I’m NOT going into Falconry anymore

This must be said, I’m sick of dealing with the truth and the reality of what I have to put up with! There is a comment that I made on a falconry related video stating that I didn’t want to hood my birds. That was my opinion, and it is justified. However, the hooding is a requirement in order to trap the birds. It calms them down so that they don’t attack the falconer with their sharp talons. Even though I would be wearing a glove while handling them, mistakes can happen. They could clinch into your wrist instead of your hand. The biggest problem is that I want to treat my hawk as a person than a hawk. I don’t want to take away their eyesight. That is just as important as their ability of flight. If I told my sponsor that, there’s no way he’ll let me continue on. Therefore, I will be owning a raven as a pet instead. The great thing about ravens is you can free flight them and they listen to you. In fact, they can respond to you even without having food present, and they can show the same love and compassion back to the owner. So, my decision is final. A raven will be the pet that I want to get, and no-one’s going to make me change that decision.

I have a Red Tailed hawk plush doll that I always have near my laptop. I eat and sleep with it as well. Those are the same things that I’d do with my pet raven, which I also what I would have done with my falconry bird, always keeping it near me at all times and giving it the respect it truly deserves. Here’s a awesome video made by me. It is a crow (which is in the corvid family just like ravens) making an intelligent decision that it shouldn’t be eating sweets. Here you go.


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