Problems with Everything

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It seems like every day, I constantly have problems. Well, not every day, but most of the time, one problem seems to lead to another. There was one such problem I faced while I was using my laptop at my mom’s cupcake shop. My mom’s friend’s son was joining her at work, and he came to sit down with me at a table in the lobby. We became friends too. Everything was going great, he was conversing with me, and I helped him do a few things, when all of a sudden, he gives up. It’s like some people know when to quit, especially if something ends up not being corrected in such a perfect way. He stopped talking to me, as if I caused his computer to get all messed up. I have nothing to do with it, I was just trying to help. I needed to install Google Chrome on his computer, because whenever he tried uploading YouTube videos on Internet Explorer, it would crash and a box would pop up to stop the program. That worked, but he found that Google Chrome was harder to use, and it didn’t have any of his browsing history on it either. He also saw that a message would pop up stating that Chrome is unresponsive. I blame his computer speed for that, and he would suffer the same fate on Internet Explorer too. Although it is annoying to have to click out of those error messages, at least the webpages will pop up faster with Chrome. Once that message disappears, the webpage will open right up. It takes more brawn than brains to figure that fact out. Well, it’s his loss, so there’s nothing more to say about that. He blames the internet connection for his computer problems. My mom has high-speed cable internet, and it’s got a capable router to process data from any mobile computer, so I do not even want to hear stuff like that from him. He has no idea that our internet runs at 16 mbps, and that’s pretty fast. Even if I were taking up lots of bandwidth, it still wouldn’t make a difference.

About a half-hour later, my computer zapped off. I looked down under the table, and my cord was unplugged. My friend told me that he accidentally kicked the wall and that’s how the cord came out. Hmm, unlikely story! That instance has never happened with anyone, not even my youngest brother, who sits right next to me sometimes. Not even he could suddenly knock the cord out. Another half an hour later, it happens again. Then I said, “You know what, I’m done with you. I don’t like the fact that you keep on doing this. I just lost out on so much stuff, and now I got to restart everything”. I moved to the next table, and I didn’t talk to him for a few hours. He kept on bugging me too, which I hated, because I just wanted to be alone, to myself. That way I didn’t have to think about what he did to me and I could forget about all that. We settled everything, and I think he was telling the truth. I am still puzzled as to how he could have kicked that cord out of the wall. I mean, the plug is designed pretty good, and it’s one of those fat plugs that are hard to pull in and out. Whatever the case may be, I don’t think he’ll be doing it again, because I’m going to move my cord at a different place next time.

The next day, I sent a message to Darian03, one of my YouTube friends. I was a bit frustrated at the fact that he didn’t apply for a Social Blade partnership, when I gave him 100,000 YouTube views over the past 3 months. He was well-over the qualifications. The minimum requirement was 1,400 views a day or 25,000 views a month. It made no sense as to why he hasn’t done that. I sent him 2 messages about it last week, and he never responded. Well, as it turns out, he never applied, even though I could see the “congradulations” message right on the stats page. Social Blade is a website that records peoples’ YouTube stats, such as how many subscribers, video views, and channel views that they have. Since they  have a recording of peoples’ videos into account, there is no application needed. Once they are approved, a button will appear next to their grand totals, entitled “Apply for Partner”. Once that button is clicked on, it will take the user to a page to connect their YouTube account with Social Blade. Once that is done, they will get ads to appear on their videos, and they will make money, based on how many views they get. They also get paid by how many people “click” on the ads. Social Blade sets a higher rate for those clicks than YouTube does, so it is far better to get a partnership through them versus on YouTube. They are still giving you YouTube partnership, but they are recruiting you to partnership. That is the difference. It used to be way harder to get YouTube partnership, but it is getting way easier to get partnership. Well, Darian replied to my message saying, “No thanks, I’m not interested. Just try to get it on your own.” What? I sacrificed my views for his, and I had to put those points on his videos myself, then he ditches me like that? OHHHHH, I am so mad. I just started putting views on my own videos last week because I thought that he would apply. Now, he’s no longer qualified because he doesn’t have enough daily views. He’s only getting 1,200 views. I had about 20 views per day, so that’s why I was mad. It’s going to take me a month to get myself views again. I trusted him, and now that I lost trust in him, I have no choice but to cause him lots of emotional harm. I have decided that I am going to go through all 908 of his YouTube videos, put dislikes on them on 13 of my YouTube accounts. Not only that, but I am also going to flag all his comments and reply to all his friends comments saying to unsubscribe to him. Then I would give them 50 free subscribers in return. So far I have done that on about 40 videos, and I replied to at least 20 people. He lost about 15 subscribers over the past 2 days. He will lose a lot more as time goes on. I will keep doing that until I get a Social Blade YouTube partnership.


Spending Time Away From Siblings

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It almost seems like I want to be away from my siblings, even though I do not see them much since I moved in with my grandparents’, but I still have problems nonetheless. There was one day where I had to stay at home, because the bus dropped my off halfway, instead of at the Burlington Center Mall. It didn’t make a full trip, so I bike rode the rest of the way to my mom’s house. I planned on calling my grandma from there, but my mom insisted and told me that I should spend the night, since it was already 9:30 pm when I arrived. I agreed, so I slept with my youngest brother, which is technically my bedroom also since I’ve shared a bedroom with him all this time. He went into my bedroom while he was watching tv, and he said “Jeremy, I’m going to bed now”. I then said “Okay!”, then I shut down my laptop, which I was using at the time. After I put my laptop in my backpack, I peeked out my door, and he was sitting in the living room watching tv. It doesn’t stop there though. I even asked him if he was going to bed, and he said “no”. Then, I decided to get out my laptop, then he came in, and totally scared me. My lid slid down the laptop, and it crashed on the ground. I grabbed my laptop, which was still on by the way, then a few minutes later, he asked me to turn my laptop off. He was so demanding. It’s as if he can’t make up his mind, and he has to boss around everyone. Well, I got so mad, that I decided to throw a punch on my keyboard. You could only imagine how difficult it is to have to deal with him most of the time, and then he blows a stunt like that, and I was only there for one day. He can’t just leave me alone, which is a good reason why I never want to go back there.

Well, this week, they happen to be staying with dad, so I won’t have to worry if I end up staying with mom. She does get lonely without my three siblings around. I want to try to make the best of things for a while, and I don’t mind staying over my mom’s, since I know that I’ll have nobody to boss me around.

They just came back today, since I am kind of late making this post. If you had such a moment with your siblings, or perhaps a child, that you were glad to be relieved, let me know.

New Snack at Cupcake Shop for Dogs

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About 2 days ago, my mom’s friend launched a new type of treat. Actually, believe it or not, this one is for the dogs. She was thinking of creating a dog cupcake, since there have been instances where the dogs would tear apart the cupcake boxes, without realizing that dogs would even like them. The customer who first brought it up told us that her dog ripped apart a dozen of cupcakes and ate some of them. The cupcakes were everywhere when she found that the dog ate them. There were cupcake crumbs all over the rug and it was very hard to clean. Well, as a result of this, my mom was considering selling these “dog cupcakes”, which are different than regular cupcakes, for the dogs. So far, she hasn’t gotten the cupcakes ready yet, but she made these little cracker like treats instead. They were Peanut Butter Honey Bliss. She did a lot of research to find a good dog treat, but a lot of the websites were coming up with treats that have vanilla extract and garlic, both of which are harmful to dogs. I am not exactly sure how vanilla extract is harmful, since it just comes directly from the vanilla bean, a natural substance. I think it causes thyroid problems, maybe. Everybody knows that chocolate is bad for dogs, since it causes digestive problems. There is one type of chocolate that is safe, but it is a carrot-base, and it’s fake chocolate. I’m not really fond of dogs, so I wouldn’t really care to find out for myself. In my opinion, I think it’s a waste of time to make something for the dogs, just because they aren’t allowed to have certain foods. My mom’s friend sure has a lot of dedication to be doing something as strange as this.

Are vanilla cupcakes safe for birds, that’s what I’m wondering? I should look that up sometime, because I’ve been feeding the birds cupcakes for a while now. If they were harmful in any way, it shouldn’t be right for me to feed them that.

Staying Home on Spring Break

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Instead of visiting my dad, which is what I planned to do on Spring Break, I had to stay home because my dad had a big inspection for his school. He’s a college instructor, but he works for the Air Force so the only vacation time he has is whenever he takes his own time off of work. I’ll be visiting him this summer for sure, but in the meantime, I’m just going to stay at home. I’m still with my grandparents’, and I’ve been there for about 2 weeks now. It feels like I can never get any homework done, because I am too busy with some viewer programs on my laptop. I’ll have to explain myself for that later. While I feel that I have time to goof off, I always feel that I don’t have time for anything else. That is the biggest problem for me, and I need to start setting aside at least 3 hours a day for studying. Otherwise I am going to fail my classes. I have a take-home exam that is due on Wednesday and I only did a few problems on it so far.

Well, that’s all I’ve done so far. Nothing has changed. I do sometimes feed the birds on occasion on the front porch. I have been setting chocolate cupcakes and some meat and seeing what birds were eating them. I won’t be posting any more videos to YouTube since the poisoned cupcakes incident. Not only that, but my youngest brother went into my account when I left the lobby of the restaurant, and he said a degrading comment on my second-to-last video,

“I am trying to kill birds I hate them”.

He did not see my poisoned cupcakes video because I set that video to “unlisted” so that they can only be viewed with a link. There’s no way in hell that I would make that video public. If anybody in my family, besides my grandparents that is, found that video, I would be in so much trouble. I’m sure I would get my laptop taken away for good. Well, that’s all I got, and if anybody has any Spring Break plans, I would like to know.

Caught with the Trash

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While I was sorting through the trash for….cupcakes, my youngest brother suddenly walked out of the door. I thought that he managed to get to the bus, but I guess I was wrong. This is the worst thing that has happened. He called my mom up, and then I had to argue with her once again. I’m sick of arguing with her. The birds will be OKAY. They will not die from these cupcakes. They will only eat certain flavors. If they continue to eat these cupcakes, and there’s nothing left one day, it will not affect their eating patterns. Birds always find what they need all the time. The point is, I don’t want all this waste in the earth. It’s all going to rot away in the landfills, and it takes a while for it to disappear I’m sure. I just want them to be friends with those birds and share my food with them, because I feel that they are such great animals. It is not the same experience when they eat seeds because we can’t eat seeds. Actually, the warblers only eat wax berries, but I’m sure we can’t eat those either. It just makes me happy to know that they can eat the same foods that we eat. I don’t care about the raccoons and skunks, because they do eat the cupcakes also. If I put too many cupcakes out, it’ll all disappear overnight. That is why I try to put a certain amount out each day and store the rest in the crawl space underneath the house. Unfortunately, my brother took the whole bag of cupcake crumbs with him, so I won’t be able to do anything now. I’m sure he threw them away somewhere else because he didn’t want me to feed the birds with them. Maybe it’s just for the best. Besides, we have nothing to do with these birds, and they have nothing to do with us. I am going to continue feeding the birds, and I don’t care if my mom threatens to throw my laptop in the trash. I don’t care about the internet anymore. I want to be with the birds. My life should be with those birds, and you know what, if I were a bird, my life would be SOOOO much better! It really would! I want to be one of those birds that aren’t afraid of people, and I can eat whenever I want to beg of them to feed me. What do you think of that? Well, that’s all just imaginary, that can’t possibly happen. Just forget it, I’m just a normal person, just like everyone else. I just like birds a lot, and that’s the bottom line.

Maybe I should just stick with getting educated so that I can get a great paying computer job. As long as I strive for that, I won’t have to be depressed.

What’s to blog about?

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So far, between feeding the birds early in the morning, going to work and going to school, I feel that there’s nothing exciting to blog about anymore. I have not accomplished anything except for the things that I normally do day in and day out. I didn’t see any birds around, since I haven’t been feeding them since Friday. I guess they migrated somewhere else. I couldn’t feed them yesterday because my brother was home during the morning. He couldn’t catch the bus, so he was stuck with me for a while. I left early to go for a bike ride. I fed some of the birds in a trashy, ghetto neighborhood in Burlington. Gosh, there were hundreds of birds there, just foraging on the ground. I tossed a piece of bread on the ground and one of those birds came up to the side of the road where I threw it on right away and flew away to the grass where it consumed it. I then threw a piece of chicken on the ground, but no birds went for it. Oh well! They aren’t House Sparrows and only that kind of bird eats everything. They are blackish birds, but are smaller than crows. I don’t know what they are, but they are there, and for some reason, they weren’t there during the summer time, which is one indication that they are migratory birds. I heard House Sparrow chirps, but there weren’t any around.

Today, things were very quiet in the forest. No birds ever ate the icing while I was coming back and forth in the forest, but I’m sure the warblers will come eventually. They just haven’t found it yet. It’s lightly snowing out right now, so I’m sure they are roosting in their nest. I heard a Blue-Jay in the distance but it never came.

If you got anything to say about your typical, normal life, now would be the appropriate time. Do you do anything that you feel like you have to do every single day? What is it? I’d like to know.

Changes with the Cupcake Experiment

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For about 2 weeks now, I have been separating the cupcakes from the icing and placing the cake part on the ground, broken up into crumbs. Then I would spread the icing on a tree branch with a stick, and I would use the icing from 10 cupcakes and see how quick the birds would eat them. I would stick some of the cupcake crumbs onto the icing. In only 4 hours, the equivalent of an entire icing from one cupcake was GONE. That’s an improvement from a few weeks ago, where barely a tenth of a cupcake dissappeared. TheYellow-Rumped Warblers are to blame for that. They are eating more icing than any other bird. The Blue-Jays and Cardinals are eating them too, but they only eat a few bites, and then they leave for the day. Usually, they don’t eat them on the spot, especially the Blue-Jays. They are corvids, which are among the most intelligent animals on earth. Their brain-to-body mass is the same as that in apes and chimpanzees, and only slightly smaller than a humans’. They can mimic human speech too, just like parrots can. Well, the point is, they can do things to survive that other birds wouldn’t try to do. They have a variety of foods in their diets, so they choose things accordingly. They even eat meat too, yep, I’m sure you never knew that. However, they only eat raw meat, such as roadkill on the road. They also eat fruits and vegetables of course as well as grains. They just happened to need my icing for the time being, but they stuff their beaks with it, then they eat it when it is necessary for them.  I don’t know why the Yellow-Rumped Warblers are constantly eating the icing. Where does it all go? They just keep coming back to eat it every few minutes. Maybe it is because the Myrtle-Wax berries that they eat in the Winter tastes similar to that. Who knows, maybe they just know they need it because they are migrating birds and they need lots of energy since they travel 300 miles in the Winter. Well, regardless, the icing is disappearing faster than ever, so even if my mom disagrees with what I am doing because she thinks the insects will come crawling in the house, it’s disappearing fast enough that that can’t possibly happen. Plus the insects are still hibernating anyways.

Lastly, I feel that I can never do enough. I have been obsessed into feeding the birds nothing but cupcakes, and they have been eating nothing but cupcakes for the last three weeks. However, the icing that I spread onto the tree branches is usually gone before the end of the day because there are at least 15 Yellow-Rumped Warblers eating them at once. I can never put enough cupcakes out. It’s impossible. They just LOVE that icing. They just won’t stop eating it, and they keep coming back every few minutes. Please help me! I can’t figure out why they are eating so much. Where does it all go? They are constantly flying around. I can’t figure out why I haven’t seen these birds flying around until I started putting icing out. It’s like all the birds have been hiding, now they are there all the time eating my mom’s icing.

Here is a video of me explaining about the icing on the tree branch.

In addition to that, here is a video of the warblers actually eating them. There was one Northern Cardinal taking the icing and flying off in the video. I used slow-motion effects after I edited the video to watch it fly off. That was really fun to see!

Took the Train to see Dad

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My dad decided on me coming to Massachusetts to visit him separately from my siblings. My brother didn’t want me to go with him because he would have to share a bed with me if I went during Christmas. He only has so many beds at his apartment, and there is only 3 bedrooms, so that makes things a little cramped too. I took the train for 5 and a half hours. Luckily, I didn’t have to see my siblings the previous week, so I got to enjoy some more time for them to not aggravate me. I had a chance to spend some quality time with my dad. As soon as I arrived, me and him went to an Italian restaurant in downtown Boston and we each got a Pepperoni cal-zone. We ate everything on the plate and we were so full afterwards. My dad asked me if we should go buy a “ca…something” for dessert after we go to the movies. I forget what it’s called, but I saw my dad eating it as we were walking back to his truck, and he said it was so delicious that he kept on eating it. I decided to take my dessert out of the bag, and I ate it with him. After looking at my dad’s blackberry to decide on which movie to watch, we went to the movies and decided on watching “We Bought a Zoo”. That movie is pretty good, and it’s a little funny. There was this one scene that bothered me though where I saw the wife continuously bringing lasagna home for the husband, then he had like…10 lazanyas in the fridge. The same situation happened with the son, where the zoo employee’s daughter kept bringing him the same kind of sandwich every day.  I couldn’t help but wonder what this world is coming to, with all this extra food being given. I guess everything is all about the looks to impress others. Well, I’ll just say it like it is. It’s just the reality. I told my dad about that and he explained that the girls seem to figure out what a guy likes to impress them. After we got home, I did in fact tell him a lot of stuff about the birds I have been feeding. I knew that he could keep it a secret from everyone else, which is why I told him. That night, I shared a few of my YouTube videos with him. The next day, we went hiking at Great Blue Hill. You could see the city of Boston on that hill, which is about 15 miles south of it. I also made a couple of videos of some birds. There was a woodpecker in one video, and I’m not sure what the other bird was. It’s some sort of a common bird. That night, I watched a movie called “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. I then shared a few of darian03’s videos, and a few of my new ones that I made the day before. The next day, before I left on the train to go back, we went out of a breakfast place for an early lunch. My dad got a fried egg with home fries and something else. I got 3 stacks of French Toast. After that, he bought a water for me and I left. He insisted on buying a snack for me too, but I was okay with just the water. I knew I would be having dinner as soon as I got home anyways.

Here is the video of a new video series that I am doing. This shows the sky view on the top of an old observatory.


Finding More Answers on the Backyard Birds Eating Habits

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As mentioned in previous entries, I have explained that I have been going deep with birds and cupcakes. Well, I have more news. I found out that these birds are only eating the icing and not the cupcake part. They aren’t even sparrows, as I have noted before. They are actually “Yellow-rumped Warblers”. I did some research about them on wikipedia and a bird-watching site, and nowhere, does it say that they eat anything besides insects, that is, except for the myrtle-wax berries that they eat on the east coast. There, these birds are called “Myrtle Warblers”. There are 3 other names given to them as well, which varies on location. During the winter time, these birds migrate hundreds of miles, which I think is quite impressive. They have such small wings, but yet they are able to travel so far with them. I am not sure if they traveled here to stay during winter, or if they are here all year-round. They seem to be content with the icing they are eating. Over the past few weeks, the birds have been increasing by the numbers. I don’t know how long I can keep giving them cupcakes, without my mom or my siblings finding out. It is strange that these warblers are eating the icing. I just don’t get it. Warblers are very picky on the foods that they eat. I tried putting out carrots and they didn’t eat that. They don’t like meat either. Now, there is a certain bread that they like, particularly the wheat kind. I think they will eat cheese, but I’m not sure. As far as the icing goes, they must be getting it confused with the wax. They seem to like the raspberry icing versus the other icings. They will eat every flavor, but chocolate. They seem to know what is safe for them to eat, based on their colors. Some colors may indicate poison to them. I’m not sure what those colors are, but another YouTube friend named Darian03 told me about that.


The cupcakes themselves are being eaten by the Blue-Jays, which are extremely intelligent birds. In fact, did you know that they can mimic human speech? Yes, it’s true, and because they are corvids, just like crows, ravens, and magpies, they will search for whatever food sources are available. Obviously, they are smart enough to be able to survive. They’ll eat a variety of foods, just like us basically. I’m not sure if they eat everything. They aren’t like house sparrows. However, they are migratory birds, so they need to be able to eat whatever they can use all their energy they need. I have a YouTube video that shows a blue jay grabbing a piece of a vanilla cupcake that I crumbled up and then flying away with it. They don’t normally eat them on the spot. They seem to always be flying away. They don’t stay in the same place for a long time like the warblers do. I’ll have other videos of blue-jays eating other foods at some point.


Well, let me know if these warblers are like other birds? It seems like lots of birds are curious eaters. What do you think?

Freezer brakes – Insurance Doesn’t Cover it

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The worst thing in the kitchen just happened this morning at my mom’s cupcake shop. The freezer wasn’t working when we came in. Also, because the cupcakes were already defrosted, it must have broke shortly after we left the shop the night before. My mom had to throw away a lot of cupcakes. I’d say that she probably threw away at least 80 cupcakes. I couldn’t bear to even watch. I just stared at the wall the whole time.She called in a repairguy to fix it. He came in about 5 hours later, and apparently, it wasn’t the freezer itself that was broken but the output breaker that was broken, so my mom’s insurance didn’t cover it. That was $250 that my mom had to take out of her own pocket. As far as the cupcakes go, we could only put out so many cupcakes to sell today, since my mom still had to put icing and filling into them. My mom made all new cupcakes today, which she’ll sell tomorrow.

Hopefully I won’t have to wake up early with her for the next few days, because my siblings have off from school next week. I really want to stay home alone to edit my next YouTube video. I want to make a video series called “Beaks and Tweets”. They will contain videos of anything bird related. I will do an intro, where I’ll act and talk like a bird. My goal is to try to keep feeding the birds cupcakes for a whole month. If I do that, they might get used to me and they might even start eating right out of my hand. I doubt that’s ever going to happen but all I can do is try. Lately, I’ve been waking up at 4 am to go to my mom’s shop, then I don’t get home until 7 pm. The birds won’t be able to see me throwing the cupcakes, unless it were daytime. That makes it pointless to do. I highly doubt the birds will get used to me if they only see me giving them cupcakes a few times a week. What do you think? Do you think I can pull this off?