A Video of a Red Tailed Hawk Where a Man Throws an Object At It

The other day, I was watching some hawk videos just as I do every night. Then I came across of a video of a Red Tailed hawk that came very close to a man that was filming it. I put a “like” on the video and made this comment:

“You scared that Red Tailed hawk away, and it seems like you tried very hard doing it too. Apparently, there’s something in that pond you don’t want that hawk to capture. You won’t be able to prevent all hawk attacks, because they can strike at any time of the day.”

The man, which will forever remain anonymous, then replied:

“JeremyThePlayer88 He comes around everyday and I love seeing him but he keeps killing the birds at the feeders and some fish. He is a beautiful bird and not scared of me, that’s for sure.”

Once he said that, I rewatched the video, and I noticed something right at the end where after he shouts at the hawk multiple times before he throws an object at it. I decided to reply with this statement:

“Gee, at 0:XX you threw an object of what I think is a rock at the hawk. Its a good thing I’m not the sensitive type because other people might consider this animal cruelty”.

That comment actually caused the owner to delete the video. Apparently, this guy feels very guilty over what he did. The only reason why he deleted it because he’s afraid someone will flag the video over animal cruelty. Also, to tell you the truth, he doesn’t want to admit that he wants to harm that hawk. In fact, I did see the stone actually hitting the hawk, and if it had poked a hole in its wings, then it would no longer be able to fly. It would then die a slow painful death from starvation since if it can’t fly then it can’t hunt either. You might as well shoot at it with a gun, it’ll be quicker and less painful that way. This hawk didn’t mind the man getting close. In fact, it was so determined to stay near him that I’m sure he could have pet the hawk if he wanted to. But NOOOOOOOOOO! He decided to throw a rock at it. Also, in his comment, he used a poor choice of words, he said “he keeps killing the birds and fish”. How could one hawk possibly kill that many animals. Also, a Red Tailed hawk doesn’t hunt for fish, because it’s not part of its diet. Only Red Shouldered hawks hunt for fish. I’ve only seen less than 10 videos of Red Shouldered hawks hunting for fish out of the more than 1,000 hawk videos I’ve seen on YouTube. I have watched over a dozen videos per day on hawks and seeing a Red Shouldered hawk hunting for fish is so rare that you might as well say that it never happens! If a Red Tailed hawk is in fact hunting for the man’s fish, then it is most like Spunky the hawk, which is a very famous Red Tailed hawk was raised by Bald Eagles. Other than that, the only raptors this man will find hunting for fish is an eagle or an osprey. Now, there is the possibility that this hawk is starving and is simply finding other ways to survive. If that’s the case, this hawk won’t survive through another Winter. My recommendation is this, in order for him to protect his fish he needs to buy an enclosure for the pond. If he truly cares about his pets, then he shouldn’t mind spending some extra money to take good care of them. Also, he should buy a seed feeder that’s enclosed, that way only small birds like sparrows get fit inside but large birds like hawks can’t. Instead, he’s throwing rocks at the hawk and making a fissy fit when things don’t go his way. The biggest problem is that if he’s going to continue to throw rocks at the hawk, one day a rock might just poke through the hawk’s wings. Then, you might as well say goodbye because it won’t be able to fly anymore and then it’ll starve to death because it can no longer hunt. Also, if he continues to throw rocks, this hawk will no longer trust humans and will stay as far away from them as possible. That means I won’t get the chance to get close to this hawk either because it is too afraid of everybody, including a hawk watcher like myself. There’s a place called hell for people like him. He’s ruining things so that hawks are more fearful of humans. Falconers are trying to help hawks by training how to hunt properly, but this guy is doing the exact opposite. So thanks for nothing jerk! Why is it that so many sparrows, chickadees and blue jays feed from peoples’ hands but crows, hawks, and eagles never do? Here’s why. Chickadees are seed-eating birds so they rely on us for their survival during the Winter when seeds are scarce in the wild. Nobody wants to put out a piece of raw meat for a Red Tailed hawk, because most people don’t want to touch that kind of stuff. Okay, I’ll admit it, I don’t either. Maybe there’s a possibility a hawk might settle for a chicken roast. Other than that, I’d rather just see a wild hawk hunt and once I become a falconer only then will I decide on the raw meat selection in order for me to train it better.

Here’s a lovely note, it is impossible to save all wildlife. American crows are shot and killed every day because they are simply a nuisance bird and destroy crops. Also, European starlings are killed because they gather in flocks and make too much noise and they shit on everything. However, at least other birds can be saved, especially Red Tailed hawks because they actually get rid of rodents such as rats. Nature has a balance, and you have to make sure you let nature take its course. If this man can’t afford to buy an enclosure for his fish or buy a bird feeder that is hawk-proof, then THAT’S HIS FUCKING PROBLEM! OKAY! He needs to stop being a shithead and start realizing that some animals have a meaning and true purpose in our world. When his time on Earth is over, he’s going straight to hell! He will continue to throw rocks at that hawk. I just know it. That’s okay, I’ve done my share of harming birds too, here’s a video of me putting mixing bleach and wood cleaner with cupcakes when it was very late at night. Then I put it outside on a tree branch, that way lots of warblers would die, which would make me very happy! After I woke up the next morning though, I then realized what I did was wrong and cleaned up the uneaten cupcakes. I used to have it up on YouTube but then a hacker got into my JeremyTheViewHacker channel and deleted all my videos on there.

Here’s a description of the video:

“I hate these Yellow-Rumped Warblers now. They’ve just seen too much. Poisoning and killing them with this stuff is the only way I can relieve my depression. Once these birds are gone, they’ll be no birds left to enjoy the icing. Ha, take that! Every bird that hasn’t eaten the icing can enjoy their lives.

My mom says that the icing is not good for them and it causes problems in the wild. They have too much sugar in them. My mom also thinks if they eat more and more icing, there will be more droppings. I am tired of arguing with her. People are allowed to feed them bread, bagels, and donuts, but they can’t feed them cupcakes? It makes no sense.

In part 2, I swear, I’m going to go back the forest, grab those dead birds, then, I’m going to throw them at the house, and stuff icing in their beaks. Wait a second, let me take it one step further. I’m going to just hide the icing in their beaks, then see if any of the birds that are still alive eat that. Once my mom sees that, she’ll go, “Yeeeeh, the birds are gone.” My grandma thinks that she’ll say that too. That’ll give me a good reason to stop feeding them cupcakes.

Oh and as for the date of this video, I recorded it at 12:28 am on February 21, 2012.”


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