Radio Station Blocked My Facebook Account

Well, I seemed to be getting into problems yet again! This time around, I might have deserved it! I won’t mention the name of this radio station, because it is run by a great company and there is only one person to blame for it. That person who blocked me must have seen my offensive comments and blocked me. I would always tune-in to this radio station every Sunday night at 7 pm and I would give my output on the Sunday Night Music Meeting on Facebook. I’ve done this for at least a couple of years. If you know what show I’m talking about, then you know exactly what radio station this is! It is run by a mid-size company that owns about 63 radio stations. Okay, no more hints! After I saw that I got blocked, I made a Facebook post about it and shared it with a few friends. Then, I switched to my alternate account and gave them a piece of my own medicine. I turned around and blocked them back! Hahahhaha! Serves you right asshole! I made a comment stating that this one band’s music isn’t the same as it used to be. The morning show person replied, and I knew exactly who it was due to the date in which the reply was posted. He said something along the lines of “This band can’t always put out the same material, gotta mix it up a little”. I am not sure if that’s the comment that got me blocked. However, I made some slight criticism toward other new bands they played. I made a “shove” vote on all of them because I simply didn’t like them. Now, I did mention the radio station WSOU in a private message and changed my vote to “LOVE” simply because I heard it on that station. Perhaps that was it! I don’t know for sure. All I know is this radio host can’t take criticism so I’ll have to find a new radio station that does. The only problem is that not many radio stations do shows like this that are totally interactive like this one is. The way I see it, the whole radio industry is turning to shit. Most people listen to music on i-phones, or they watch music videos on YouTube. Hell, even the radio station posts the YouTube links under the posts for the Music Meeting if anyone missed hearing them on-air. You can find all these videos just by typing in a few keywords and you don’t even have to wait until Sunday nights to hear them. So, that’s why I call this station a complete rip! Its just a wannabe radio station and it’s ALWAYS been a wannabe all along!

Here’s the thing, if a radio station blocks me, this proves that they can’t handle a real critic. I am even willing to explain myself for crying out loud. Who else does that? I don’t just shove these new songs just because! I give my reasons, such as dry content or poor vocals. My opinions should always be welcome. Otherwise, I will go somewhere else and vote for songs on some other radio station, if I can find one. I wish myself the best of luck for that. It doesn’t really matter because this whole voting system is a complete joke! When songs get added into regular rotation, they wait until it reaches the top 20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts. If it does, it’ll be played maybe even 30 hours. Then when the song gets into the top 10, it’ll be played every 7 hours or so. A song may gets dozens of “shove” votes or maybe no “love” votes at all and it’ll still be played on repeat anyway. Keep in mind, this radio station is run by a company that recently merged with Greater Media last year, so they play by their policies, this way no listener can influence their playlist! And I mean NO-ONE!

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