains a raptor to scare away pest birds. This can be useful in farming communities where flocks of crows or blackbirds can eat all the crops. Obviously, this ends up to problems for these farmers because less crops are harvested at the end of the season. Sometimes, new crops can’t grow because the soil is destroyed from the fallen or dried up crops. So, instead of using pesticides on the crops, which is harmful to all wildlife, a natural method is used where falconers train their raptors to chase these birds away. Now, the only downside to using a falcon or hawk to scare away other birds is that they are no longer hunting for prey! Obviously in the wild, these birds of prey survive only on the prey they catch, so it is assumed that these birds will never be released and are used in captivity for their whole lives! To me, this is a problem because NO bird of prey should be kept forever. They are meant to be free and open in the wild, NOT chained up when they are done for the day. Many falconers who train their raptors to hunt only keep them for several months before releasing them in the wild. They also assist their raptors making their catches easier to kill by using a knife to finish the job. This way the raptor doesn’t injure its wings while it tries to stabilize its prey and prevent it from escaping. I’ve actually seen videos of hawks losing battles to prey right at the end. The prey is already bleeding and ends up escaping out of the raptor’s talons, and sometimes, they die a slow painful death hours later then some vulture feasts on it the next day. Nature is cruel sometimes, but that’s part of life! You know what’s even worse, if the prey escapes, then the raptor has no meal. What if it continues to fail hunting time and time again until it finally starves to death? Well, apparently, hunting with hawks is considered illegal for falconers because it is consider cruel and inhumane. Here’s something even crazier, these inexperienced raptors are all alone and so many of these raptors die all because no-one wants to learn how to help them! Here in New Jersey, there is a hawk-watching area and according to a website, only 10% of these raptors return home after the Winter is over! Talk about a population annihilation! Now, YOU tell me how cruel nature is! I DARE YOU TO!!! I’m sick of seeing such statistics showing up. I’m OBSESSED with watching hawks, and one day I’m going to be hunting with them and I’m NOT going to let history repeat itself! There needs to be a time where at least half of these raptors can return to their nest, rather than 10%. I’m surprised hawks, eagles, and falcons aren’t extinct yet, seriously! Things would be WAYYYY worse if nobody trained their birds of prey to hunt! Also, if some falconers are using their raptors to chase birds away, why are SO MANY raptors in the wild being chased by smaller birds such as crows and mockingbirds? Also, these raptors are just STANDING there ignoring them and they are not even attacking them back. Eventually the raptors just fly away and get attacked elsewhere! I’m NEVER EVER seen a wild hawk chase birds deliberately, unless their nest is being intruded upon! So, I’m a little baffled that any falconer would use bird abating instead of hunting. I guess falconers have been doing everything wrong for thousands of years. They are all undeserving fools who only want to kill living things. It says in the bible, “Thou shalt not kill”, but that’s apparently what’s going on in the wild too.

So here’s a few questions for you to stretch your knowledge upon, can you change natural selection? No! Can you change a hawk’s diet? NO! Lastly, can you hunt with hawks so that they can be stronger in the wild and prevent them from starving and then dying?” NO, because it is inhumane to hunt and watch prey be eaten.

You might not be able to change a hawk’s diet, but let me tell you, a hawk’s gotta survive somehow. After I looked through all the 1,000 videos that I liked on my YouTube page, I found the very first video I saw of a hawk. It is ULTRA RARE footage of a Red Tailed hawk eating bread in Philly, which is about 28 miles away from where I live.

After watching that, THAT’S when I starting getting obsessed into hawks. So, I searched for more hawks eating bread! This video was taken after a Red-Shouldered hawk almost snatched a crow in mid-air but the crow dropped the bread.

Want more? Well, I have a playlist of 3 other videos of hawks eating bread. If you can find a 6th video if a hawk eating bread, please let me know! Haha, good luck, because I guarantee you won’t find another. Less than 1% of the time will they be not be eating live prey or carrion. Now, enough of the silly talk! The reason why I decided to continue to find any hawk related videos is because a lot of them are accustomed to living in urban areas, and that’s where I can see more exciting footage. A lot of times, they’ll eat their prey 5 feet away from people that are walking by. Here’s something fun and exciting that I liked recently, a hawk mating while eating at the SAME time! Check this one out.

So, as you can see, I have no preference over what a hawk is doing in a video, as long as its hawk related, I’m watching it. The keywords I am always searching for on YouTube are “hawks”, “Red Tailed hawk”, “Cooper’s Hawks”, “Red Shouldered hawks”, and more recently “Falconry” and “birds of prey”. I never deviate from those search terms and I place “likes” on every video that’s hawk related.

As for me becoming a falconer, it can’t seem to happen soon enough. I still live with my grandma, plus I live in difficult times because I’ve spent at least at least $8,000 promoting my online business. I also spent another $10,000 on Neobux (boy was that a big mistake), and lost about $1,500 in a pump and dump stock. I’m still trying to promote my two traffic exchange websites every night, plus I’m entering contests on On top of all that, I still work at a day job at Sears. So, I’m completely booked and will continue to be for a long time! I have nothing to look forward to. Ever since my cat died, I’ve been longing for another friend. The other cat my grandma has is afraid of me and runs away when I try to pet her unless she’s on the sofa. I feel like I really need a hawk friend (a Red Tailed hawk to be exact). Who am I kidding though. It’ll never happen! Maybe in a new life I’ll get one! I do want to teach my future hawk how to hunt, but since that is inhumane, I’m not allowed to. So my hopes and dreams of becoming a falconer are all officially dashed, and it’s my obsession of watching hawks eat that has caused this to fall apart.

In the meantime, I’ll try to watch more videos of hawks eating their prey. I enjoy watching hawks tearing about the prey’s skin limb from limb. It puts a smile on my face and gets rid of the stress that I get during a hard day’s word!

Here’s one you’ll absolutely LOVE! I’d love to do something like this if I invested in real estate and bought some condominiums that I can rent out to people. Then someone suddenly had a rat problem and they realized that their landlord (me) would be a falconer!

So remember, you can’t change a hawk’s eating habits, but its a real shame I’m not allowed to hunt with a hawk because someone falconer on YOUTUBE told me it’s wrong!

Here’s a video of a Red Tailed hawk eating a baby groundhog. I show no remorse for the groundhog, and I could care less about its prey being a baby. The hawk doesn’t pick on its prey. It just happened that was the easiest prey to hunt for at the moment. Who knows, it may fail at hunting dozens of animals because it can successfully catch another.

Keep this in mind! Next time you see a hawk in your backyard or park or anywhere else and you see a hawk eating its prized catch, keep this in mind…

THIS MAY BE THE HAWK’S LAST MEAL!!! Yep, that’s right, its life ends with that meal. It may continue to fail to catch its prey dozens of times before it uses up all its energy and totally starves to death. Then you’ll see a dead hawk in your backyard. How lovely!

Got Caught With a $100 Ticket

Well, unfortunately, I got a $100 fine for staying at a park too late. I won’t disclose the name of this park, but it is a state park, and once it closes at a certain time they do close the gates. I accidentally misjudged the time I was staying on the hiking trail, and because of this mistake, I paid the price. The state park official actually warned me last time when the park closed at 7 pm a few weeks back when I stayed until 9 pm. Now, they recently changed the hours to 6 pm and it was 7:15 when I left. I do believe this ticket was unfair, but say what you will! I was warned, of course, but it really makes no sense that they would not allow people to hike. Heck, people camp in the woods, why can’t I hike? That’s all I was doing, just hiking! Also, I have seen bike riders a half-hour past closing. I left at around 6:15 and there were still hikers around near the parking lot. I kid you not! All I got to say is, they only picked on me because I was later than everyone else, even though most of the people well before I did.

In response to this ticket, I will just suffer the consequences and pay the fine. In addition, I will rip up the map to the park in a million pieces and delete the address from my car’s navigation system. I do NOT want to see or hear the name of that park ever again. I didn’t even have to go to this park. I did it only to explore things a little bit and get some exercise. It took me 2 and a half hours to drive to this stupid piece of shit park, so the amount of time wasted driving there isn’t even worth staying if I have to constantly worry about leaving at a certain time. I feel like everyone’s out to get me. One of these days, I’ll get a ticket for driving too slow on the highway, but I’ll make sure I get a good lawyer on my side if that happens. Next time I go hiking, I’ll just go to the local park here in Bordentown. The trail is very small, so I’ll just run around a few times to get my weekly exercise, then I’m done. It’ll save me the time and aggravation of driving countless hours to go to a bigger park that has the same features.

Hello World!

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This is my first post since I transferred my old blogs on here, which was previously on my Windows Live account. As of 3/14/2011 I will be posting all of my new blogs on here now. For those that want to comment, you can do so at the link at the bottom of each post. Please provide your website too and I will gladly take a look at it. If the content is relevant to the material posted on this blog, I will consider it and possibly post a link to it on my profile. If you get a chance to read any of my older blogs, you should. A lot happened to me in the past and that’s when I really got into blogging. I may not blog so much right now as I did in the past, since I am taking tougher college courses. Maybe I’ll let everyone know what’s going on from time to time.

Star Trek (just came out)

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I really liked the new Star Trek movie. My dad and I watched it on DVD last night. It was definitely what I consider a great movie. Lots of space things we don’t understand, sometimes things that are hard to comprehend at the present. We see it all in future perspective. Let’s see…I was introduced to the character Spock, another character whom fell into a black hole and returned in the future, whom met himself later as a captain on his ship. Also there is the young character who graduated from school and just begins his career in this movie. Lastly he was shown being banned from coming onto the Enterprise, but decided it was his destiny to become captain on board.

I didn’t think I would like the movie good enough that I would decide to blog it on here. Granted I’ve never watched the Star Trek episodes but when it comes to the new Star Trek movie, Star Trek is REALLY good. This movie is definitely good for those who haven’t seen Star Trek before AND…it’s a MUST see!

Get the DVD now.

My Journey in NJ

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In late May I had to move to NJ thinking my mom was going to rent out an apartment. But let’s just say we have family issues right now and had to move back. I was at my grandparents at the time all this stupid youtube weird stuff happened. Am I just unlucky or does this always keep happening to me? Well I’m sick of it you know. I told all my youtube friends about the Dolfan1997 thing. Also I’m sick of Xazuross, one of my subscriptions, using his channel as beta, FOR THE SECOND TIME. I fell for beta the first time and I’m NOT falling for it again. He will, and nor will anyone else now, forever, or into the future, force me into Beta design. Beta is ugly and it’s stupid. I hope all the stupid people using beta die some horrible death. I mean a death involving lots of hate comments.


Okay I think I’m repeating myself on topics I’ve discussed already below\\\\\\\\. Overall I liked being at NJ but it’s good to join my friends here at home. I like it here and I’ll be going back to my old college here. I’m still majoring in Computer Science, nothings changed. I plan on pursueing a career in Microsoft someday and eventually move up making millions of dollars. Whenever I say “will”….it happens. I know I’ll progress and be successful. Well, one thing’s for sure, when you see me in real life, you’ll be needing my assistance to fix your programs, hahah. I can’t guarantee that but I don’t know how far I’m planning to go.

My “private” information

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Apparently my mom doens’t want me sharing my hometown or the place where I work on youtube. SO, here’s what she does, she just goes in and hacks my account and changes it to private, without her telling me. As a future Microsoft employee, this is not what I want. I don’t want people telling me what to do. I’m fucking 20 years old. I don’t want fucking people telling ME what to fucking do. My mom thinks it’s best for me. I’m one of the only people they think it’s not a game. Like youtube is real life and people can look up my information to get more about me. No, and I don’t care. Truly it would be better for me if I made some copyright infridged videos and put them onto youtube, which would get my stupid account suspended, then having my mom put the word “private” on my hometown and “private” on the place I work. It’s stupid. I won’t be coming back on youtube. I just can’t handle this. Youtube is stupid, then why do they offer the information? Huh, huh, why? They obviously don’t offer an address bar or anything like that. I didn’t put my name on youtube. So why on Earth does my mom have to put that in. Just leave it fucking blank then. Don’t put the stupid word “private” in there. I could have explained it to her but I felt like being a dumbass today.

I’m just really mad right now!

What happened last night is going to shock you

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When I was working at the BX one night, apparently a janitor was listening on a conversation on two punks on the street. One was saying to the other, “Hey I should bomb this place tommorrow.” It went something like that. He told the supervisor up front and she immediately called the police. Now obviously as much as this may have been a joke, it wasn’t. And just minutes later the bomb squad, DOD’s, and MP’s scattered the building. The store was already closed so all the employees had to stay longer. From 8:25 to “who knows how long” we were staying outside in front of the parking lot. We had to move to the other side, just in case there was already a bomb we would be in the exploding distance. There wasn’t but I think they caught the guy. He was excaping on a bicycle and was at the shoppette/gas station. The janitor informed the police and filled out the paperwork. Everyone was paid past their shift. We had to stay and we got what the lady next to me said (she thought we wasn’t going to be paid for this), mandatory stay, mandatory pay. The only thing I can say about this. Everyone was cheering when it was finally over and we could go home. The girls next to me were wondering when we would go home. One of the girls felt like just telling the officer the locker combination and getting her stuff for her. Yeah, of course, she along with everyone else.  She even said she won’t be using a locker anymore. She said she’ll just bring all her sh– with her. Anyways that’s about it. I waited in the back parking lot for my mom to pick me up. She couldn’t come before because there were cop cars blocking the road. Finally at 10:30 they were done searching the place. The bomb squad dressed up and went inside, it took just a half hour just for them to get ready,  just in case there really was a bomb inside. I mean, gosh, it would have already gone off at that point. Well, the janitor said it so we had to take precautions. Everybody’s saying like, “Oh there hasn’t been a situation like this in a long time, I bet the base is going to go on lockdown now.” Well since the police caught the guy last night we don’t have anything to worry about when we go to work today.

A girl and youtube

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When does surfing the internet becoming fun. Sometimes if you meet up with the wrong people, it can’t. However a specific girl, I’m not mentioning her to protect names,  but anyways, this girl was just an ordinary girl. Until…it happened. I saw a comment on a 12-year old kid’s page and after commenting back on her’s, because it looked interesting, I recieved a comment on my channel. Just two simple words. Again, I’m not mentioning the comment for her sake. I liked that comment and I explained what my comment blogs were about. She deleted the comments. After that all was pretty silent. She talked about a tv show she liked to watch in her About ME tab. She changed topics a few times and starting pasting ramdom facts telling people it will make that person fall in love, or something like that. That wasn’t all bad though, but she was a comment spammer I think with her 1, 2, 3,4 step stuff. What, it never even changed the background. I haven’t copyed and pasted that stuff but I know it’s all crap. It just stupid spam that’s all I can say. Well, okay, so far so good, right? Wrong!

2 weeks later:

I went in to check to see if anyone new commented on my channel, when I used Firefox (which isn’t on Protected Mode), rather than Internet Explorer, to view my profile, I saw….

I’m not allowed to say, but it was

very GrApHiC (if ya know what I mean). Let’s just say she got a lot of channel views because of this pic. Eventually it made it’s way to Internet Exployer and I was told about this from my grandma who saw her explicit picture and my mom came in my room and immediately removed the comment and blocked her. I didn’t report her or anything like that about a but a month later on I did tell my friend KC on youtube about it. Even though he could have reported her, he didn’t want to because he felt that she didn’t know what she was doing. She must have realized it sooner or later and started her own adult-oriented youtube site.

1 1/2 months later:

I typed in her youtube site, and suddenly a ghostly white page appeared, This account is closed. That’s what I saw when I saw the empty pic, removed for the second time. A few days from this her explicit background was removed too. I never would have known, but you’ve got to know…it’s hard being a teenager, I know, people have their problems. But we need to just take it in, some other way helps too. We don’t have to force ourselves into relationships, it JUST DOesn’t work. I felt terrible for the stress this girl had and I think she’s a winner. She isn’t strange, I don’t think so at all. Also, anyone who realizes that throwing a pillow at someone doesn’t work, ummm, I think they’re right!

That solves the case.

My youtube X-Beta project

Posted on September 30, 2009 by jhirzel88

Hi again, it seems I’m always getting into things. This time it’s gettin’ personal. Oh yeah. Youtube’s in for it now. Check this video out:

There’s a video on that link that talks all about the enforcing of the new beta channels, which I’ve used before. It sucks. It looks ugly in comparison to the original and it degrades the opportunity to post comments if the user is just scrolling through videos. The only way to even comment on the video is to click on the link at the bottom. This takes massive amounts of time to go back and reopen the beta page when going back. It isn’t even compatible with handhelds and cell phones that have internet access. And it had an error message one time I clicked on Uploads. It’s way too buggy and regardless of the fixes, it takes away from the youtube experience. Right now, I want everyone right NOW to rate the video one star and FLAG it. Flag it for nudity and send beta in the dust. This…is…ridiculous. We should not have to listen to youtube. Youtube is NOT the boss of us. We can do what we want, when we wanna. We can do anything but have youtube dictate us. I thought there was a “you” in youtube. I guess not! Tssk let’s talk about this together. We want the option, once we get it we’ll be satisfied. It’s stupid. The CEO just cares about money just like the rest. Don’t you think thousands of people that will potentially permanentally log out is worth the risk? Youtube’s taking the risk here. I don’t like it and it’s going to end now. If it happens, it’s goodbye to youtube, along with all the blank videos I’m making to protest. If they decide to make it optional, I’ll stay and make more videos.

—–picture of a blank 10 min video

Dolfan1997’s closed account

Posted on September 30, 2009 by jhirzel88

Dolfan1997’s closed account
About a month ago I posted the following info on my About Me portion of my youtube profile:

“(June 11) – My Featured video: Why I picked it? Um, because I’m stupid and I wanted to sacrifice my own video views, NO… it’s because I am into Lada Gaga’s music. Also I enjoy the fact that it’s going to be #1 in the charts for a long time, whenever it does. As for Black Eyed Peas, 3 oh 3, and others, for those who like their music better, no way. Lady Gaga’s on top. Plus I’ve never seen a bird do this and dolfan1997 has the coolest bird videos, next to Choozylady ————————–}
of course. Plus I like watching this great video so many times. Enough said. Comment this video please!!!
Yes, I am making sacrifices but it’s the only way to get the recognition…DESERVED!!!”

One video, just one video right after she invited me to be her friend I sent her my private video, my TJ Maxx video. After that no reply, but I know she see it. I figured she wanted more. Then I did something I never should have done. At 9 pm, right as I was about to send her the email on what the video was about, she was gone. I clicked on her picture, which was still there, and the dreadful white
screen appeared,

This account is closed

The picture was white seconds later. It was seconds before I sent the email because I clicked on her profile to check if she was still online. So yes, she’s gone and I apoligized to her sister, purpler0xmys0x and she closed down too (she was probably wondering how I found out she was actually her sister and may have thought of me as a stalker). That’s it, so I decided to “BLOCK USER” on ALL OF HER OTHER ACCOUNTS AS WELL AS THAT ONE. That’ll teach them to close their accounts on me. Yes I know how to BLOCK users that are closed. I found out about a week ago how to do it. These two never emailed me back either. My apoligy was unaccepted and she blew it by closing her freaking account. I was really upset a couple weeks afterward. I had the following info on my About Me portion just minutes after Dolfan closed,

“(June 12) – My featured video that is no longer there: Why I even did this and picked it instead of my own? Um, because I’m stupid and I wanted to sacrifice my own video views, NO… it’s because I am into Lada Gaga’s music. Also I enjoy the fact that when it happens, it’s going to be #1 in the charts for a long time. As for Black Eyed Peas, 3 oh 3, and others, for those who like their music better, no way. Lady Gaga’s on top. Plus I’ve never seen a bird do this and dolfan1997 has the coolest bird videos, next to Choozylady ————————–}
of course. I’m so sorry for offending dolfan1997 (it was a private video until 9 pm, then I made it a public video once I found out what happened) and now I never get to see her Mango videos ever again! This is the first time EVER doing this, and I’ll never do it again — picking any video besides my own. And I ruined it. Enough said. Just WATCH and comment her Love Game video anyway even though the video’s gone! It’s still on the playlists tab:)
Yes, I am making sacrifices but it’s the only way to get the recognition the owner…within my power, I think she truly DESERVES!!!

I’ll put my terrible video up in shame😦😦

And after I emailed Choozylady and she replied back, which made me feel better I changed it to this:

“June 12- I enjoy you-tube and I want to say that I am so sorry for ever saying anything bad about Dolfan1997. This is the first time EVER doing this, and I’ll certainly never do it again and I learned my lesson.
By the way, it was ONLY sent in as a private video because I wanted to explain everything without any other people seeing it. Even though I was thinking of leaving, I’m not actually going to close my account for this. I’m staying at you-tube but from this point on I’m NOT emailing anyone anymore except for my own friends.

I apoligize for making such a big deal about her love game video. I’m over it now.”

So the video’s gone now. I decided to get over the whole thing and pretend it never happened. There isn’t a single thing on my channel that has anything to do with Dolfan1997. I blocked her anyways so…that’s that. My private video is gone and off my chest. I feel oh so much better. She’s just way too sensitive I guess.

The comments had nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to post it on here. After she closed down, all these comments disappeared except the “became friends with” one, even though she removed me and unsubbed right moments before she closed.

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