I Quit My Life Insurance Job

About a month ago, I made the decision to become a Life Insurance Agent, however, the job wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. I thought I’d be making a $100K salary from this, but I proved that its really harder than I realized. The company that I worked for does an old-school method of calling people to schedule appointments to those that requested benefits, then visiting them door-to-door to make those appointments. The problem is that some people aren’t home and others just don’t care and pretend to not notice you. Then these mean people walk away from their door before opening it. Its a bad world out there, and I was a part of it. So, this job was obviously a big mistake and I encourage you NOT to submit your resume to this company. This anonymous company posts stuff all over Indeed and claims that they are looking for “3 representatives and team leaders”. I saw at least 20 people at the orientation, yet, I didn’t see a single one of them at the training room. Some of these people looked more intelligent than I was and they certainly knew they were simply getting “played”. They left because everyone except me knew this company was no-good. I was the only unfortunate fool that joined this company. In this company, you are a self-employed contractor and not an employee of the company itself. You also don’t get paid unless you get a commission, so you are working like a slave until you get one. Out of the 6 days of a typical week that work at this company, 2 of them are call-days where I call people with no additional compensation, and the other 4 are days I waste 6 hours of my life traveling to these appointments to find out that 80% of them aren’t home and don’t give a shit about me. By the way, I only made $600 in the 120 hours I worked for this company, which is less than minimum wage if you do the math!

Well, that’s it, I’m done at this company and there’s nothing my managers can say to me to convince me to stay. I’d rather work at Sears until they close, then I’ll work at Kmart until they close as well. At least I have a state-issued Life Insurance license that I can build into my resume now.

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