A YouTube User Who Is Stalking Me

The truth has to come out. I have an extreme obsession over watching hawks and falcons eat their prey. I just can’t help myself. Anytime I see a nice close-up of one feasting on a delicious prey item, I can’t help but post the video on my favorites list. One day, I will own Red Tailed hawk once I become a falconer, and I’ll be eating my lunch and watching it eat its meal! Then, it’ll be splattering some pieces of its prey onto my meal. Then slowly but surely, a raw-diet shall emerge for me. Now you know something you never knew before! Now you all know, now GO AWAY! I wish to not be bothered with anyone. Starting now, I don’t want to make friends with people anymore, only hawks!

Okay, there’s this guy that’s been stalking my channel ever since I started getting interested in hawks last year. He’s commented on dozens of videos that I’ve also made comments on. In addition, he’s made 7 replies to my comments from all different videos according to my comment history. He’s simply just going through all my liked videos and he’s commenting on them. I’m not going to be mentioning his name though because a great friend of mine has encouraged to not do that sort of thing. This stalker replied to a comment I made, but then he decided to called me an asshole for it! It was back in Sept 16, 2018, which is exactly 2 months and 1 day ago from this date! The video was basically about a dead field mouse that someone threw outside his backyard for a wild hawk, but this stalker called the owner of the video an idiot because he shouldn’t be throwing food to raptors. I then politely explained to him about how falconers feed their hawks from the glove before hunting with them, then later releasing them back in the wild. So, therefore, people CAN in fact feed wild hawks, and you don’t need a falconry license in order to do that. Hunting for live prey is an instinct, not a skill, therefore, they will never forget that ability. The hawk was fed a rat, what’s wrong with that? 80% of a hawk’s diet is rodents, so by giving a hawk a rat, they will be encouraged to hunt for them more often. This stalker wasn’t having it, so he decided to call me an asshole and that he’s done with me! Well, it is not me that’s the asshole! It is HIM that is the asshole! This stalker doesn’t realize that I’ve watched over 5,000 videos of birds of prey on YouTube, so I KNOW what I’m talking about what I say that falconers do this sort of thing all the time! Sometimes, falconers use what’s called a lure, which is a small piece of a dead rat or raw meat attached to a rope, and then the falconer throws it on the ground. Then, the hawk flies from the falconer’s glove to chase the meat! This video is basically the same EXACT thing. The only difference is there’s no rope, and the hawk flies off from a tree branch instead of a glove. Just so that you know I did NOT post this video on my favorites list and I NEVER will! Its bad enough that he commented on the latest video I favorited. Yeah, he’s done it YET again, he won’t fucking stop! He’s still keeping saying that people shouldn’t be feeding food to hawks, and I’m SICK of it! People only care about sparrows and other songbirds that visit their bird feeders but not hawks. They put seeds and suet out for their sparrows but then they get pissed off when a hawk eats them! The hawk can kill all their sparrows for all I care! You all deserve it. You all attracted the hawks, so it serves you right for putting bird feeders in your yard. I could care less about songbirds, they are a plague and they need to ALL be obliterated! I’ll grab a shotgun and kill them all! Nobody ever wants to try to encourage a hawk to feed from someone’s hand unless they are a falconer, but yet they’ll allow chickadees and house sparrows to feed right from their hand! WHY? WHY DOES THE WORLD HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! The comment this stalker made is wayyyy worse than the comment I got on my jviewer02020203 channel from a parrot owner saying that I was trying to harm the crows in my frontyard by feeding them reeses pieces. Well, I am hoping this stalker stays the FUCK away from my channel! I was up until 5 am last night because I was going through all the 5,000 “liked videos” list and I spent hours going through the list and picking several videos of people feeding wild hawks. I added them right to my favorites list, and he better not start making comments on those videos saying that these people shouldn’t be feeding the hawks. If he does that, I’m going to go on a complete rampage! Please have mercy, I’m a depressed guy who just wants to have a hawk companion who I can share meals with. That’s all I truly want! Here’s some pictures from videos I watched on my favorites playlist. Yep, they are being fed alright, and they’re enjoying their meal too, just like I would!

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