One of My Pet Peeves

Okay, something just LITERALLY came up, so it needs to be said. I remember mentioning “don’t you hate it when…” fill in the blank please! Okay, I’ll fill in, NOT HAVING AUDIO IN YOUR VIDEOS! It is one of my pet peeves and I absolutely HATE that! I say that loud and clear so that EVERYONE knows about this! Here’s the thing, you got editing software right? You have music right? If you don’t, look for some royalty free music. Just do a Google search for me please. The user that posted that audio-less video really pissed me off and ruined it for everyone, so here’s what I did as punishment. I unsubscribed from her and placed dislikes from 11 of my accounts. I know I probably went too far, but trust me, she deserved it. I will not reveal the user’s name, however, I need to let everyone know that if you find her channel, just know that ALL her videos are complete garbage! If you want to make a quality product, please don’t do things half ass. And if there’s something interesting you’re talking about, even if its not concerning raptors, I still want to hear it. Well, you can call me nosy, you can call me an instigator, hell, you can call me a stalker, it don’t matter! Tell me WHY you would make a silent video when there’s LITERALLY hundreds of videos on YouTube that have SOME sort of audio, whether its talking or music? I’ve heard many narrations in videos too, and they are all great to hear. Here is a perfect example of someone who does awesome narrations of what’s being presented in the videos. His username is Sheeprugly, I’ll never have a reason to unsubscribe from that channel, and why is that? Its because he does his narrations right on point, and he doesn’t pause or take breaks between sentences. This guy has almost 900 subscribers and his narrations are actually the reason why a lot of people watch his videos. The other user with the audio-less video has only 197 subscribers after I unsubscribed.  So, what IS the lesson here, well the lesson is to NOT do things half-ass, OKAY? Do it perfectly or don’t do it at all! That’s my 2 cents. Okay, as always, I gotta share something. Here’s a video from Sheeprugly with a awesome narration, and actually, its the same type of raptor as the audio-less video. Please watch and learn. Maybe this OTHER user that will forever be nameless could learn something from him.

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