Another Hawk Channel Gone

The one thing that’s disappoints me when I search for hawk videos every night is when I try to rewatch them months later to find out the videos were deleted or the user closed their account. I don’t really know why people do this to me, but its gotten out of hand. I need to get this blog across because I don’t know how I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing this. There is a YouTube channel that had a video called “Hawk in a Rainstorm”. It was the only video of that title on YouTube. It had a Red Shouldered hawk standing on the porch waiting for some raw steak to be put out. I left this comment on the video:

“Hmmmm…if that Red Shouldered hawk is there waiting for treats, then I consider that an opportunistic bird, just like crows, House Sparrows, and European Starlings. Of course, its waiting for your raw steak meat, which it’ll gladly take once it gets it.”

The owner of the video replied:

“I would say this hawk has more of a rare personality, and it had a pretty good summer here. I believe it has moved on now, sadly. There is another RS hawk around right now who is a little bigger and is always trying to catch squirrels. This new hawk does not seem to ever pay any attention to scrap meat on the ground, either. Thank you for watching this. Have a good weekend.”

Here’s the thumbnail of the video, sadly I did not download the actual video, but even if I did, I can’t post it due to copyright reasons. Here you go:

hawk in a rainstorm

This is the only person on YouTube who really cares about hawks like she does with her songbirds (seed-eating birds). No-one would think of feeding a hawk, maybe because meat is so expensive, and hawks eat like so much compared to their body weight (more than we do actually). Or perhaps it is because meat spoils and attracts unwanted pests like raccoons. I don’t know for sure, but all I know is this is one person that pretty much dashed my hopes and dreams of feeding a wild hawk, all because she closed her YouTube account. The last video she posted was “Hawk Steals Vulture’s Prey”, which was posted 2 weeks ago. A great friend named “Osprey Momma” shared that video with me when she replied to one of my bulletin posts on my channel. There was also 4 playlist of different animals on that channel as well. It was a very creative channel, and sadly its all gone fovever! The world is a cruel place, and yet I have to live in it!

I actually might not become a falconer next year, JUST because of this. I would rather just go back to the good old days of feeding the crows and house sparrows table scraps in my frontyard. That would make me SO MUCH MORE happy than hunting with a hawk! Sorry, but the urgency towards sharing my food with my birds is just what I truly desire and gives me a true purpose to live in this world. Sadly I can’t feed my birds my leftovers anymore because there’s wild cats in the yard and animal control got called over and my grandma got in trouble with that. So OBVIOUSLY I can’t feed raw steak to hawks either. Well that sucks! Maybe when I move to Georgia I can do that. Yeah, I admit it, I only care about feeding hawks. That’s the only thing that would truly make me happy. I still could, even though I’m THE ONLY person in the world that would, unless I were a falconer. I don’t care though, I’m going to do whatever the hell I want, even if others disagree. I’ll be feeding them things that’ll really surprise everyone! That’s for sure! Yep, I’ll be deviant in my own ways! Tell that to the crow that ate the gummy worm that I have on the top picture on my blog. You’ll find out soon enough!

Here’s the video where I got that picture from. It happens in the first 30 seconds of the video. Don’t you worry, my videos are perfectly safe here and I will not be closing this account:

Well, next time I move to Georgia, guess what type of bird I’ll be feeding and guess WHAT I’ll be feeding it! That’s right, a Red Tailed hawk and the item is everything I feel like!

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